Call Center Manager Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

Last updated: April 21, 2022

A Call Center Manager, or Contact Center Manager, hires and oversees the daily operations of call centers and their employees. Their duties include hiring and training Call Center Representatives, establishing goals for call center employees to follow and resolving any customer issues or other call center problems that occur.

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Call Center Manager duties and responsibilities

Due to their managerial position, Call Center Managers complete many tasks contributing to their supervisory role. Some of the required daily tasks and responsibilities expected of Call Center Managers include:

  • Hire, onboard and train call center personnel.
  • Coach call center staff through challenging customer service issues.
  • Analyze call center data and prepare reports for upper management.
  • Evaluate staff effectiveness and performance annually or on an at-need basis.
  • Lead team meetings and give presentations to executives.
  • Develop monthly, quarterly and annual call center goals and action plans.
  • Prepare work schedules to ensure sufficient coverage.
  • Create personnel and supply budgets for approval.
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Call Center Manager Job Description Examples

What does a Call Center Manager do?

Call Center Managers work in call centers for companies, making sure their employees resolve issues and improve customer satisfaction. They typically interview qualified candidates for Call Center Representative positions and train them on making and receiving customer calls. 

Their other responsibilities include overseeing their employees’ progress, working with dissatisfied customers to overcome complex issues and scheduling shifts to accommodate both their employees’ preferences and shift management needs. Call Center Managers may also brainstorm new processes to boost the call center’s efficiency and productivity levels.

Call Center Manager skills and qualifications

Call Center Managers require some more advanced requirements to apply. Important skills and qualifications for Call Center Managers include:

  • Ability to multitask and stay organized
  • Proficient with basic computer software and phone systems
  • Excellent interpersonal, problem-solving and leadership skills
  • Ability to stay calm in stressful situations and meet strict quotas
  • Strong grasp on the company’s products, services and customer service policies

Call Center Manager salary expectations

A Call Center Manager makes an average of $57,378 per year. The actual salary for a qualified Call Center Manager may differ depending on their education, experience, special skills and certifications. The size and type of the center where they work can also affect their pay.

Call Center Manager education and training requirements

A bachelors’ degree in communications, business management or a related field is generally expected for a Call Center Manager. A high school diploma may be acceptable if it is accompanied by extensive work experience. Experience with basic computer programs for budgeting, scheduling and report creation is important. If your company is in a highly specialized field, it may be important for your Call Center Manager to have industry-specific experience to provide customer service at a high level. They should also have knowledge of industry regulations that could affect your company. Basic understanding of management ideals and customer service is required.

Call Center Manager experience requirements

A Call Center Manager should have several years of experience working in customer service and/or personnel management. Experience in a call center environment for the specific industry is usually preferred. Call Center Managers providing customer service in the finance and insurance industries may be required to pass a state exam to get a license. Specialized training in management, team-building and industry-specific terminology may be required.

Job description samples for similar positions

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Frequently asked questions about Call Center Managers


What makes a great Call Center Manager?

A great Call Center Manager should be dependable and easy to communicate with, as many customers and employees will reach out to them with issues that the Call Center Manager is expected to logically resolve. Strong Call Center Managers understand the value of results, so they work to increase efficiencies in the office and boost their employee’s results. 


Who reports to Call Center Managers?

Call Center Managers are in charge of Call Center Representatives. They report to Call Center Managers each day with important updates regarding the company or product they sell. Call Center Representatives work with customers on the phone each day to resolve their problems and come to a logical solution. If they’re having trouble satisfying a customer or solving difficult problems, the Call Center Manager works with the customer to come to a solution that meets the customers’ needs. 

Call Center Managers often set quotas and goals for Call Center Representatives and provide them with the necessary resources or guidance to help improve their employees’ work performance.


What's the difference between a Call Center Manager and Customer Service Manager?

Though they both work in supervisory roles overseeing other employees, some of their responsibilities differ from each other. Most Customer Service Managers work in a variety of environments, like stores or business offices, while Call Center Managers work primarily in call centers. 

Customer Service Managers also set different goals for their employees, like improving client retention and increasing the business’ revenue. Most customer service employees communicate with the same clients regularly as they establish relationships with them, while Call Center Managers have a different, larger set of customers and prospects they reach out to each day.


Do Call Center Managers have different responsibilities in different industries?

Call Center Managers can work in an abundance of industries holding similar responsibilities. If a Call Center Manager works in sales, they may be responsible for motivating their team to sell a certain amount of products. If they work for a help line, they may have goals related to how effectively their team solves their customer’s problems.

It’s also best for them to have a strong knowledge of the industry they work in, so they can better provide accurate information and guidance to both employees and customers. They may be in charge of building scripts for their representatives to follow, so extensive knowledge on the product, company and industry allows the Call Center Manager to build a more relevant and personable script for customers.

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