Campaign Manager Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Campaign Manager, or Campaign Director, is responsible for planning and coordinating events to promote a particular project, including advertising initiatives and political campaigns. Their duties include coordinating the efforts of various agencies and marketing roles, hiring internal team members and developing strategic plans for communicating a brand message.

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Campaign Manager duties and responsibilities

A Campaign Manager’s primary duty is to ensure marketing campaigns achieve their objectives. They work with the Marketing Manager to create, execute and monitor the performance of campaigns and provide all the resources required to meet sales targets. 

Here are some duties and responsibilities of a Campaign Manager:

  • Create integrated marketing campaigns based on market segments to gain new customers and build repeat business
  • Supervise the execution, monitoring and measurement of marketing campaigns and their success
  • Ensure campaign implementation follows organizational guidelines 
  • Recruit and train talent for the successful implementation of marketing campaigns
  • Compile regular reports of campaign performance and results
  • Improve new campaigns using data and feedback from existing and previous projects
  • Organize trade shows, exhibitions and promotional events including writing and proofreading marketing copy, as well as recruiting designers, animators and printers

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Campaign Manager Job Description Examples

What does a Campaign Manager do?

Campaign Managers can work for marketing agencies, political candidates and large organizations with an in-house public relations department to attract new customers or supporters for their company’s mission. Campaign Managers develop workflow structures, use industry contacts to host promotional events, collect marketing data and refine different types of advertising materials such as print ads and video marketing. Their role is to manage campaign staff, delegate tasks and ensure that each sub-project on a campaign is accomplished on time and within the budget they created. They interact with customers or constituents to raise money and gain community partnerships.

Campaign Manager skills and qualifications 

A successful Campaign Manager will have various prerequisite skills and qualifications needed for their job duties. The right candidate will have excellent communication skills, an in-depth understanding of current marketing technologies and trends, relevant working experience and project management skills. 

Here are examples of Campaign Manager skills and qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in communication, digital marketing or related fields
  • 5-10 years of related job experience
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • Exceptional communication and project management skills
  • In-depth knowledge of running B2B and B2C campaigns
  • Ability to manage several marketing campaigns simultaneously 
  • A good understanding of current marketing trends

Campaign Manager salary expectations

Campaign Managers earn an average salary of $54,810 per year. The job may require extensive traveling and attending events and exhibitions at night. A Campaign Manager’s schedule can include weekdays and sometimes irregular hours based on the role. Their pay depends on experience, responsibilities, the employer, scope of work and geographical location. 

Campaign Manager education and training requirements

Campaign Managers need at least a degree in communication or marketing. Some positions may require a postgraduate diploma or degree in specific areas such as digital marketing. Some employers want candidates that have up to five years of experience with a good knowledge of marketing campaigns. 

This section can list the specific qualifications and industry experience you want in the right applicant. It will help reduce the number of candidates and increase the chances of hiring the best fit for the role. A Campaign Manager will also know how to recruit skilled freelancers, collaborate with the marketing manager and understand the use of web analytics tools. 

Campaign Manager experience requirements

A successful Campaign Manager will know how to develop marketing plans and strategies to help an internal team or external agency deliver results. They are excellent project managers, can identify talent and provide adequate guidance to help their team succeed. 

Campaign Managers need to have excellent writing skills because they have to write or approve marketing copy. They must be good at public speaking because the role involves representing their brand at marketing events and shows. 

An experienced Campaign Manager must be able to work with a budget and meet a deadline. They will have experience running multiple projects and delivering reports on ROI. Campaign Managers will be proficient in website administration and paid advertising campaigns. Good candidates can use data to target specific customer segments, analyze campaign performance and improve results.

Job description samples for similar positions

Here are job description samples for Campaign Manager related positions: 

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Frequently asked questions about Campaign Managers


What is the difference between a Campaign Manager and a Project Manager?

Campaign Managers are senior employees who can delegate smaller tasks and projects to Project Managers. Project Managers can manage multiple different projects based on clear assignments with a start date and an end date, while Campaign Managers oversee the general progress and development of an entire overall marketing strategy. For example, a Campaign Manager could assign one Project Manager to work on a social media advertising plan, and another Project Manager to oversee in-person community events. Campaign Managers coordinate the different elements and projects that make up a campaign while Project Managers handle the small day-to-day details.


What are the characteristics of a good Campaign Manager?

A good Campaign Manager should be able to remain composed under pressure, analyze risks and diffuse conflicts to successfully manage the public perception of their employer. They have a strategic mindset that they use to properly time the release of information and new initiatives to get the most publicity. Good Campaign Managers are also excellent judges of character, allowing them to hire the best team to accomplish their goals and build lasting relationships with trustworthy business partners. Successful Campaign Managers can develop a creative vision and use organizational skills to implement it and analyze its success.


What are the daily duties of a Campaign Manager?

Campaign Managers often travel for work, attending events, trade shows and interviewing focus groups to get feedback on their campaign efforts.  They give feedback to their team and use it to adjust project strategies and priorities. They decide on the appropriate location of fundraisers and events, create a schedule of ideal events and reach out to secure the amenities and entertainment they need. Campaign Managers approve the final version of advertisements, posters and web posts to ensure cohesive branding among projects.


What should you look for on a Campaign Manager's resume?

A Campaign Manager’s resume should have a heavy emphasis on public relations and marketing. If you’re hiring for a political campaign, experience in politics and government is also essential for organizing projects with the appropriate political contacts. They should have extensive project management experience and detail the outcomes of past campaigns or marketing initiatives.

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