Canvasser Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Canvasser, or Poller, is responsible for visiting residential neighborhoods or public areas to gather information about the public’s perception of a topic. Their duties include passing out fliers, asking members of the public to fill out surveys or provide signatures and persuading people to adapt their perspective.

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Canvasser duties and responsibilities

A successful Canvasser needs to present his/her employer’s products, services or ideas to the widest number of people. This requires excellent communication skills, customer service and marketing knowledge. They also need to love traveling, have an in-depth knowledge of the offer and be persuasive. 

Here are examples of a Canvasser’s duties: 

  • Memorize and recite sales scripts and statements prepared and provided by the employer
  • Go door-to-door to introduce the employer’s offers to potential and existing customers and make cold calls to follow-up, make pitches and process orders
  • Demonstrate a vast knowledge of the product, service or policies being canvassed to convince people to buy the proposals
  • Get information, such as contact details and signatures, from potential leads and clients for follow-up
  • Confidently answer questions and rebuff excuses to meet objectives
  • Recruit, train, onboard and mentor new Canvassers
  • Attend industry events and exhibitions including fairs, rallies and shows
  • Consistently meet daily and weekly quotas for client information and signature acquisition 

Canvasser Job Description Examples:



Overview: As a Field Marketer, you will schedule appointments while canvassing, at home shows, festivals, or event locations as assigned. Also, you will demonstrate Champion Windows and Home Exterior products to prospects while canvassing and at events. Seeking part-time or full-time candidates. Why Champion? Highly competitive pay plus bonuses Robust benefit package - health, dental, 401K & much more (full-time) No experience required - training provided Team orientated business Room to grow Responsibilities: · Approach/engage potential prospects while canvassing, at home shows, conventions, festivals, and fairs · Setting up appointments with homeowners · Maintain company standards for appearance and attire · Maintain a consistent positive attitude in the workplace · Be up-to-date with current product knowledge and promotions · Consistent reliability and availability · Display professional time management · Schedule in-home estimate appointments for sales team · Assist with booth setup and breakdown · Contribute to internal social media platforms and company culture efforts · Utilize data entry on multiple forms of mobile technology Qualifications: · High School Diploma or GED equivalent required · Self-motivated and competitive spirit · Aggressive and consistent prospect engagement · Excellent written and verbal communication · Clean driving record and reliable transportation · Must be able to work weekends · Ability to work well in a team environment and independently · Ability to stand for up to 8 - 10 hours · Ability to walk for 4 - 8 hours · Willing to travel 10% Champion Window is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer If you need assistance with completing the online application due to a disability, please contact Champion Window. Today & Every Day, Champion Thanks Our Veterans! Now Hiring and Honoring Veterans. Apply today to find your next challenging career. #INDC Also, we offer a competitive compensation package that includes coverage, 401(k), flex spending account and more.


Hey there! You are enthusiastic, ambitious, and motivated for political change? Well, Our organization is hiring hundreds of political Canvassers and Field Captains for some very large projects we have up and coming. Our organization does field work such as petitioning (signature collecting) door knocking, street canvassing, and more. We take pride in not working for corporate money political candidates and prefer justice based nonprofit organizations. We have A LOT of shifts available all over New York City right now! (Please note: We make sure that all our employees and contractors are safe by providing PPE). Job Description for Canvassers: -Collect signatures for candidates and be able to follow instructions on how to do it correctly -Door knocking to get out the vote for candidates -Looking for people that are kind, reliable and work hard -Experience is a plus but not required Canvasser Qualifications: -Strong verbal communication skills and professional demeanor -A positive attitude and ability to keep moving forward -Experience with door to door canvassing in NYC (not required but preferred) -You must be honest and self motivated -Goal oriented -Willing to be mentored and eager to learn -Physically able to stand and walk for long periods of time Canvasser Requirements: -Attend company training -Sign contract -Accurately keep records on house to house information using online software (minivan) Job Description for Field Captains: -Recruit paid canvassers for a project -Keep track of canvassers progress every hour throughout the project -Train canvassers how to collect signatures and how to canvass -Train canvassers on COVID protocols -Good at organizing and multitasking l -Experience is a bonus but not necessary Our canvasser jobs start at: $20 an hour Field Captain jobs start at: $175 a day (6 hour shift). This is a contractor job. If you are good there are a lot of opportunities to grow with our organization into a full time position very quickly. *To apply: *please send *fill out this google doc* and we will get back to you with your interview time ASAP. [website] Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Contract Pay: $19.00 - $22.00 per hour Language: * Bilingual (Preferred) * Driver's License (Preferred)


Texas Tool Belt is hiring Community Canvasser About us Texas Tool Belt’s mission is to dramatically increase participation in voting and governance to support a thriving democracy that puts people first. Our team is made up of highly experienced campaigners, strategists, data experts, recruiters, and community organizers. With over 20 years of experience mobilizing Texans, Texas Tool Belt team members have helped generate millions of knocks, calls, texts, and newly registered voters- nationally & in Texas, resulting in millions of new participants. At Texas Tool Belt we‘re committed to cooking with the right ingredients: research-driven best practices, on-going program evaluation systems, encouraging new innovations, metrics-based analyses, and the utilization of up-to-date technologies and systems. Our services include comprehensive campaign program planning, the most effective, highest quality turn-key canvass programs, professional GOTV and community outreach training programs, and modules, voter and specific audience targeting, goal setting, analytics, data management, recruiting, and training highly experienced talent to run large scale GOTV and community outreach programs. We also offer onboarding, payroll, and HR direct support services. We’re currently looking for a Community Canvasser to join our team to support and move forward crucial community projects through 2020 and beyond. Position Requirements Ability to work 30+ hours per week and possibly 7 days a week during early voting. Excellent listening skills and the ability to maintain a structured conversation when talking to voters. Ability to work in a highly structured team environment. Must feel comfortable canvassing alone, and also in the early evenings Must have a cell phone to load data to the turf for work. Must be able to meet basic requirements of doors knocked, voter conversations, etc Willingness and ability to work safely in outdoor weather- heat, rain, cold. Strong interpersonal and communication skills. Willingness to learn and openness to feedback for improvement. Ability to make changes and improvements in work practices based on collected metrics of previous work. Ability to work the entire shift without set breaks. Must have a car, valid driver’s license, and proof of insurance. Drivers must have basic mapping skills to get out to the assigned community in an efficient manner- mapping programs on phones are recommended. Duties and Responsibilities Perform targeted door-to-door canvassing in assigned, pre-selected communities and voters. Educate community members about the voting process and endorsed candidates. Distribute educational and candidate support materials door-to-door in pre-selected communities and voters. Participate in training and staff meetings, as assigned. Document all required information into the minivan and be able to report back results from the day. (doors knocked, voters talked to, etc) as required. Document any challenges or obstacles encountered in the field, and be prepared to offer solutions and workarounds to overcome them. Other duties, as assigned. Must not work for other candidates during employment. Interview Process: Online application Video Screen with HR Video call with hiring team Reference checking Final video interview Employee benefits Competitive salaries Paid time off We seek out and reward people for being open, passionate, effective, and challenging the status quo. We want our employees to reflect the diversity of the communities in which we operate. At this time we do not expect our employees to travel, however generally speaking this position will require some travel. This position reports to the Field Manager. Texas Tool Belt is an Equal Opportunity Employer eKjmHN79BL

What does a Canvasser do?

Canvassers typically work for political campaigns to gauge the public’s perception of a Politician. They can also work for construction companies or marketing firms to spread awareness about a public works project or product. They visit neighborhoods, public parks or shopping malls and ask members of the public to share their opinion or sign petitions. Their job is to gather information by making phone calls and going door-to-door on behalf of their employer. They may also be responsible for asking people for donations if they work on a political campaign.

Canvasser skills and qualifications

The best canvassers have excellent interpersonal skills and can deliver information persuasively. They have impeccable marketing experience and are good at starting and maintaining meaningful conversations with strangers. 

Here are important skills and qualifications to look for in a Canvasser:

  • High school diploma or equivalent 
  • Excellent communication skills including eloquence, active listening and interpersonal skills 
  • Sales experience, including the ability to learn about multiple products and sell without being aggressive
  • Must have a valid driver’s license and be able to travel extensively
  • Ability to work within a team and independently based on employer requirements
  • Good time management skills to fulfill quotas within a specific period
  • Must have physical stamina to stand and walk for long periods, meeting and talking to people 

Canvasser salary expectation

A Canvasser earns an average salary of $17.12 per hour. Canvassers work during the weekdays and on weekends depending on the employer. They may also have to work during holidays, especially if the position relates to a political event or charity. Many Canvassers do not earn employment benefits, but organizations offer bonuses and other incentives if they meet or exceed quotas. 

Canvasser education and training requirements

Most Canvassers require only a high school diploma or its equivalent to get employment. Candidates must have a valid driver’s license and should be at least 18 years of age. Except for political Canvassers, who must be registered voters, most candidates require no previous experience. 

The employer will provide a rigorous, but short-term, on the job training delivered by an experienced Canvasser to help new employees achieve objectives and meet quotas. The training can last up to three weeks and teaches sales techniques such as the use of scripts, persuasion and communication skills. 

Canvasser experience requirements

Canvassers must be able to drive, walk and stand for long periods and routinely talk to people about their products, services or ideas. They require a working knowledge of GPS software, maps and other navigational tools. 

A successful Canvasser must be able to use paper tools such as coupons, flyers and clipboards. They will have a good memory, create sales scripts and be adept at persuading people with their personality.

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Frequently asked questions about Canvassers


What makes a good Canvasser?

A good Canvasser is someone who has a passion for the cause they work for. They have a personable nature that allows them to connect with members of the public and encourages members of the public to listen to what they have to say. They also enjoy being physically active as their job requires them to stand and walk for multiple hours at a time. Further, a good Canvasser remains courteous and positive, even when they experience negative interactions with the public.


What are the daily duties of a Canvasser?

On a typical day, a Canvasser starts by participating in one or more meetings about the goals for the day, tasks to complete and assignment locations. They work in groups or by themselves, walking through residential neighborhoods to leave flyers and talk with residents. They return to their employer’s office once they achieve they meet or exceed their quota. Canvassers complete cold calls in the office to help obtain further information from constituents. They also enter data into spreadsheets for their employer to use in future research.


What should you look for on a Canvasser resume?

When reviewing resumes for a Canvasser position, you should look at a candidate’s previous work experience and relevant qualities to determine if they’re suitable for the job. For example, a resume that highlights a candidate’s previous work experience as a Sales Representative, Salesperson or Brand Ambassador can indicate that they have the right background to engage with the public and persuade them to support a project or cause. It also means that they have a strong personality that enables them to keep going, even after they face rejection.


Who does a Canvasser report to?

Canvassers typically report to Canvassing Managers. These professionals work as part of political campaigns and corporations to oversee canvassing initiatives. Canvassing Managers help train Canvassers by providing them with sales tactics and scripts to use. They also assign Canvassers to residential areas or public places and hold them accountable for meeting particular quotas. These may include reaching a certain number of signatures, donations or sales.

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