Chief Marketing Officer Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

Last updated: June 22, 2022

Chief Marketing Officers, or Marketing Directors, are responsible for overseeing a company’s overall advertising and sales strategy. Their duties include developing the structure of the business’s marketing department, approving marketing campaign ideas and coordinating marketing efforts with the company’s financial and branding goals.

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Chief Marketing Officer duties and responsibilities 

While the responsibilities and duties of a Chief Marketing Officer vary somewhat depending upon the organization, the types of customers they target and the types of products and services the company offers, these are the more common responsibilities:

  • Plan campaigns with coupons, giveaways or contests to bring attention to and create interest in one of the organization’s products or services.
  • Undertake market research studies and analyze the results in order to better understand the market and customer tastes.
  • Use research to identify likely customers for a product or service and then develop a pricing strategy that will induce them to purchase the product or service.
  • Determine what type of media to use in an advertising campaign.
  • Negotiate advertising contracts.
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Chief Marketing Officer Job Description Examples

What does a Chief Marketing Officer do? 

Chief Marketing Officers work on a company’s executive team to grow the business through marketing and outreach. They research information about their customers and competitors to project future growth and identify possible sales opportunities. Chief Marketing Officers guide a business’s overall marketing strategy and cultivate its public image to gain market share and inspire confidence in customers. They lead a team of marketing professionals to select the most lucrative marketing channels and curate company content to tell a compelling brand story. They analyze revenue sources and predict how advertising could help them generate the highest possible return on their investment.

Chief Marketing Officer skills and qualifications

Chief Marketing Officers should be able to complete a wide variety of tasks, so they must have the corresponding skills to complete those tasks. A job description for a Chief Marketing Officer may contain the following skills and qualifications:

  • Analytical thinking skills
  • Communication skills
  • Creativity
  • Decision-making skills
  • Research skills

Chief Marketing Officer salary expectations  

A Chief Marketing Officer makes an average of $150,198 per year. This salary may depend on the applicant’s level of experience, education and geographic location.

Chief Marketing Officer education and training requirements 

A bachelor’s degree is required for a Chief Marketing Officer position, with some employers preferring or requiring a master’s degree. A degree in marketing or in business administration with a focus on marketing is generally preferred, but many will accept a business administration or related degree.  

In addition to a college degree, most organizations want candidates with experience in marketing or a related field such as advertising. In addition to a degree and experience, many employers are also interested in whether the candidate has kept up to date with changes in the broader field through seminars, workshops and other continuing professional education.

Chief Marketing Officer experience requirements 

Since marketing tends to vary depending upon the industry, types of products and services being marketed and variations among different demographics being targeted, it is important to take these factors into consideration when describing the type of experience desired. For example, marketing experience in the defense industry may not be relevant in the healthcare or financial industry.  

Job description samples for similar positions 

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Frequently asked questions about Chief Marketing Officers


What is the difference between a Chief Marketing Officer and a Marketing Manager?

The Chief Marketing Officer is the top-ranking person in a company’s marketing department and acts as a liaison between the marketing team and executive leadership. They have a direct influence on a business’s overall strategy and vision through collaborating with the Chief Executive Officer and the Chief Operating Officer. Marketing Managers take instruction and guidance from the Chief Marketing Officer and delegate tasks to salespeople and creative staff. Marketing Managers work with the day-to-day implementation of campaigns while Chief Marketing Officers provide them with budgetary restrictions and planning support.


What are the daily duties of a Chief Marketing Officer?

Chief Marketing Officers spend their time building revenue streams, developing a brand and managing the marketing and sales team. They collaborate with operations and administration staff to secure the essential resources to execute a project. Chief Marketing Officers set project deadlines and analyze company finances to find funding for new ideas. They regularly check in with team leaders to assess progress on marketing campaigns, make adjustments and gather information about their target market. They study conversion rates, customer lifetime values and key performance indicators as a method for quantifying their success.


What are the qualities of a good Chief Marketing Officer?

Good Chief Marketing Officers are highly collaborative, creative, data-driven and analytical. To be successful, Chief Marketing Officers should be able to understand how creative and artistic projects can impact the bottom line of their business. They are natural storytellers who communicate clearly, providing instruction to their team and quantifying vague ideas into a concrete, finished project. They are passionate about their field and maintain industry knowledge, actively seeking out constructive criticism to improve and differentiate themselves from competitors.


Who reports to a Chief Marketing Officer?

Chief Marketing Officers oversee a company’s entire marketing and sales department, so they interact with a range of employees. Chief Marketing Officers are involved in hiring leadership positions for the creative and strategic direction of the company. They directly oversee Marketing Managers, Sales Managers, Public Relations Directors and Creative Directors who then build teams of marketing professionals to carry out projects. They review reports created by team leaders, approve their ideas and give advice on implementation. Chief Marketing Officers can also work with mid and entry-level employees in a group environment to create a cohesive team strategy.

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