Chief Strategy Officer Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Chief Strategy Officer, or Chief Strategist, is responsible for working closely with the CEO to improve current business operations and revise them to achieve the company’s long-term vision. Their duties include participating in meetings with the CEO, board members and other executives, coming up with creative business ideas and reviewing data to monitor progress across their business initiatives.

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Chief Strategy Officer Duties and Responsibilities

Chief Strategy Officers are responsible for creating a company’s vision, communicating the plan with all those involved, executing the business initiatives and sustaining implementation efforts. Duties involved in this role also include:

  • Analyzing the market shares for change and production.
  • Find important projects, ventures, potential targets and other partnership opportunities.
  • Ensure any applicable metrics and performance pointers are in place in order to measure all progress.
  • Identify strategic risks and help to reduce these risks.

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Chief Strategy Officer Job Description Examples

What Does a Chief Strategy Officer Do?

Chief Strategy Officers typically work for corporations across a variety of industries. They use their experience working in business development and industry-related positions to help improve business operations and help their company adapt to new workplace procedures. Their job is to compare their company’s mission statement and goals to its current operations and organizational culture. This allows them to cultivate strategic plans to align company operations to the company’s mission statement for a more productive environment. 

They may also be responsible for giving presentations at board meetings to suggest new business strategies and review the progress of on-going initiatives.

Chief Strategy Officer Skills and Qualifications

A Chief Strategy Officer will need various skills to be the right candidate for your company. Public speaking skills are necessary in order to communicate business initiatives with all top executives involved. Decision making skills are important so they can choose the appropriate actions to execute their plans. Other skills they may need for this position are:

  • Problem-solving skills in order to identify problems, evaluate options and execute solutions.
  • Time management skills to manage the timeline of the strategic initiatives.
  • Quality-control analysis skills to conduct the testing of products and services.
  • Finance management skills to figure out the amount of money needed to execute the initiatives.

Chief Strategy Officer Salary Expectations

The average salary for a Chief Strategy Officer is $109,866 per year. This average is based off of information submitted by 30 Chief Strategy Officer employees, users and past and present job advertisements on Indeed in the last 36 months.

Chief Strategy Officer Education and Training Requirements

A Chief Strategy Officer should have a bachelor’s degree in business administration or in a business related field, but some companies may require a master’s degree. It may also help if the candidate has education and degrees in the field the company deals in, ensuring they know the best way to strategize for that company. A Chief Strategy Officer with training in retail  would be a better fit for a retail-oriented company than one who has no knowledge of the trade. Though some employers may hire a Chief Strategy Officer from outside the company, many are promoted from within from lower-level positions.

Chief Strategy Officer Experience Requirements

Depending on the company, its field of work and what strategic initiatives are needed, a Chief Strategy Officer may need a considerable amount of experience. A Chief Strategy Officer may also need management experience. They will need to lead a team in executing the strategy initiatives they have designed. They should also have experience in planning strategy initiatives in order to create a solid plan that will benefit the company’s initiatives and boost production.

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Frequently asked questions about Chief Strategy Officers


Do Chief Strategy Officers have different responsibilities in different industries?

Regardless of their industry, Chief Strategy Officers commit to maintaining and improving companies at the operational level. However, the nature of their responsibilities may differ depending on the specific company they work for. For example, a Chief Strategy Officer working for a major retail corporation may be responsible for improving the business’s manufacturing process by implementing fair trade guidelines overtime. 

In contrast, a Chief Strategy Officer working for a healthcare organization may be responsible for creating training programs for IT systems. These programs enable medical workers to learn how to use software for recording patient data and updating patient files.


What are the daily duties of a Chief Strategy Officer?

On a typical day, a Chief Strategy Officer starts by reviewing their tasks for the day and checking their email. Throughout the day, they participate in meetings with the CEO, board of directors and other company officials to determine new operational strategies and discuss the progress of current development projects. They also meet with lower-level management like Branch Managers, Department Directors and Supervisors to discuss the purpose of changes to daily procedures and to see whether or not their employees find new methods helpful.


What makes a good Chief Strategy Officer?

A good Chief Strategy Officer is someone who has an innovative mindset that allows them to come up with creative business ideas. Chief Strategy Officers should also have a natural tendency to provide a combination of leadership and more supportive roles when needed. For example, a Chief Strategy Officer directs lower-level management on how to implement business initiatives within their departments. At the same time, they assist CEOs and defer to their judgment regarding strategic planning.


What should you look for on a Chief Strategy Officer resume?

When reviewing a resume for a Chief Strategy Officer, there are a few indicators for a strong candidate. For instance, a Chief Strategy Officer candidate should have a professional history working in roles like Business Development Coordinator, Strategic Planner and Director of Business Development. These job titles imply that an individual has experience developing strategies to promote corporations and implies a sense of understanding for the process of creating, implementing and monitoring business development strategies.

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