Child Care Worker Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

Last updated: June 22, 2022

A Child Care Worker, or Daycare Worker, is responsible for maintaining a safe and fun environment for young children to preteens. Their duties include coming up with creative and educational activities, preparing and serving snacks to children and maintaining a clean environment for the children.

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Child Care Worker duties and responsibilities

Child Care Workers are responsible for the well-being of the children under their care. They must monitor the children all day to ensure that they play and interact with one another in a safe and appropriate manner. Some of their typical duties include:

  • Ensuring the children have good hygiene and changing diapers as necessary
  • Cleaning interactive areas throughout the day
  • Preparing meals and snacks for the kids
  • Organizing activities and developing curriculum for older children
  • Developing a schedule for the children to maintain throughout the day
  • Keeping records of each child’s progress, interests and any problems that may occur
  • Maintaining contact with the children’s parents and contacting them in the case of an emergency
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Child Care Worker Job Description Examples

What does a Child Care Worker do?

Child Care Workers typically work for daycare centers, child care agencies or individual families to provide nanny services and early childhood education for children. They work with other Child Care personnel to ensure that children have fun and receive proper attention. Their job is to lead crafts and activities, oversee outdoor time, perform first aid for cuts and scrapes and administer medication to children with medical conditions or allergies. They may also change diapers and feed children between the ages of 0 to 4.

Child Care Worker skills and qualifications

A Child Care Worker must be skilled in interacting with and providing basic care to children of various ages. Some of the most important skills and qualifications they should have include: 

  • Foreign language skills to interact with children who come from multilingual homes or homes of other native languages
  • Behavioral analysis and cognitive recognition abilities for anticipating and addressing potential interactions or issues
  • Valid CPR and first-aid certifications
  • Caring and compassionate attitude when interacting with and caring for children
  • Strong verbal communication and listening skills to converse with children, fellow professional caregivers and parents or guardians
  • Excellent patience and stamina for keeping up with the demands of children of all ages
  • Advanced multitasking and organizational skills to handle multiple children at a time

Child Care Worker salary expectations

Child Care Workers make an average of $11.84 per hour in the United States. This pay rate may vary depending on a candidate’s level of experience and education in addition to their geographical location.

Child Care Worker education and training requirements

Education requirements for Child Care Workers vary depending on the state regulations and the specific organization. Applicants are commonly required to have a high school diploma or GED at a minimum, and they should hold valid CPR and first-aid certifications. Depending on the child care center, the Child Care Worker may also be required to have an associate or bachelor’s degree in early childhood education, child development or another related field. Some employers also look for candidates who have relevant certifications, such as the Child Development Associate credential.

Child Care Worker experience requirements

The amount of experience Child Care Workers need varies depending on the size and location of the organization. If the child care team is large, employers may not require prior professional experience. However, for smaller or elite child care centers that have fewer Child Care Workers, employers may look for candidates who have more experience in related positions. In this case, the Child Care Worker should have a minimum of 3 years of experience working with children.

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Frequently asked questions about Child Care Workers


What is the difference between a Child Care Worker and a Teacher?

The difference between a Child Care Worker and a Teacher is that Child Care Workers typically require different education and have different job responsibilities. For example, Child Care Workers may need a high school diploma or an associate’s degree, paired with a license to work with children. Further, Child Care Workers can lead educational activities, although much of their job responsibilities may include supervising playtime and providing more general services apart from education. 

In contrast, Teachers typically need a bachelor’s degree in teaching and they provide more in-depth learning in subjects like English. Like Child Care Workers, they can also work in early childhood education, but they work as either Pre-School Teachers or Kindergarten Teachers. Some teachers even choose to work at the high school level, whereas Child Care Workers usually interact with young children and preteens.


What are the daily duties of a Child Care Worker?

On a typical day, a Child Care Worker arrives at their facility before any children arrive. They prepare activities by gathering materials and set out breakfast snacks for children to enjoy at the beginning of the day. They greet children and make sure their parents sign them in. Once everyone arrives, they go over the schedule for the day and start the first activity. Throughout the day, Child Care Workers help children create themed crafts and lead games. 

Toward the end of the day, Child Care Workers allow children to have free time before their parents come to pick them up. During pick-up time, Child Care Workers follow the facilities guidelines and check identification before allowing children to leave with adults. After everyone has left, they wipe down tables, clean the bathrooms and prepare for the next day.


What qualities make a good Child Care Worker?

A good Child Care Worker is someone who loves kids and demonstrates a passion for their education and development.  They should be physically fit to play active outdoor games and keep up with young children. Child Care workers should also be able to demonstrate patience when children refuse to listen or become upset. A good Child Care Worker should also be someone whose kind and personable nature makes children feel comfortable and happy. Further, they should have the ability to come up with creative crafts and games that help children have fun while also learning.


Who does a Child Care Worker report to?

Child Care Workers typically report to the Child Care Manager or Child Care Director. These individuals oversee all operations within a child care facility and provide a point of leadership for Child Care Workers to refer to.

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