Client Services Manager Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

Last updated: June 22, 2022

A Client Services Manager, or a Customer Services Manager, is responsible for maintaining professional relationships with clients to support company revenue and outreach. Their duties include contacting existing clients to discuss new products or services, renewing client contracts to guarantee company revenue and researching new leads to onboard clients.

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Client Services Manager duties and responsibilities

Client Services Managers must be excellent communicators capable of leading a team. They are responsible for externally-facing relationships with clients as well as internally-facing relationships with Client Services Representatives. Client Services Managers have the following job duties and responsibilities: 

  • Provide outstanding customer service to clients
  • Manage a staff of Client Services Representatives
  • Enlist support from the marketing team to reach new clients
  • Create and maintain a client communication platform
  • Promote cross-departmental communication
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Client Services Manager Job Description Examples

What does a Client Services Manager do?

Client Services Managers typically work for corporations across a variety of industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, retail and marketing, to ensure a steady stream of clients for their company. They maintain expert knowledge of new products, services or campaigns within the company to provide clients with insightful information that persuades them to renew contracts and make purchases. Their job is to coordinate with the sales, marketing and customer service departments to advocate for client needs and provide valuable information about their buying habits. 

They may also lead a team of client service professionals to help maximize their outreach to new and existing clients.

Client Services Manager skills and qualifications

The ideal Client Services Manager will have skills and qualifications focused on communication and relationship-building. Client Services Managers will also have strong management skills and be comfortable soliciting new clients. The following skills and qualifications are recommended for Client Services Managers: 

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Well-versed in sales strategies and prepared to recruit new clients 
  • Organization skills
  • Excellent management skills 
  • Prioritization and delegation skills
  • General computer knowledge

Client Services Manager salary expectations

A Client Services Manager makes an average of $62,792 per year. Salaries for Client Services Managers are dependent on geographical location, years of experience and education. 

Client Services Manager education and training requirements

Client Services Managers must have at least a high school diploma. Earning a bachelor’s degree in business administration, communications or business management is usually required as well. Many companies will provide on-site training for Customer Services Managers, but job seekers can also earn professional certificates to boost their applications. The specific professional certificate they should earn depends on the industry in which the hiring company operates. 

Client Services Manager experience requirements

There are several ways for Client Services Managers to gain relevant experience. Some Client Services Managers promote to the position from a position as a Customer Services Representative. Some receive higher education before joining the job force. To become a Client Services Manager, an applicant must have either a bachelor’s degree in a related field or at least 5 years of customer service experience.

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Frequently asked questions about Client Services Managers


What should you look for on a Client Services Manager resume?

When reviewing resumes for a Client Services Manager position, there are a few key qualifications that highlight whether or not a candidate has the right background to assume the role. Look over their previous work experiences to determine whether or not they have experience working in sales or a related area. Past job positions as a Sales Representative, Customer Service Representative or Client Service Representative demonstrate that a candidate has experience working with sales tactics and interacting with customers. 

Further, research the companies they worked for to determine which industries they have the most experience working in. If you operate an IT solutions firm and a candidate previously worked for a software company this implies that they have the right knowledge to help clients understand the IT solutions you offer.


What are the daily duties of a Client Services Manager?

On a typical day, a Client Services Manager starts by checking phone messages and emails from clients or employees. They participate in meetings with the sales, marketing or customer service teams to learn about recent client feedback and provide insights into new products or marketing campaigns going forward. They also meet with upper management to discuss contract renewals, new clients and potential leads to pursue. 

Throughout the day, Client Service Managers have phone conversations with clients to discuss new offerings and help them better understand their purchases. They also cold call leads and provide a sales pitch to persuade potential clients to enlist their services. Client Services Managers also make themselves available to Client Service Representatives and other employees to answer questions and offer advice.


What qualities make a good Client Services Manager?

A good Client Services Manager is someone who uses their sales experience in combination with their leadership qualities to oversee client relations across a range of company employees. Client Services Managers also have a personable nature that enables them to engage in positive and effective communication with existing and potential clients. They should also have a dedication to their company and the products and services they offer. Their passion for the products and services they sell can help persuade potential clients to continue through the buying process.


Who does a Client Services Manager report to?

A Client Services Manager typically reports to a Client Services Executive or another member of the upper-management team. The Client Services Executive provides Client Services Managers with leads and important sales information for them to relay to members of their team and related departments.

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