Community Manager Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

Last updated: August 22, 2022

A Community Manager, or Content and Community Manager, creates and manages a company’s brand voice and image. Their duties include creating and publishing content on all media platforms, reviewing social media and other marketing metrics to build and improve campaign strategies and crafting responses to customers’ feedback and messages on various platforms.

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Community Manager duties and responsibilities

The primary role of this person is to serve as the point of contact for the online community and stakeholders. Once hired, the Community Manager will often have these responsibilities:

  • Develop a content marketing plan and editorial calendar.
  • Create engaging and shareable content for a blog, Facebook page, monthly newsletters and/or promotional videos.
  • Provide community feedback to the management and stakeholders.
  • Plan and execute community initiatives and programs.
  • Monitor social media campaigns and analyze web traffic from the online community using key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Find new marketing and outreach opportunities to push brand image and products.
  • Work with journalists and PR agencies to ensure accurate brand representation.
  • Participate in social events, corporate events and workshops.
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Community Manager Job Description Examples

What does a Community Manager do?

Community Managers usually work in a company’s marketing or public relations department building strategies to increase brand awareness. They organize, implement and manage engaging marketing campaigns on numerous outlets, like emails, videos, blog articles and social media platforms. 

Community Managers will also collaborate with the sales and development teams to learn more about the product they’re selling and to better understand the needs and goals of consumers. They’ll use this information to create targeted campaigns and build relationships with customers. After publishing campaigns, Community Managers will monitor the results and adjust their marketing efforts accordingly.

Community Manager skills and qualifications

A good Community Manager should have strong academic credentials from an accredited institution of higher learning and specific traits. To be considered for this job, the following skills and qualifications may be required:

  • 3+ years experience in a communications or PR role
  • Ability to develop creative, engaging and original content
  • Exceptional written and oral communication skills
  • Good customer service and interpersonal skills
  • Friendly and outgoing personality
  • Knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO) and web metrics
  • Proficient in word processing applications, spreadsheets, presentation software and social media management tools
  • Good judgment and problem-solving skills

Community Manager salary expectations

The average salary for a Community Manager is $49,978 per year. Compensation can include bonuses, overtime, dental, medical and a 401(k). Candidates with significant work experience, a proven track record in running community campaigns and more advanced qualifications may receive higher salaries.

Community Manager education and training requirements

Candidates should typically have a bachelor’s or associate degree in marketing, PR, communications or a related field. A background in journalism and public relations or any customer service experience is a plus. In most cases, no professional training is required for this role as it is a position which the candidate grows into as they advance in their career. Certifications in HubSpot, Hootsuite, Google Analytics or Facebook Blueprint can make applicants more competitive. New hires will usually receive an orientation on social media management and branding for their organization.

Community Manager experience requirements

Candidates for this position should have at least 3 years of marketing, content management and publishing experience. Experience with social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn is preferred as they will be managing the company’s accounts and pages on those sites. Knowledge of social media management tools like Hootsuite is important. Any professional certification is a bonus, but not necessary. Since this is a dynamic field, the candidate also has to stay up to date with developments, changes and trends in the social landscape.

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Frequently asked questions about Community Managers


What's the difference between a Community Manager and a Social Media Manager?

While both positions hold similar responsibilities of maintaining a brand’s voice, there are some key differences regarding how both roles present themselves online. Community Managers may use their personal social media account to post about a brand or to respond to customers’ responses or feedback. Social Media Managers primarily post updates using the company’s social media pages. 

Community Managers can hold many of the responsibilities Social Media Managers have by posting on both their personal and company accounts. Social Media Managers typically never use their own account to promote their company’s brand. 


Who do Community Managers report to?

The person Community Managers report to typically depends on the department they work in and the size of the company. In smaller companies, a Community Manager may work within their own department and report to the Chief Operations Officer or another high-level staff member.

Community Managers who work in larger companies may work in the marketing or public relations department, so they typically report directly to the Director of Marketing or Public Relations or the Vice President of Communications. Some may work in the sales department establishing the brand’s voice collaborating with the Director of Sales to ensure they’re properly representing the company.


Who reports to Community Managers?

There are some companies where Community Managers work independently and don’t have anyone reporting directly to them. At larger companies where Community Managers handle more work items, they may have an Assistant Community Manager who reports to and works alongside them. Assistant Community Managers handle smaller day-to-day communication-related tasks and other clerical work to free up the Community Manager’s time so they can complete larger, big-picture tasks. 

Some Copywriters, Graphic Designers or other marketing employees may deliver their projects to the Community Managers for approval to ensure their images and content aligns with the company’s brand voice.


What makes a good Community Manager?

An effective Community Manager has experience working with computers, social media outlets and analytical platforms, as many of their responsibilities consist of building, managing and tracking online campaigns. 

They must also have a strong knowledge of common social media and online marketing trends to create campaigns that match the voice and behaviors of many users on those outlets. Great Community Manager candidates should also have strong written and verbal communication abilities since they’re regularly interacting and building relationships with both customers and other employees.

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