Construction Project Manager Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

Last updated: April 21, 2022

A Construction Project Manager, or Commercial Construction Project Manager, plans and oversees the building process of various construction projects from start to finish. Their duties include building and staying within the budget, retrieving the necessary permits to construct in certain communities and communicating the client’s goals for certain projects to the subcontractors and construction workers.

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Construction Project Manager duties and responsibilities

Construction project managers are responsible for the following:

  • Collaborate with engineers, architects and other workers in the same project
  • Choose subcontractors and delegate their responsibilities
  • Responsible for any delays, emergencies and problems that can arise
  • Comply with safety and building codes as well as legal requirements
  • Report project progress and budget to client
  • Explain contract and technical matter to others in a clear manner
  • Prepare budget and cost estimates, along with work timetables
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Construction Project Manager Job Description Examples

What does a Construction Project Manager do?

Construction Project Managers work in a managerial role for a company hiring and delegating tasks to subcontractors to work on certain construction projects. They work with clients to understand their construction goals and needs, then build a schedule for their crew to follow. Construction Project Managers oversee the entire construction process and ensure everything runs smoothly for the project to be successful. 

To support this, some of their responsibilities include taking inventory of the workers’ equipment and tools, updating clients and stakeholders on the construction status, conducting regular site checks to review the workers’ progress and ensure they’re following proper safety standards.

Construction Project Manager skills and qualifications

The following are important skills that the construction project manager should have to be considered for this position:

  • Constant contact with people like the public, inspectors and owners requires great customer service skills who listen and speak in a clear and concise manner so that goals are met
  • Leadership skills are needed in a managerial role because they will be in charge of delegating tasks to workers, subcontractors and other lower-level managers
  • Communication skills are important to give clear orders and process complex information to then delegate to others in a simpler manner
  • Time management skills are needed because, in construction, you have to meet deadlines. Each part of the construction project has to be done at a certain time so that everything runs smoothly
  • Writing proposals and budget plans, along with documentation of the project to the client is an important aspect
  • Technical skills to interpret construction methods, contracts and drawings of the project

Construction Project Manager salary expectations

The average salary of a construction project manager is $85,823 per year in the United States. The lowest salary is about $24,000 and the highest is about $183,000. These are the ranges that a construction project manager can expect to make.

Construction Project Manager education and training requirements

Certification is valuable in the construction industry because it shows the person is specialized in a certain area, and some states do require a license from a construction manager. The American Institute of Constructors and Construction Management Association of America awards certifications. 

Some construction managers are hired to work under a more experienced manager to learn within the company. Many businesses also look to hire construction project managers with a bachelor’s in construction science, construction management, engineering or architecture. Some construction project managers who oversee smaller projects combine years of work experience with an associate degree.

Construction Project Manager experience requirements

A practical, real-life construction management experience is required from potential candidates because you won’t have to use resources for on-the-job training, especially since this is a manager position. Opportunities such as internships, on-hands education and/or previous construction work are keys to look for in a resume. Construction managers first gain years of experience in the construction specialties like carpentry and masonry before applying for managerial positions.

Job description samples for similar positions

There are other job description samples available that are similar to a construction project manager if it is not exactly the position you are looking to hire:

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Frequently asked questions about Construction Project Managers


What makes a good Construction Project Manager?

A great Construction Project Manager is a natural leader and effective at task delegation, as they must regularly motivate their seem to stay on schedule and assign tasks to employees according to their strengths and skill sets. Strong Construction Project Manager candidates often have experience working on construction sites to more accurately approximate how long certain projects may take and to understand which tools workers will need for different projects. 

They should also have great organizational and time management abilities as they’re constantly building schedules and reports for different projects and must ensure they’re holding both themselves and their employees accountable for staying on task. 


What's the difference between a Construction Project Manager and a Construction Manager?

Though both the Construction Project Manager and Construction Manager’s responsibilities involve managing a construction crew, there are some key differences. A Construction Project manager handles the planning of the project and builds the budget for it. A Construction Manager works on-site with the Construction Workers each day, following the schedule and plan laid out by the Construction Project Manager. 


Who reports to a Construction Project Manager?

The construction crew members typically report to the Construction Project Manager for their assignments or tasks for certain projects. Larger companies usually have Construction Managers who work closely with the Construction Workers. The Construction Managers may report to the Construction Project Manager to provide them with updates on the project and to communicates any needs or obstacles their team is facing. The Construction Project Manager then works to resolve these issues.

If they work for a smaller company that doesn’t have a Construction Manager, the Construction Project Manager may be more directly in charge of the Construction Workers. 


Do Construction Project Managers hold different responsibilities in different industries?

Most Construction Project Managers share similar responsibilities of planning and organizing construction projects. Since they can work in a wide variety of industries, it’s often best for them to have experience and knowledge of the specific one they’re building projects for. 

Some of them work for government entities planning construction and renovation projects for community members to use and enjoy. Others work for private corporations organizing several construction projects to expand their company branches in new locations.

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