Construction Superintendent Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Construction Superintendent, or Construction Supervisor, is responsible for overseeing and coordinating all of the activities of a construction site according to project blueprints and schedule plans. Their duties include coordinating subcontractors, performing quality control and safety checks and providing on-site direction when preparing construction sites.

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Construction Superintendent duties and responsibilities

Construction Superintendents complete organizational and project management responsibilities to effectively lead the construction team and ensure they have all of the resources they need. They often have the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Manage a team of workers, including work schedules, project progress and resource allocation
  • Create cost estimates for labor, supplies, materials and other project costs
  • Collaborate with clients, Project Managers, other construction management to determine budget and timeline
  • Coordinate materials and equipment delivery with vendors and suppliers
  • Create schedules for workers and subcontractors
  • Hire additional subcontractors and assign work accordingly
  • Maintain a daily log for the job site’s operations, reporting to management as necessary
  • Make changes in the operation as necessary to best meet construction deadlines
  • Implement management techniques that are cost-effective and efficient

Construction Superintendent Job Description Examples:


Construction Superintendent

We are looking for an experienced Construction Project Manager/Superintendent (Overseas) to oversee the renovation of a multi-story, 10,000+ square foot office building in a busy urban environment. We are looking for a candidate who is hands-on and will make the project their own by taking full control of the field operations, running the schedule, pushing the project team, coordinating subcontractors, and constructing a quality building on time and under budget. Candidates will need to be comfortable working with and managing workers across diverse disciplines and skillsets to build a cohesive, capable team. The person should also be an experienced international traveler, and if they have lived and worked on construction projects overseas in the 3rdworld, less developed environments before that is a definite plus. Candidates who are proficient with computers, software, and technology are preferred.

Essential Traits:

  • Proven track record of working on a variety of commercial, light industrial construction projects

  • Ability to successfully coordinate schedules, workforce, equipment, and resources

  • A hands-on manager who is comfortable directing and evaluating on-site personnel by staying engaged in all aspects of the project

  • Experience navigating challenging local government bureaucratic; [website] permitting and licensing entities

  • Familiarity with Project Management skills, including scope, time, and budget management

  • Solid understanding of building plans and specifications and the ability to maintain and interpret construction drawings for on-site team

  • Ability to maintain a positive relationship with the ownership team and effectively communicate the ownership team’s goals and priorities to all field team members while effectively handling any conflicts that arise between the owner’s requirements and the onsite team

  • Ensure the project complies with all building codes and other conditions; maintain high-quality standards and maintain a safe working environment

  • Strong analytical skills combined with the ability to maintain a high degree of precision on detailed work

  • Capable of overseeing construction issues for which he is not specifically certified

  • Ability to manage multiple projects and priorities simultaneously under time constraints

  • Strong written and oral communication skills


  • 10+ years of experience managing multi-million-dollar commercial, light industrial projects

  • Minimum of a high school diploma with a Bachelor’s Degree in a related field such as Construction Management, Architecture, Engineering preferred

  • Experience working on projects that required significant power, Hvac, and water system upgrades

  • Multi-lingual with fluency in English and Arabic (additional languages a plus)

  • Will be required to relocate to the Middle East/North Africa region

  • Candidates must abide by a drug-free workplace policy and are subject to testing

  • Must have a calm demeanor, be team oriented, discreet, and willing to receive constructive feedback

    Job Type: Construction: 10 years Arabic (Required)

  • ×

    Construction Superintendent

    Needed Immediately - Craftsman with Pole Building Construction Experience. -OR- Have some Basic wood carpentry experience and willing to learn our Building System. Will train reliable, honest, show up on time, likes to work outdoors, no drugs and in good physical condition. Also, an opening for a Licensed/Insured "Pole Building Construction Crew". We have "Year-Round" work within 100 miles radius of Coeur d' Alene, Idaho. All projects are "First Class - Top of the line" buildings (no short cuts). We PAY Every Friday at the Top of your experience scale. Must have dependable transportation and drivers license. Will consider applicants with past or even current probation history, IF, "You have seriously put the past behind you and are on the path of rebuilding your life for the better !" Please include Your Brief Work Background History, Contact Phone # and Email in your response.

    Job Type: Full-time

    Salary: $18.00 to $30.00 /hour


  • construction: 1 year (Preferred)

    Additional Compensation:

  • Bonuses

    Work Location:

  • Multiple locations


  • Health insurance

    This Job Is:

  • Open to applicants who do not have a high school A job for which all ages, including older job seekers, are encouraged to Monday to Friday
  • ×

    Construction Superintendent

    JAG Building Group is a commercial general contracting company that specializes in retail and restaurant tenant improvement and remodels. We are small by design with a concentration on building long-term working relationships with our select list of clients. We keep the same team; PM and Site Super, together on each brand. This eliminates the learning curve and allows for a smoother and more efficient project.

    We are looking for a traveling superintendent with minimum 5 years experience in retail and restaurant project experience.


  • Must be able to travel 90 -100% (typical remodel project 2 weeks, TI project 6-12 weeks)

  • Participate with the project manager (PM) in preparing a schedule.

  • Direct and control the total construction project to meet specifications and within the allotted time.

  • Analyze construction equipment requirements and provide necessary equipment.

  • Coordinate the activities of subcontractors.

  • Review all request for change orders with the PM.

  • Report regularly to the project manager to keep them informed continuously about job progress, plans, and problems that could significantly affect costs or schedules.

  • Daily reports using Procore to record; visitors to site, inspections scheduled, progress photos.

  • Adherence to the company's safety program in all phases and areas of the project.


  • Five plus years' experience as a Site Supervisor on retail and restaurant projects.

  • Able to organize people, tools, and equipment and plan/manage multiple activities to accomplish desired results.

  • Demonstrated leadership skills with ability and willingness to face challenges, direct others and effectively address conflict.

  • Computer skills: proficiency using Word, Excel, Outlook and construction project management programs such as Procore.


  • Great way to experience the country - we pay airfare, hotel and rental car

  • Per Diem for food

  • Vehicle allowance (option instead of flying)


    Job Type: Contract

    Salary: $1,500.00 to $1,700.00 /week


  • Retail & Restaurant Construction: 5 years (Required)

  • Procore software: 1 year (Preferred)

    Work authorization:

  • United States (Required)

    Required travel:

  • 100% (Required)

    Application Question:

  • Please name 3 Retail Projects and 3 Restaurant Projects that you completed as the Site Superintendent.

    Contract Length:

  • 2 months or less

  • Varies

    Contract Renewal:

  • Likely

    Additional Compensation:

  • Other forms

    Work On the Other

  • What does a Construction Superintendent do?

    Construction Superintendents are generally employed by construction companies to manage building projects and supervise the day-to-day activities involved with constructing a new structure. They assess the resources needed to complete a construction project and generate cost estimates to help set the project budget. Construction Superintendents manage the general construction staff, hiring specialists, delegating tasks to team members and creating the staff schedule. They observe all activities on a construction site and maintain a site log that explains what was accomplished and where the construction team needs to resume the next workday.

    Construction Superintendent skills and qualifications

    Construction Superintendents use a variety of soft skills, technical abilities and industry knowledge to manage a construction project effectively, including:

    • Excellent communication abilities, including writing, speaking and active listening
    • Knowledge of construction budgeting best practices
    • Good planning skills, including design execution, resource allocation and contingencies
    • Understanding of construction equipment, including safe operating practices and signs of maintenance issues
    • In-depth understanding of local, state and federal construction regulations
    • Great problem-solving and decision-making skills
    • Effective leadership abilities, like motivation, goal-setting and conflict management
    • Organizational skills, including time management, delegation, prioritization and multitasking

    Construction Superintendent salary expectations

    A Construction Superintendent makes an average of $90,446 per year. Salary may depend on level of education, experience and geographical location.

    Construction Superintendent education and training requirements

    Construction Superintendent candidates may qualify for this role with only a high school diploma or GED and years of on-the-job training from previous experience and certifications. Many candidates have an associate or bachelor’s degree in construction management, architecture, engineering or another relevant discipline. Candidates may also have professional certifications, including Certified Construction Manager or Certified Professional Constructor. Safety and heavy machinery operations training and certification may also be common. 

    Construction Superintendent experience requirements

    As a supervisory position, Construction Superintendent candidates should have years of previous experience in the construction industry. Previous managerial experience on a construction team is also beneficial. Many candidates have worked in construction as Construction Workers, Designers, Engineers, Planners or in other capacities. They likely have earned promotions, additional and more complex responsibilities and leadership opportunities that enable them to apply for a Construction Superintendent role. Other experienced candidates may already have previous experience as a Construction Superintendent.

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    Frequently asked questions about Construction Superintendents


    What is the difference between a Construction Superintendent and a Project Manager?

    Construction Superintendents are experienced Construction Workers who spend their time on-site guiding a construction team, while Project Managers handle the logistics and administrative aspects of a construction project. They have different skill sets, with Construction Superintendents having a background in construction and Project Managers having a history of working with client accounts. Project Managers work closely with the clients commissioning a construction project, usually in an office environment. They manage invoices, negotiate supplies contracts and prepare risk analysis. Construction Superintendents focus on implementing instructions at a job site, ensuring safety regulations are enforced and motivating their staff.


    Who does a Construction Superintendent oversee?

    Construction Superintendents oversee the entire staff on a construction site. They manage a range of construction roles including General Contractors, Construction Expeditors, Engineers, Carpenters and Electricians. They coordinate all of the activities of their direct employees and any additional contractors and consultants assisting on the project. Construction Superintendents are directly involved with managing their team, assigning each worker to new tasks each day and checking their work for quality and stability.


    What are the qualities of a good Construction Superintendent?

    Good Construction Superintendents are highly organized and coordinated. They are able to keep a running mental list of all tasks that need to be completed at any given moment. Successful Construction Superintendents are also clear communicators who can give specific, direct instructions on a job site according to detailed blueprints. Construction Superintendents also need to be physically capable of working on a construction site and helping their team carry heavy loads and prepare construction materials.


    What are the daily duties of a Construction Superintendent?

    On a typical day, Construction Superintendents spend long shifts on a construction site. They clock in each member of their team and begin delegating tasks to prepare the construction area. Throughout the day, Construction Superintendents give direct orders and clarify instructions for Construction Workers on their site. They manage time cards and performance reports for their entire team of Construction Workers, ensure that their team is safely operating heavy machinery according to OSHA standards and respond to any accidents or errors.

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