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What does a Contact Tracer do?

A contact tracer reaches out to people that have tested positive for a particular disease or infection and asks them to identify anyone they’ve recently been in contact with. With a goal of reducing the risk of spread, the contact tracer then gets in touch with those people to let them know they may have been exposed.

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Contact Tracer Job Description Examples

Contact Tracer duties and responsibilities

A contact tracer receives a list of names and contacts those people to gather information on who they’ve been in close contact with during the period when they may have been infectious. Responsibilities include providing infectious and potentially infected individuals with resources and instructions on appropriate next steps. A contact tracer may be expected to:

  • Place phone calls to newly diagnosed patients and potentially exposed people
  • Follow a script when interviewing people
  • Ask questions that help someone remember who they’ve been in close contact with
  • Educate contacts on approved protocol to reduce the risk of spread
  • Collect and document necessary information into a CRM
  • Understand symptoms, infectious periods and treatments
  • Protect patient privacy

What does a Contact Tracer do?

Contact Tracers can work for marketing agencies or as part of an in-house marketing department to implement a company’s brand strategy. They assess marketing objectives and do research to determine the most advantageous methods for using media platforms to promote those objectives. Contact Tracers run tests to determine which advertising methods are most effective and share analytic and creative feedback to refine advertising content. They align advertisement information with their target audience’s media habits. They collect data measuring key performance indicators for the success of advertising methods and adjust their media strategies to promote a more effective brand message.

Contact Tracer skills and qualifications

A successful contact tracer is a strong communicator with speaking, writing and active listening skills. The candidate should be able to think critically, solve problems and empathize with patients. Contact tracers should have the following skills and qualifications:

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Ability to speak, read and write English
  • Working knowledge of a second or third language a plus
  • Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills
  • Exhibit sound critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Proficiency with computers and CRM software
  • Ability to maintain patient confidentiality

Contact Tracer salary expectations

The average salary for a contact tracer is $21.24 per hour. Salaries for contract tracers vary, depending on location and level of experience.

Contact Tracer education and training requirements

A high school diploma or equivalent is required. Contact tracers may have education or training in healthcare, customer service or related fields. A contact tracer may be required to complete and pass a training course to build knowledge on the fundamentals of contact tracing, including best practices for communicating with and interviewing contacts.

Contact Tracer experience requirements

A contact tracer should have experience working with patients or customers. Previous experience working in an environment that follows strict guidelines or protocols is beneficial, as is relevant experience organizing and tracking data and information.


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Frequently asked questions about Contact Tracers

What makes a good Contact Tracer?

Contact Tracers must have specific education, training and skills to perform their jobs well. The best Contact Tracers tend to share certain qualities and attributes that make them exceptionally good at their jobs, like communication, analysis and technical skills.

Since one of the primary tasks for a Contact Tracer is to provide guidance to company leadership on investment options, communication is a vital skill. Knowing how to appropriately analyze stock market data and make conclusions based on that information is another key ability for Contact Tracers. Finally, it’s necessary for great Contact Tracers to know how to use certain computer programs and software to understand the stock market and forecast potential investments.

What's the difference between a Contact Tracer and a Stock Broker?

Contact Tracers and Stock Brokers both work with financial markets and investments, but their methods and objectives are quite different. In most cases, Contact Tracers work for large corporations who invest some of their capital in the stock market to help increase their holdings. Contact Tracers perform research and provide advice to the company’s leadership on investment opportunities. Stock Brokers, by contrast, help individuals and companies actually purchase stocks or other related assets, like mutual funds and index funds. They usually have a multitude of clients rather than working for a single company or individual.

What are the daily duties of a Contact Tracer?

Contact Tracers spend the majority of their time from day to day analyzing the stock market. They may look at the market as a whole, foreign markets or specific stocks or funds their company is particularly interested in. Besides research and analysis, other common daily duties for Contact Tracers include creating reports and presentations to give to company leadership and holding meetings with the company’s leaders to advise them on current investment forecasts and other potentially lucrative investment opportunities.

What should you look for in a Contact Tracer's resume?

When reviewing potential Contact Tracer’s resumes, be sure to look for a few key skills, education and accomplishments to ensure they’re the right fit for the position. Ideally, their resume should list past work experiences, quantification of the capital they’ve managed or advised on and any applicable certifications or licenses. Many Contact Tracers choose to earn certain certificates to deepen their knowledge of specific niche areas of the stock market and investing.

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