Content Manager Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

Last updated: June 22, 2022

A Content Manager, or Content Supervisor, is responsible for overseeing the creation of multiple forms of content to enhance a company’s credibility and customer-base. Their duties include leading a team of content professionals, creating content strategies to highlight products and services and reviewing competitor content and market trends to identify new content ideas.

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Content Manager duties and responsibilities

A Content Manager’s main duty is to maintain the company’s web content and ensure that the website is updated regularly with relevant and exciting material. Apart from this, they should also be able to perform the following daily functions:

  • Leading a team of writers and overseeing content creation for the company’s website
  • Researching and sourcing content for the company’s website
  • Targeting a specific set of keywords for all the articles written and published
  • Monitoring the competition’s online activities
  • Writing, editing and publishing SEO content pieces 
  • Repurposing content to fit the publishing media, video production or social media
  • Working closely with the company’s marketing team to devise online marketing strategies
  • Updating content to ensure that it’s current
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Content Manager Job Description Examples

What does a Content Manager do?

Content Managers typically work for corporations in close proximity to the marketing, sales or advertising departments. Still, they can also work for content or marketing agencies to help with client campaigns. They research company products, services, target audiences and customer reviews to help drive their content strategies. Their job is to hold meetings with content professionals like Content Writers, Content Strategists, Graphic Designers, Marketers and Videographers to brainstorm ideas and discuss new campaign objectives. They also create content marketing calendars to highlight deadlines for specific projects.

They may also participate in writing, creating logos or directing videos based on their background or limited company employment.

Content Manager skills and qualifications

A successful Content Manager needs to have various prerequisite skills and qualifications in order to handle their job duties effectively, including:

  • Advanced writing and editing skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to come up with creative ideas
  • Strong leadership and management skills
  • Detailed knowledge of current online tools and marketing trends, including SEO
  • Ability to solve problems swiftly
  • Advanced computer skills
  • Excellent analytical skills and attention to detail

Content Manager salary expectations

A Content Manager makes an average of $59,769 per year in the United States. However, the actual salary may differ depending on the company’s location, the specific job requirements and the candidate’s education and level of experience.

Content Manager education and training requirements

The educational requirements for a Content Manager may vary depending on the company and the expected job duties, but most employers look for candidates with at least a bachelor’s degree. Some applicants may have a degree in computer science and training in content management, while others may have degrees in marketing, journalism, English or communications. Though education beyond a bachelor’s degree isn’t typically required, some candidates choose to pursue voluntary certification, such as the Content Marketing Certification offered by the American Marketing Association.

Content Manager experience requirements

It is important to hire a Content Manager with the right experience. In general, employers look for candidates who have experience creating content for online websites or experience running a content creation team. Previous experience doing SEO work, either with keyword identification or copywriting, can also suffice for this position. A Content Manager should be very tech-savvy as well. Some companies may also look for candidates with previous experience in a content marketing role.

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Frequently asked questions about Content Managers


What is the difference between a Content Manager and a Content Specialist?

The difference between a Content Manager and a Content Specialist lies in seniority and scope of job responsibilities. For example, Content Specialists are responsible for creating blog posts, articles and other forms of content depending on their backgrounds like social media posts, infographics and video advertisements. They typically work under Content Managers to carry out specific projects depending on the Content Manager’s instructions.

In contrast, Content Managers assume a leadership role and have the responsibility to oversee a wide range of content professionals like Graphic Designers, Writers and Content Specialists. Content Managers also have more professional experience working in previous content creation roles like Content Specialists that qualifies them for a managerial role.


What are the daily duties of a Content Manager?

On a typical day, a Content Manager reviews campaign calendars to determine upcoming content deadlines to focus on. They also review marketing reports for their industry and look at data from previous campaigns to make predictions about current and future campaign success. Throughout the day, Content Managers host meetings with Writers, Editors, Content Specialists, Graphic Designers and other creative professionals to check on their progress, answer questions and assign new content tasks accordingly. 

They also have one-on-one meetings with team members to provide more in-depth instruction on approaching an assignment. Content Managers use downtime in their office to learn more about company products and how to angle content toward the appropriate audiences.


What qualities make a good Content Manager?

A good Content Manager uses their ability to lead to ensure that Content Creators develop innovative ideas and content forms that align with their company’s goals and brand identity. They have excellent organizational habits that allow them to oversee the implementation and completion of multiple content campaigns at a time. Content Managers should also have an innovative mindset that enables them to contribute ideas to their department when they need additional inspiration or guidance. Further, Content Managers should be able to adjust their communication to speak with various professionals at different levels within their company.


Who does a Content Manager report to?

A Content Manager typically reports to the Vice President of Marketing or the Marketing Director within a corporation. These professionals provide Content Managers with helpful information regarding the company’s broader business goals, or changes to products or services that could affect the direction of the content they create.

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