Deli Clerk Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Deli Clerk, or Delicatessen Clerk, is responsible for handling produce and interacting with customers to make sales. Their duties include slicing meats and cheeses, taking inventory of products and talking with customers about the types of produce on display.

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Deli Clerk Duties and Responsibilities

This section is for letting the candidates know what functions they will be performing in your organization. List the regular duties of the position along with any special responsibilities that the job entails. Give the candidates a complete idea of how the position of Deli Clerk functions in your organization.

Examples of Deli Clerk duties and responsibilities:

  • Respond to customer queries, make product recommendations and provide samples.
  • Help customers locate, choose and buy products.
  • Weigh, label, package and make products ready for billing and delivery.
  • Stock and organize displays and showcases.
  • Clean the work areas and maintain tools and equipment.
  • Coordinate with other staff in following food safety and hygiene procedures according to company policy.
  • Ensure prompt service and high level of customer satisfaction.

What Does a Deli Clerk Do?

Deli Clerks typically work in grocery stores, produce markets or delicatessens. They help unload cold produce and store meats, cheese, loaves of bread and other items in temperature-controlled areas to ensure they stay fresh. They are also responsible for maintaining a clean workspace so as not to contaminate the produce prior to display. They work with deli staff to sell and package products for customers. They may also be expected to arrange produce in an aesthetically-pleasing manner to encourage customers to buy from them.

Deli Clerk Skills and Qualifications

A successful Deli Clerk candidate will have various prerequisite skills and qualifications needed for duties. Outline all those requirements under this section. In addition to educational degrees and certifications, include any technical, non-technical skills and personality traits you want the candidate to possess.

Examples of Deli Clerk skills and qualifications:

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Over two years of experience as Deli Clerk or in a related position
  • Physical ability to lift heavy products and work in a standing position for long hours
  • Operating knowledge of weighing scales, cash registers and cheese slicers
  • Ability to understand and follow instructions and regulations regarding food safety and sanitation
  • Excellent communication skills and customer-centric approach
  • Basic math and computation skills

Deli Clerk Salary Expectations

The salary data for Deli Clerk job title is not available. The position is closely related to Deli Associate and Retail Sales Associate. A Deli Associate receives an average salary of $10.83 per hour and a Retail Sales Associate receives $11.93 per hour. These are estimates based on the salary information collected from employees and job advertisements in the past three years.

Deli Clerk Education and Training Requirements

Deli Clerk is an entry-level position and does not require any formal education. However, it is preferable to have high school diploma or an equivalent education, especially if the job involves weighing, pricing and other computational skills. A certification in areas such as customer service and communication skills can be helpful in enhancing customer satisfaction. A successful candidate may require a brief training in areas such as barcoding, labeling and entering product codes for weighing.

Deli Clerk Experience Requirements

A Deli Clerk should have one or two years of experience in handling customers in a retail outlet. They should be able to communicate with customers in a friendly manner and help them choose suitable products according to their requirements. Experience in activities such as weighing, packaging, labeling, etc. can be highly helpful. If your position requires the candidate to operate cash registers, make sure that the candidate possesses some experience in handing cash and cards.

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Frequently asked questions about Deli Clerks


What is the difference between a Deli Clerk and a Deli Cook?

Although a subtle difference, the main distinction between the title Deli Clerk and Deli Cook, lies in their range of job duties. Whereas Deli Clerks are responsible for slicing, displaying, selling and packaging cold produce, Deli Cooks are responsible for taking the same types of produce and cooking them before giving them to customers. Further, Deli Cooks may work more frequently in delis or bakeries where customers have the option of purchasing lunch like a turkey sandwich with provolone cheese or baked goods.


What makes a good Deli Clerk?

A good Deli Clerk is someone with a personable nature. This allows them to converse with customers and helps make their buying experience more enjoyable. A good Deli Clerk should also be knowledgeable about the types of produce they sell and its origins to add depth to their customer interactions. They should also have the ability to lift heavy objects, especially when helping to unload and store new produce. 

Further, a well-trained Deli Clerk should be able to maintain a clean appearance to represent your store and uphold health code standards.. Not necessary but potentially useful, a Deli Clerk should have creative tendencies that enable them to create eye-catching displays of your produce.


What are the daily duties of a Deli Clerk?

A Deli Clerk’s daily duties and responsibilities may depend on their shift schedule. For example, a Deli Clerk working the early shift may be expected to clock in before helping to unload and store a morning shipment of produce. They may also be responsible for taking inventory of new shipments, to ensure all of the produce is accounted for. During business hours, they may divide up their time between interacting directly with customers, organizing displays and slicing up produce a customer ordered. 

Toward the end of business hours, they may begin cleaning surfaces and mopping the floors. This time also allows them to take inventory of leftover produce to determine what else needs to be ordered and how much. They also might throw out old produce that’s past its sell-by date.


Who does a Deli Clerk report to?

A Deli Clerk typically reports to a Deli Manager in large grocery stores or markets. The Deli Manager is responsible for overseeing the staff and general operations within the deli. In contrast, Deli Clerks who work in smaller or locally-owned grocers typically report directly to the store manager who oversees all departments.

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