Dermatologist Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Dermatologist, or Skin Doctor, is a kind of doctor who specializes in diagnosing and treating skin conditions, diseases and injuries. Their duties include examining patients with discomfort or discoloration on their skin, performing biopsies and creating treatment plans for managing or curing a patient’s skin problems.

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Dermatologist duties and responsibilities

Some Dermatologists may specialize in procedural dermatology, dermatopathology or pediatric dermatology. While the exact duties may vary based on the subspecialty Dermatologists practice in, their basic responsibilities include: 

  • Providing consultations
  • Performing dermatological screenings 
  • Analyzing diagnostic tests 
  • Completing dermatological procedures 
  • Prescribing medication 
  • Providing patient education 

Dermatologist Job Description Examples:



Dermatology NPs Needed - Telemedicine Role

hims [website] / hers [website]

Job Description

  • Hims and Hers, the fastest growing telemedicine company in the US, is looking to add dermatology professionals to treat patients on our telemedicine platform.

    Join our Provider Network Today:

    What you will do:

  • Conduct consultations via phone, video or asynchronously depending on state regulations

  • Adhere to Hims and Hers guidelines and policies and complete all required training

  • Commit to a minimum of 8-10 hours per week taking care of patient needs, answering patient questions, prescribing medication and providing medical guidance as necessary

    What you will bring:

  • A Masters or Doctoral degree in the Science of Nursing

  • Board certification by the Aanp or Ancc

  • Experience specific to the practice of dermatology

  • Telemedicine experience a plus

  • Multiple licenses a plus

  • A clean malpractice history

    About Us:

    The Hims and hers brand is focused on helping people proactively take care of their health, particularly around the things they find hard to talk about such as acne, cold sores, hair loss and performance anxiety. As a Hims and Hers provider, you can play a critical role in helping people get easier, more affordable access to medical advice and prescriptions.

    Help us enable these conversations directly with you, the people they need to be talking to.

    Join our Provider Network Today -

    A recruiter will reach out to schedule a follow-up conversation after reviewing your information.

    Job Type: Part-time

    Job Type: Part-time


  • physician: 1 year (Required)

    Work Fully Other

  • ×


    Skin and Beauty Center (SBC) is an established and growing, full service, single specialty dermatology practice in northern Los Angeles with 7 locations, 15 board certified dermatologists and 5 physician assistants. SBC boasts exceptional patient and referring physician satisfaction, and high levels of returning patients. We are looking for part- or full- time BC/BE dermatologists to join our growing practice.

    Workload includes general medical dermatology as well as surgical and cosmetic dermatology, if desired. The positions are available immediately and the schedules are flexible.

    Our practice offers full medical and surgical dermatological services, including Mohs surgery in-house, and many cosmetic and laser services. We use a fully electronic, dermatology specific, EMR system that we've customized over the years to enable efficient patient care. Our practice is well-equipped with administrative and clinical support staff. We believe in high staff to provider ratios so staff can unburden you from much of the daily busy work and you can focus on seeing patients and delivering exceptional patient care. We have a family oriented culture for those seeking work/life balance. Support and flexibility to pursue and develop your personal interests can be provided.

    Cathy Thomas Phone: [phone number], Ext: 1026 Cell: [phone number]

    Job Types: Full-time, Part-time

    Salary: $0.00 dermatology: 3 years Medical (Required)



    Looking for physicians who would like the opportunity to convert an existing practice to telemedicine or adding telemedicine to their portfolio of services. Physicians may join our network of specialists and providers and see their patients through our Hipaa compliant platform. Patients Health Records remain exclusive to the treating physician. You may refer patients to specialists within our network through our easy to use platform. Online scheduling allows you to set your schedule and availability. Patients can access the schedule and fill out forms through our patient portal.

    We have a network of behavioral and social health providers available within the network to provide integrated care within the network to help maximize coordination of care.

    Job Type: Contract

    Salary: $250.00 /hour

    Contract Renewal:

  • Likely

    Work Location:

  • Fully Remote


  • Work from home

  • Flexible schedule


  • Yes
  • What does a Dermatologist do? 

    Dermatologists work at medical practices and health clinics to provide expert advice on both cosmetic disorders and functional issues with the hair, skin and nails. The role of a Dermatologist is to examine patients and make an inital diagnosis, then order tests or prescribe medications to treat the issue. They talk to patients about general skin care and make recommendations about lifestyle changes that could help chronic conditions like acne and eczema. Dermatologists treat rashes, fungal infections, insect bites, skin pain and skin cancer.

    Dermatologist skills and qualifications 

    To effectively treat hair, skin and nail conditions, Dermatologists use a combination of soft skills and other qualifications, which can include: 

    • Physical and mental stamina
    • Ability to work well within a team environment 
    • Verbal and written communication skills to effectively counsel and advise patients
    • Manual dexterity and good eyesight to perform numerous procedures, such as application of topical agents, skin surgery and biopsies
    • Good business sense and self-motivation are also required for those considering private practice

    Dermatologist salary expectations

    A Dermatologist makes an average of $184,187 per year. Salary may depend on a candidate’s education, experience level, geographical location and specialty. 

    Dermatologist education and training requirements 

    Since Dermatologists are medical doctors, they need a Doctor of Medicine degree. The first two years of medical school are spent in the classroom, with patient contact starting in the second year. Students rotate through various specialties during the third and fourth years. After graduating from medical school, Dermatologists must complete an internship, a residency and a fellowship. 

    Dermatologists must also pass state-required medical licensing exams and board certification from the American Board of Dermatology. Every 10 years, Dermatologists must complete follow-up exams to stay certified. 

    Dermatologist experience requirements 

    Due to the continuing advances in the medical field, Dermatologists need to be committed to lifelong learning by attending seminars and continuing education throughout their careers. Because of the extensive study and practice Dermatologists complete in order to graduate from medical school, applicants to Dermatologist positions should typically have all the experience necessary to meet the requirements of the role.

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    Frequently asked questions about Dermatologists?


    What are the characteristics of a good Dermatologist?

    Dermatologists are highly perceptive and knowledgeable professionals who are able to understand and recognize the nuances between similar skin conditions based on their appearance and a client’s system. They should have good bedside manner and clearly explain conditions to patients so they can better understand their health. Successful Dermatologists have excellent time-management skills so that they can respond to high volumes of patients without making mistakes. They enjoy working as a team and communicating with their nurses and administrators to provide personalized care to patients.


    What is the difference between a Dermatologist and an Esthetician?

    Estheticians and Dermatologists are both skincare professionals, but Dermatologists are medical doctors while Estheticians are certified beauticians. Some Estheticians work alongside Dermatologists and have the title Clinical Esthetician or Medical Esthetician. They generally work at salons, spas, med spas and cosmetic surgery offices. Dermatologists treat underlying skin conditions and diseases while Estheticians focus on the appearance of the skin to remove blemishes and balance the skin’s oils. Dermatologists create long=term care plans and treatment regiments, unlike Estheticians who usually perform single beauty treatments and recommend skincare products instead of medications.


    What are the daily duties of a Dermatologist?

    Dermatologists usually work a standard eight-hour day during the office hours of their practice. Throughout a typical day, Dermatologists review patients’ medical histories, meet with clients and examine their skin to start diagnosing an issue. They develop strategies to provide immediate relief for uncomfortable symptoms, as well as long-term treatments to address the underlying cause and prevent a condition from getting worse. Dermatologists can also spend time in teaching clinics, showing medical students how to take skin samples, run tests and communicate with patients.


    What are the different types of Dermatologists?

    Dermatologists can choose a specialization where they focus on a specific type of Dermatology. Surgical Dermatologists offer surgical treatment to cancers, abscesses, cysts and other skin growths. Pediatric Dermatologists work with kids and often specialize in acne treatment or allergic responses on the skin. Dermatopathologists are another type of Dermatologist that work in laboratories to examine and diagnose skin diseases.

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