Digital Marketing Specialist Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Digital Marketing Specialist, or Digital Marketer, is responsible for helping maintain a brand by working on marketing campaigns. Their duties include performing market research, strategizing with other marketing professionals and creating content to aid in the success of marketing campaigns.

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Digital Marketing Specialist Duties and Responsibilities

Digital Marketing Specialists should compare your company’s advertising techniques and offerings with those of competing businesses. They should help maintain a profitable message for your company and help with research to ensure your offerings come close to ideal price points to offer value to potential clients but still let you enjoy a thriving business. They should keep an eye on data that shows changing trends in advertising consumption and ensure that potential clients and consumers view your company’s ad projects and buy your products. Duties will often include the following:

  • Research advertising trends
  • Research competitors’ pricing and products
  • Decide on appropriate placement of ads
  • Determine what content will reach customers
  • Develop projects to create content
  • Publish digital marketing content online
  • Implement email marketing campaigns

What Does a Digital Marketing Specialist Do?

Digital Marketing Specialists typically work for marketing firms and corporations to provide creative solutions for brands. They work closely with the marketing department to determine unique ways to spread awareness about their company and drive product sales. Their job is to review market trends and identify one or target audiences to establish a direction for their campaigns. They may also pull data from email lists, advertisements and digital content to determine the levels of engagement each received.

Digital Marketing Specialist Skills and Qualifications

Digital Marketing Specialists should have a bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Business, English or other fields that enhance their ability to create original content relevant to promoting your business’s products and services. They should also have previous sales and customer service experience, in order to understand how to appeal to different audiences and seek to expand your customer base. They should have experience navigating social media such as Facebook and Instagram and understand how keywords boost marketing effectiveness. Their organizational skills can help them keep track of your company’s promotional needs and compliance requirements while producing appealing ad copy according to your specifications. Key skills include:

  • Business Savvy
  • Research Ability
  • Digital Literacy
  • Organized Work Habits
  • Composition of Sales Products
  • Bachelor’s Degree Related to Marketing, Business or English

Digital Marketing Specialist Salary Expectations

According to Indeed, the average Digital Marketing Specialist in the U.S. makes $60,227. This average includes three years’ worth of salary data submitted by Indeed site users who held this position. The 5,970 different salaries submitted in this period ranged from a low of $14,000 per year to a maximum of a $148,000 annual salary for those with this job title. Digital Marketers still in college may seek internships, while those who have recently graduated may accept a lower salary because they enter the field with little experience. Those IT-savvy marketing individuals who can train entry-level employees and manage projects will earn top dollar, as will those who live in higher cost-of-living spots in the U.S.

Digital Marketing Specialist Education and Training Requirements

Digital Marketing Specialists should have at least a bachelor’s degree. Preferably, their degree will allow them to enter the content-creation field with business savvy and an idea of sales techniques, as well as a working knowledge of English composition, digital resources and content-creation software. They should know how to organize themselves and keep track of competitors’ products and sales points. Research experience acquired in the course of a college education can help.

Digital Marketing Specialist Experience Requirements

An excellent Digital Marketing Specialist will have had previous experience researching and promoting products and services online via blogs, social media and website content. They will have handled email campaigns and done a wide range of sales-related research and writing. They will understand how to mesh well with a team, train and supervise subordinates or freelancers and organize large digital sales projects. Depending on experience, a digital marketer could lead your business’s advertising program or join a team of writers in a junior position.

Frequently asked questions about Digital Marketing Specialists


What is the difference between a Digital Marketing Specialist and an SEO Specialist?

The difference between a Digital Marketing Specialist and an SEO Specialist is that Digital Marketing Specialists have a much broader range of job responsibilities, one of which may include the creation of SEO-optimized content. In contrast, SEO Specialists focus solely on helping businesses and individuals optimize their websites and other forms of web content like social media posts, blogs and articles. 


What are the daily duties of a Digital Marketing Specialist?

On an average day, Digital Marketing Specialists start by reviewing campaign data from the previous day. They organize data that highlights how consumers interact with different elements of the campaign. They record the number of views an advertisement received and discover how many people clicked on, read and shared blog posts or tutorial videos. 

Throughout the day, they participate in collaborative meetings with other Digital Marketing Specialists and members of the advertising or sales teams. They give presentations that highlight the current state of a campaign and suggest the best way to move forward. They reply to emails and work on creating content like infographics and blog posts to attract organic leads to their marketing funnel.


What makes a good Digital Marketing Specialist?

A good Digital Marketing Specialist has an innovative mindset that allows them to come up with creative ideas for marketing campaigns and brand initiatives. They demonstrate expert knowledge in consumer behaviors and continuously monitor market trends to anticipate changes to their industry. 

A good Digital Marketing Specialist should have the ability to contribute to areas like graphic design and content writing to help enhance their company’s brand and overall image. Digital Marketing Specialists should also have a team-driven mindset. This ensures accountability as they understand how their job affects the work of other team members. It also ensures that they support the ideas of their teammates and help them achieve the goals they envision.


Who does a Digital Marketing Specialist report to?

A Digital Marketing Specialist typically reports to a Digital Marketing Manager. These professionals oversee the digital marketing team and assign them to particular tasks or projects. Digital Marketing Specialists may also report to the Marketing Director of Vice President of Marketing in the absence of a Digital Marketing Manager role.

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