Director of Marketing Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

Last updated: June 22, 2022

A Director of Marketing, or Marketing Director, oversees a company’s promotion and advertising efforts to drive sales and build brand awareness. Their responsibilities include developing an overall marketing plan, approving campaigns and measuring the return on investment of various advertising methods.

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Director of Marketing duties and responsibilities

A Director of Marketing is an executive responsible for making high-level decisions regarding advertisement campaigns. Some duties and responsibilities include:

  • Review current marketing trends and advertisements to determine the effectiveness of different styles and strategies
  • Analyze sales numbers in comparison to the marketing budget in order to find the profit margin and which campaigns were most effective
  • Research competitors to stay current with similar products or services on the market
  • Work with both the sales and marketing departments to develop successful strategies and campaigns that attract new customers and keep current clients
  • Collaborate with other executives to make high-level decisions regarding the budget and the direction of the company
  • Create and maintain a successful brand and image that attracts customers to the product or service
  • Develop marketing strategies for new products or services that comply with current company standards
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What does a Director of Marketing do?

Directors of Marketing generally work at large businesses leading the marketing department and overseeing the launch of new products or promotions. They coordinate market research and analyze the resulting data to identify the values and buying habits of their target customers. A Director of Marketing works closely with a company’s executive team to build a brand that exemplifies the company’s mission and connects with the values of their customers. Their role is to lead the marketing team and identify guidelines for producing promotional content and interacting with customers.

Director of Marketing skills and qualifications

A Director of Marketing should have a unique set of skills and qualifications in order to succeed:

  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Innovation and creativity to create brand new strategies that attract customers and succeed over the competition
  • Ability to lead groups and be decisive 
  • Collaborative skills to accept and incorporate ideas into strategies
  • Time management and organization in order to meet strict deadlines
  • Ability to recognize trends and stay ahead of them
  • Proficient with analysis and design software
  • Knowledge of internet marketing campaigns, including SEO

Director of Marketing salary expectations

A Director of Marketing makes an average of $96,283 per year. Salary may depend on level of experience, education and the geographical location.

Director of Marketing education and training requirements

A Director Marketing should at least have a bachelor’s degree in marketing, though a master’s degree is preferred. Common majors include communication and business administration. A Director of Marketing usually gains most of their training through experience. They work in marketing or sales departments for several years before earning this executive level. There are several certifications available for Marketing Directors, including analytics and SEO best practices. Many marketing professionals earn these types of certifications early in their careers as a form of learning and training.

Director of Marketing experience requirements

A Director of Marketing should have several years of experience in the field. They should have experience in marketing, sales, communication and budgeting. Leadership or managerial experience is also useful in supervising departments. A Marketing Director should be able to quantify their experience in a successful track record in marketing or sales. They should have at least five years of experience, though most employers prefer more. 

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Frequently asked questions about Directors of Marketing


What are the qualities of a good Director of Marketing?

Good Directors of Marketing have a strong creative and artistic vision. They are perceptive and empathetic with the way consumers think and feel, allowing them to generate meaningful strategies for building a core audience. A successful Director of Marketing enjoys doing research and analyzing data, identifying patterns and trends that could impact their business. Because the Director of Marketing is in charge of a staff of marketing professionals, they also need to be strong leaders who can provide clear instructions for their team and create a cohesive brand out of various advertising projects.


What is the difference between a Director of Marketing and a Marketing Manager?

A Director of Marketing is the head of a business’s marketing department while Marketing Managers work on particular campaigns or part of the marketing plan. Marketing Managers can specialize in a particular type of promotion such as digital marketing or relationship marketing, while the Director or Marketing is involved in all aspects of spreading brand awareness and increasing product sales. Marketing Managers can also exclusively work on a specific product or campaign. The Director of Marketing makes high-level strategic decisions then delegates tasks to Marketing Managers who oversee the day-to-day tasks involved with marketing campaigns.


What are the daily duties of a Director of Marketing?

On a typical day, the Director of Marketing works in an office environment attending meetings and discussing projects. They communicate with media contacts to promote company activities and negotiate contracts with key spokespeople or community contracts. They review submissions for new advertising campaigns and either approve them or give feedback based on market research. The Director of Marketing regularly checks in with their staff on the status of key deliverables and coordinates new initiatives.


What should you look for on a Director of Marketing's resume?

A Director of Marketing should use their resume to highlight key campaigns that they managed and provide data on how their advertising strategy increased sales at their previous employer. Their resume should indicate experience mentoring and training employees, giving feedback and refining existing projects. To successfully manage all parts of a company’s marketing mix, the Director of Marketing should have worked with social media, print advertising and research.

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