Enterprise Architect Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

Last updated: June 22, 2022

An Enterprise Architect, or Enterprise Solution Architect, designs a company’s IT structure to ensure it aligns well with the business’ organizational structure and processes. Their main duties include developing ways to integrate the business’ IT systems, creating and implementing enterprise architecture models and suggesting improvements to current internal functions and IT processes.

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Enterprise Architect duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of an Enterprise Architect require a solid set of skills to lead and monitor teamwork. These interpersonal requirements are in addition to hands-on abilities that require attention to detail and organization. They must collaborate with stakeholders and managerial personnel to create an IT infrastructure. Duties include:

  • Preparing proposals and estimates for the design and implementation of IT systems
  • Hiring, training, and assigning responsibilities to coworkers
  • Completing IT assignments on time
  • Monitoring the work of employees during the project completion
  • Using corrective measures when the project plan is off course
  • Helping managerial staff develop policies and guidelines
  • Synchronizing business needs with IT systems
  • Testing software programs

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Enterprise Architect Job Description Examples

What does an Enterprise Architect do?

Enterprise Architects work to improve a company’s efficiencies and organizational structure by building a new IT infrastructure and improving their current one. They build a clear strategy and direction for how to integrate a business’ current information programs and applications to increase productivity and structure in the workplace. Enterprise Architects also design, coordinate and manage the organization’s architecture models to help it perform more effectively and enhance their technology processes.  

They’re also responsible for evaluating the systems engineering and talent recruiting processes of an organization to spot any vulnerabilities or discrepancies in their system. Enterprise Architects will create training materials to improve employees’ awareness and knowledge of these systems so they can use these computer systems more effectively.

Enterprise Architect skills and qualifications

An Enterprise Architect mostly relies on their technical skills to perform tasks related to the incorporation of an IT system. People in the Enterprise Architect position need analytical skills to detect and solve problems. They work with others using professional communication skills with customers and coworkers. Employers seek these qualifications:

  • Project management abilities
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Working with and staying within a budget
  • Understanding business models
  • Apply systems thinking
  • IT strategic development skills
  • Understanding and performing operational tasks

Enterprise Architect salary expectations

An engineer makes an average of $144,813 per year. Salary may depend on level of experience, education and the geographical location. 

Enterprise Architect education and training requirements

The role of the Enterprise Architect needs someone who has completed an architecture Bachelor’s degree in either business, data, application, network or security architecture. A Master’s degree in enterprise architecture is essential for the job. Continuing education is necessary to maintain a person’s current IT knowledge and skills and how they apply to an ever-changing technological environment. Ongoing education upgrades include business process design for strategic management. Qualification for being licensed as an Enterprise Architect includes passing the Architect Registration Examination (ARE). The purpose of this test is to measure a person’s knowledge of structure, planning and building structures.

Enterprise Architect experience requirements

Enterprise Architects have studied as an apprentice under a Master Architect’s guidance. For valuable on the job experience, many Enterprise Architects research and work while being in an apprenticeship program for at least two years. The National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) oversees the Intern Development Program (IDP), where students of the trade must study an apprenticeship program approved by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB). 

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Frequently asked questions about Enterprise Architect


What makes a great Enterprise Architect?

An effective Enterprise Architect has a strong knowledge of different software systems to help them suggest the best IT systems for the organization to use. Enterprise Architects should have impressive project management skills to ensure tasks are completed effectively and contain all the necessary elements of a successful project. They often collaborate with various departments, so the ideal candidate should have strong communication and interpersonal abilities as well. 


Who does an Enterprise Architect report to?

An Enterprise Architect regularly reports to the leadership and executive team of a company to present their ideas and plans for a project. The leadership team provides their feedback and suggestions to improve the project to better meet their organizational needs and preferences. The Enterprise Architect will go to the executive team whenever they need guidance or additional information about the company’s needs and goals. 

Larger companies may have several Enterprise Architects, so this team may report to a Senior Architect who has advanced knowledge of the organization and the role. They may assign certain tasks to Enterprise Architects and offer advice for how to improve their performance in the role. In other organizations, some Enterprise Architects may report directly to the IT Manager or head of the IT team for any tasks or feedback on their work performance.


Do Enterprise Architects have different responsibilities in different industries?

Enterprise Architects usually complete similar tasks in any industry they work in. They often work for larger businesses, finding ways to improve their IT infrastructure and enhance the company’s efficiency levels through technology. Some may work for IT agencies, providing updates and improvements to several companies’ IT infrastructures and regularly working with clients to identify their organizational needs and develop a strategy that works best for them. Others may serve in government entities, finding ways to improve their technical efficiencies to better serve the public sector.


What's the difference between an Enterprise Architect and a Solutions Architect?

Though they both focus on ways to improve the organizational structure of a company, Enterprise and Solutions Architects hold different responsibilities in their roles. Solutions Architects work primarily on creating integration patterns for a company by evaluating the business’ specific requirements and making these into solutions, services or products for the company. 

Enterprise Architects focus more on overseeing, managing and building new elements of an organizations’ architecture, like its data, technology and applications and find ways to use these structures to meet the company’s organizational standards and improve its overall performance.

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