Head Cashier Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

Last updated: August 22, 2022

A Head Cashier, or Senior Cashier, oversees the cashier staff and overall functions of a retail store. Their main duties include addressing employee and customer complaints or requests, ensuring all registers have the correct amount of cash at all times and resolving price checks for customers.


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Head Cashier duties and responsibilities

The primary duties and responsibilities of a head cashier involve interacting with customers, providing a positive experience and ensuring that the other cashiers are prepared to do the same. The latter is the main distinguishing factor between a head cashier and an associate cashier, but all of these duties and responsibilities should be included:

  • Create and maintain a positive work environment for all cashiers
  • Communicate with customers and address any problems they may have
  • Serve as the primary point of contact for customer service associates
  • Operate registers and perform general checkout functions
  • Generate reliable and accurate till reports from every register
  • Resolve cash tills when closing, ensuring the money matches the report and is stored safely
  • Assist cashiers with requests such as price checks
  • Maintain a clean working environment by wiping down registers during downtime


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Head Cashier Job Description Examples

What does a Head Cashier do?

Head Cashiers work in a retail or grocery store overseeing a team of Cashiers. They typically handle the daily operations of the store and resolve any unexpected issues that may appear. Head Cashiers are responsible for training Cashiers and monitoring their performance. 

Head Cashiers also manage the checkout areas to ensure they’re clean and safe for both employees and customers around the area. They resolve any issues customers may face with Cashiers and respond to complex challenges Cashiers may experience with customers. Head Cashiers are typically in charge of scheduling shifts for their employees and delegating tasks to team members.


Head Cashier skills and qualifications

Being the head cashier requires important skills and qualifications. The following are the most important skills and qualifications to include in a job description:

  • The head cashier needs motivational skills to manage the entire team of cashiers and any other customer service staff, like baggers, in a grocery store.
  • One of the most basic yet essential skills of a head cashier is operating cash registers to quickly get through customer transactions.
  • Because a head cashier spends so much time interacting with customers, their customer service skills must be second to none. The head cashier’s customer service skills should be what the other cashiers look to as an example.
  • To facilitate the best shopping experience for customers, head cashiers must be able to organize effectively. This includes being able to analyze likely busy times and scheduling the necessary cashiers for those times.


Head Cashier salary expectations

A Head Cashier makes an average of $12.09 per hour. Pay rate may depend on level of experience, education and the geographical location. 


Head Cashier education and training requirements

Head cashiers don’t need extensive education to be successful. For the most part, a high school diploma or GED is required to qualify, as training happens on the job. The only training really necessary outside of general skills is learning how to use the company’s POS system and possibly the phone system.


Head Cashier experience requirements

The experience required of a head cashier is a bit more extensive compared with the education requirements. To qualify as a head cashier, applicants will typically need at least two or three years of experience as a cashier. Of course, direct experience in customer service and cash handling is a must.


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Frequently asked questions about Head Cashiers


What makes a good Head Cashier?

An effective Head Cashier possesses strong customer service skills to assist customers and quickly resolve their issues. They must also be highly responsive and be able to handle high-pressure, unexpected problems in a logical and quick manner. Impressive Head Cashiers are great at using their interpersonal and communication abilities to listen to the needs of their employees and react accordingly. Head Cashiers should also be strong leaders to guide and train their employees to perform effectively as Cashiers. 


Who reports to a Head Cashier?

Cashiers are the main employees who regularly report to Head Cashiers. They’re often hired, let go and trained by Head Cashiers. The Head Cashier is the go-to person that Cashiers report to when they’re confused about their job responsibilities or need help resolving a customer issue. 

Head Cashiers should know how to assess their team members’ skills to assign responsibilities and shifts that work best with their interests, skill sets and schedules. Since Head Cashiers have worked in a Cashier role before, they often act as a mentor and provide advice to current Cashiers about best techniques to practice to improve their performance.


What settings do Head Cashiers work in?

Head Cashiers work in a variety of retail settings. Some of them operate in clothing or other merchandise stores, selling items to customers and convincing them to purchase certain products. They may oversee the retail team and offer advice regarding the best ways to assist customers with buying their products and informing guests of ongoing sales. Other Head Cashiers work grocery stores, overseeing baggers and retail clerks. They make sure the grocery store is operating smoothly.  


What's the difference between a Head Cashier and a Store Manager?

Though Head Cashiers and Store Managers share similar responsibilities of overseeing employees and store operations,  their titles have key differences. Store Managers often work primarily in a retail environment, overseeing sales teams and focusing on enforcing sales quotas. Head Cashiers’ goals don’t focus as strongly on selling products and hitting certain quotas. 

Instead, Head Cashiers work to make sure their sales team maintains strong customer service and a safe atmosphere. Store Managers also create business strategies to help their employees meet sales objectives and build strong relationships with ongoing customers. Head Cashiers focus less on business strategies and product sales.

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