Help Desk Clerk Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

Last updated: June 22, 2022

A Help Desk Clerk, or IT Desk Clerk, is the main point of contact between a customer and the information technology (IT) department. Their main duties include answering customers’ questions via chat boxes or phone calls, helping customers set up their computer systems and diagnosing customers’ computer issues.


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Help Desk Clerk duties and responsibilities

Help Desk Clerks use good organizational and communication skills to assist customers in finding information. Help Desk Clerks often have the following responsibilities:

  • Organize resources so they are easy to locate
  • Resolve customer issues with company products
  • Answer other customer questions and offer them access to helpful resources
  • Direct questions to the right department when needed
  • Ensure customer satisfaction
  • Manage all desk administrative duties
  • Maintain accurate records of interactions with customers and recurring user problems 
  • Follow up with customers as needed to ensure any problems are resolved


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Help Desk Clerk Job Description Examples

What does a Help Desk Clerk do?

Help Desk Clerks are technical professionals who work either in-house or remotely to assist customers with technical issues and relay comments, concerns or questions to the IT team. They’ll work with users over the phone, email or a chat box system and will help them with basic technical issues. Help Desk Clerks may also assist customers in setting up or installing the company’s hardware or software system. 

These employees are typically responsible for learning and mastering the back end operations of the company’s software or hardware system in order to educate and assist customers accordingly. They typically take feedback from customers and will relay it to the IT team for them to add new updates and features.


Help Desk Clerk skills and qualifications

Successful Help Desk Clerks will usually have certain prerequisite skills and qualifications, which can include:

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills 
  • Problem-solving and research skills that translate to the ability to find solutions for customer problems when a solution is not immediately apparent
  • Interpersonal skills that function to create connections and positive experiences for customers
  • Technological skills specific to the company’s products and trouble-shooting practices
  • Patience with customers and ability to remain calm
  • Project management skills and familiarity with project management software
  • Organizational abilities


Help Desk Clerk salary expectations

No salary data could be found on Indeed Salaries for a Help Desk Clerk. Salary may vary, however, depending on education, experience level, geographical location, type of employment and the industry in which the Help Desk Clerk works. 


Help Desk Clerk education and training requirements

A minimum of a high school diploma is often required to work as a Help Desk Clerk, but some companies may prefer candidates to have at least an associate or bachelor’s degree. Previous training in customer service, phone support and word processing is often desirable when hiring a Help Desk Clerk. Some employers may also have their own training program that they require Help Desk Clerks to complete.


Help Desk Clerk experience requirements

Previous experience may or may not be required for Help Desk Clerks, depending on the requirements of the employer. Some hiring managers may prefer to hire candidates with little or no experience and then train within, whereas other hiring managers prefer to hire candidates who have worked in a Help Desk Clerk role. Help Desk Clerks may also come from other industries, working in an administrative or clerical role and then transferring these skills to a new industry.


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Frequently asked questions about Help Desk Clerks


Who does a Help Desk Clerk report to?

The person a Help Desk Clerk reports to typically depends on the type of organization they work for. Those who work for tech companies may report directly to the IT Director with client feedback. The IT Director may also provide them with input on their performance and recommendations for how to improve their communication with customers. They may also provide Help Desk Clerks with important updates from the IT department for them to relay to customers. 

Help Desk Clerks who work in larger organizations may serve on a team of other Help Desk Clerks with a Supervisor who oversees their progress. They may conduct one-on-ones with Help Desk Clerks, build their schedules and assign them their daily tasks. 


What settings do Help Desk Clerks typically work in?

Most Help Desk Clerks work for technology companies. Some of them may operate in-house sitting at a desk assisting and communicating with customers. Others may work remotely or from home, completing their tasks from an outside location. This means they must have strong internet connection and a working phone to properly communicate with users, their other coworkers, the IT department and their Supervisor. 

Some Help Desk Clerks may need to spend several hours at a time at a desk. They may be expected to work overtime or on weekends past traditional office hours to more assist customers during times that are more convenient for them.


What's the difference between a Help Desk Clerk and a Technical Support Specialist?

Though they share similar tasks of assisting customers with technical issues, there are some key differences when it comes to the experience levels and job responsibilities of Help Desk Clerks and Technical Support Specialists. Help Desk Clerks are trained to resolve more basic tech issues for customers, while Technical Support Specialists have more high-level tech knowledge they can use to help clients fix more complex computer or software system issues. 

Help Desk Clerks will typically address any simple issues or questions a customer will have. If there are any difficult technical problems they can’t solve, they’ll work with the Technical Support Specialists to find the answer. 


What makes a good Help Desk Clerk?

A great Help Desk Clerk should have basic to advanced technical and computer knowledge to address users’ questions and technical errors. They should also possess effective interpersonal and communication skills to demonstrate patience and understanding when speaking with customers about their technical problems. Strong problem solving abilities are also preferred to find solutions to common computer issues.

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