HR Assistant Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

An HR Assistant, or Junior Human Resources Associate, is responsible for providing administrative support to other HR professionals by documenting staff changes, performance reports and communications. Their duties include scheduling onboarding tasks, processing payroll updates and managing communications for the HR department.

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HR Assistant duties and responsibilities

Under this section, outline the specific roles and functions of an HR Assistant in your organization. Mention the activities they need to perform on a daily basis and include any additional responsibilities the position may entail. You should also specify who the job reports to. Examples of HR Assistant responsibilities include the following:

  • Perform administrative duties, such as maintaining employee database and sorting emails for the HR department
  • Maintain proper records of employee attendance and leaves
  • Assist HR Manager in policy formulation, hiring and salary administration
  • Submit online job postings, shortlist candidates and schedule job interviews
  • Coordinate orientation and training sessions for new employees
  • Ensure smooth communication with employees and timely resolution to their queries
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HR Assistant Job Description Examples

What does an HR Assistant do?

HR Assistants work in the human resources departments of mid-sized and large companies to help manage recruitment, benefits administration and record maintenance for the other employees at that business. Their role is to serve as a contact between the HR department and the rest of the organization. They prepare files and forms for new employees, update employment status and help new employees get access to the recourses they need to do their job. HR Assistants sort and update records, dispose of old records properly and contact employees to update their contact information and other key documents.

HR Assistant skills and qualifications

Outline various skills and qualifications you are looking for in a successful HR Assistant candidate. Include educational qualifications, professional certifications and training required for the position. Also, specify non-technical skills and personality traits the candidate should possess for the effective performance of their duties. Keep the list concise without compromising on essential details.

Below are some essential skills and qualifications for HR Assistant candidates:

  • Successful candidate must have an associate degree in HR or a related field (bachelor’s degree preferred)
  • Candidate must have a minimum of 3 years’ experience in an administrative role
  • Candidate must have strong communication skills
  • Candidate must be able to quickly resolve people’s problems
  • Candidate must be familiar with database systems and common HR applications

HR Assistant salary expectations

An HR Assistant makes an average of $17.07 per hour. Pay rate may depend on level of experience, education and the geographical location. 

HR Assistant education and training requirements

The position of HR Assistant requires a minimum of an associate degree in Human Resource or in relevant areas like personnel management and business administration. Most companies prefer to hire candidates with a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource Management. If you are looking to promote the candidate to senior-level HR positions in the future, you may want the candidate to possess an MBA with specialization in Human Resource Management.

An HR Assistant should have proper training in operating computer programs and applications that your HR department uses. If your company uses any proprietary software, look for candidates with training in a closely similar application.

HR Assistant experience requirements

A successful candidate should have three to five years of experience in order to effectively perform the role of an HR assistant. They should be well-versed in employment regulations and payroll practices. Having good communication and coordination skills is essential for this position. An HR Assistant should be adept in identifying issues and solving people’s problems.

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Frequently asked questions about HR Assistants


What are the traits of a good HR Assistant?

Good HR Assistants are extremely organized and motivated. They work at a fast pace without sacrificing the quality of their work. HR Assistants are able to anticipate what documents and information they need to gather for other members of HR to do their jobs. Successful HR Assistants are honest and practice discretion any time they learn private information about a fellow coworker. They are also knowledgeable about their organization and the various procedures for hiring, promoting and terminating employees.


What should you look for on an HR Assistant's resume?

The HR Assistant role is an entry-level position, so you should look for an aptitude for working with people and managing information. Previous experience that revolves around data entry, receptionist work and clerical assistance can be a great sign of a successful HR Assistant candidate. Because HR Assistants process large amounts of sensitive information, look for candidates who have experience working with confidential details or otherwise demonstrate trustworthiness on their resume. The resume should be polished and free of typos, indicating that they can perform data entry tasks and write error-free memos.


What are the daily duties of an HR Assistant?

HR Assistants work during standard business hours and spend most of their time in an office environment. They respond to emails and connect staff members with the appropriate person who can answer their questions. HR Assistants send and record memos about updates to company policy. One of the regular tasks of HR Assistants is entering information into company databases. They check the accuracy of the information they entered and print hard copies of files. Before the end of the day, the HR Assistant processes print jobs, makes copies and sends outgoing mail for the department.


What is the difference between an HR Assistant and an HR Generalist?

HR Assistants are entry-level human resources professionals who provide support to other HR staff members, such as HR Generalists and HR Managers. HR Assistants perform more administrative and documentation duties, while HR Generalists develop and implement programs to support employees and better manage their files. HR Generalists may delegate tasks to HR assistants, such as having them proofread or post job descriptions. HR Generalists work with more complex staffing issues like interpersonal conflicts, major changes in an employee’s compensation or complaints against the company while HR Assistants focus on keeping the department’s administration system organized, accessible and secure.

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