Human Resource Business Partner Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Human Resource Business Partner, or HR Business Partner, is responsible for enhancing the relationship between company Executives with the human resources department to complete HR initiatives. Their duties include analyzing HR policies and procedures to determine their relevance to company goals or values, meeting with Executives and members of the board to propose changes to policies or hiring needs and communicating with HR professionals to learn more about their HR strategy.

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Human Resource Business Partner Duties and Responsibilities

A Human Resource Business Partner coordinates the goals of an organization to the individual objectives of the position. Human Resource Business Partners are an integral part of meeting business goals and completing tasks. People in this role usually have the following responsibilities:

  • Organize and lead weekly or monthly meetings with team members
  • Work closely with executive team members to better understand the needs of the company
  • Coach, lead and mentor team members to meet objectives
  • Create job descriptions for new hires
  • Evaluate current team members and identify areas of training improvement
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Human Resource Business Partner Job Description Examples

What does a human resource business partner do?

Human Resource Business Partners typically work for corporations across industries as an internal company employee, but they also work for HR firms to hire out their services as needed. They work closely with Executives and HR personnel to ensure that their HR strategy supports the overall business goals of the organization. Their job is to stay up-to-date on HR trends, laws or regulations to apply to the company’s HR strategy. They may also be responsible for guiding HR professionals about how to handle difficult workplace situations.

Human Resource Business Partner Skills and Qualifications

A successful Human Resource Business Partner will have strongly developed skills in communication and team leadership. The following skills are useful in the human resource business partner role:

  • Communication: Strong communication skills are a requirement as a Human Resource Business Partner. HR Business Partners communicate with all levels of the company. In addition to understanding the needs management expresses, the HR Business Partner must also be able to convey those needs to other employees. Verbal, nonverbal and written communication skills are all important in this role.
  • Project management: HR Business Partners are often in charge of projects. Strong project management skills like organization and time management will assist the HR business partner in effectively leading the project toward completion.
  • Problem-solving: HR Business Partners often have to solve problems. Whether that problem is declining sales, high turnover rates or ineffective business practices, it is the role of the HR Business Partner to identify the problem and then to come up with a solution to overcome it.
  • Leadership: Strong leadership skills will assist HR Business Partners in understanding their team’s needs, motivating them to complete tasks and to meet the overall objectives of the company.

Human Resource Business Partner Salary Expectations

The average salary for a Human Resource Business Partner is $86,056 per year. Salaries can range, depending on the size of the company and the role of the Human Resource Business Partner. Other factors that can affect salary range include the number of team members, the expected experience of the HR Business Partner and the type of projects that the HR professional will oversee.

Human Resource Business Partner Education and Training Requirements

Bachelor’s degrees are often the minimum requirement to become an HR Business Partner. Some employers may prefer that their HR partner has a master’s degree. Relevant degrees include business management, finance, human resource and information technology.

While certifications are not always a requirement, they can demonstrate advanced skills as an HR Business Partner. Certifications are offered in the Human Resource Business Partner industry by The Society for Human Resource Management, HR Certification Institute and the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans.

Human Resource Business Partner Experience Requirements

Previous experience and training are also usually recommended when hiring an HR business partner. Because the HR Business Partner is crucial to the coordination of business goals, it is important to hire a candidate with proven organization, human resource and team leadership experience. Some on the job training may be offered, especially in industries with technical products.

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Frequently asked questions about Human Resource Business partners


What is the difference between a Human Resource Business Partner and an HR Manager?

The differences between a Human Resource Business Partner and an HR Manager are education, seniority and job focus. For example, Human Resource Business Partners typically hold a master’s degree in HR management, followed by certification. In contrast, HR Managers usually hold a bachelor’s degree in human resources, followed by a few years of experience working in an HR role. Because of this, Human Resource Business Partners tend to have more seniority and act as a liaison between the HR Manager and company Executives.

In contrast, HR Managers oversee the daily operations of the human resources department. They hire and train HR professionals, handle complex employee issues and determine new HR programs or initiatives to offer to company employees.


What are the daily duties of a Human Resource Business Partner?

On a typical day, a Human Resource Business Partner starts by reviewing their appointment schedule and checking their email or voicemail. Throughout the day, they participate in meetings with the HR department, company Executives and Board Members to compare business goals with current HR initiatives. They use this time to present their ideas for stronger onboarding and hiring procedures or other important business factors. During downtime in their office, Human Resource Business Partners analyze HR data and market trends to determine ways to improve business operations.


What qualities make a good Human Resource Business Partner?

A good Human Resource Business Partner has excellent interpersonal communication. This quality enables them to interact with various professionals and adjust their communication to fit the needs of their audience. They value continued education and always look for ways to improve their knowledge of HR trends, laws and regulations. Further, a good Human Resource Business Partner has an investigative mindset. This motivates them to discover new HR programs or beneficial technologies to contribute to the department. 

Having an investigative mindset also allows them to review HR department operations to determine the cause of miscommunication and other issues. A good Human Resource Business Partner also has the ability to see the big picture and reviews the possible outcomes before changing HR policies and procedures within a company.


Who does a Human Resource Business Partner report to?

A Human Resource Business Partner usually reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer or (CEO) within a corporation. Human Resource Business Partners relay information between the Chief Executive Officer and HR management professionals. Chief Executive Officers speak with Human Resource Business Partners to ensure clear communication about HR initiatives and their role within the organization.

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