Information Security Analyst Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

If you are looking to hire for a new position in your business, each new opening is unique in its own way because of the various candidates you will need to go through to find the right person for the job. Writing a good job description sample is important to make it clear what kind of person you are looking to hire and attract the right candidates. If you want to hire for an Information Security Analyst position, take a look at this job description sample and modify it to fit your hiring needs.

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Information Security Analyst Duties and Responsibilities

Information Security Analysts have duties and responsibilities which directly affect a company’s well-being. Therefore, it is important to find someone who has the right mindset and understands what it takes to be successful in this job. 

The following are the major duties and responsibilities that an Information Security Analyst has to take care of in a business, government entity or think tank:

  • Prepare reports that take note of security breaches and the extent of the damage caused by these breaches.
  • Install software that is created to protect sensitive information, such as firewalls and data encryption programs.
  • Monitor the company’s networks to keep an eye out for any security breaches and investigate it if one does occur.
  • Research the latest in information technology security trends to keep up to date with the subject and use the latest technology to protect information.
  • Develop a security plan for best standards and practices for the company.
  • Conduct frequent testing of simulated cyber attacks to look for vulnerabilities in the computer systems and take care of these before an outside cyber attack.
  • Make recommendations to managers and senior executives about security advancements to best protect the company’s systems.
  • Help co-workers when they need to install a new program or learn about security procedures.

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Information Security Analyst Job Description Examples

What Does an Information Security Analyst Do?

Information Security Analysts are the backbone of security in your business. They take care of planning and carrying out security features to protect the business’ computer networks and systems. It is important for companies and organizations to keep their online activities safe, as a loophole in the system can cause information to be stolen and cause much damage to the company and its reputation. 

Information Security Analysts come up with disaster recovery plans in case something happens so that the businesses’ information can be kept safe. Analysts have to stay up to date with information technology security measures and the latest details on how hackers attack computer systems.

Information Security Analyst Skills and Qualifications

An Information Security Analyst has to have certain skills and qualifications to do their job well and benefit the company in the long-run. These qualifications are acquired through years of study and work experience.

The following are the major skills employers like to see from an Information Security Analyst:

  • Information security analysts have to anticipate potential danger in the systems and use their ingenuity to implement new methods to protect the company’s systems.
  • Cyber attacks are not easy to spot, so IT specialists have to be aware of any changes in details in the systems.
  • IT specialists should be able to detect and quickly respond to cyber attacks and fix any flaws in the systems.
  • IT specialists should monitor and study computer systems and networks to assess risks and determine how policies can be improved.

Information Security Analyst Salary Expectations

The average salary of an Information Security Analyst is $81,065 per year.

Information Security Analyst Education and Training Requirements

The education requirements of an Information Security Analyst usually include having a Bachelor’s in Computer Science, Programming or Information Assurance. Some employers also prefer IT analysts who have a Master’s of Business Administration in Information Systems which provide computer and business courses.

There are also many certifications for IT professionals that prove their on-the-job knowledge. These include general information certificates like the Certified Information Systems Security Professional. Other certifications are more focused on a particular subject.

Information Security Analyst Experience Requirements

Usually, an Information Security Analyst is preferred to have previous work experience in the field. Many Analysts can have experience in the IT department as a network administrator. Employers want to hire Analysts who have worked in the particular field they are hiring for. For example, a systems security opening would seek a strong candidate who has worked in computer systems analysis.

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