IT Project Manager Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

Last updated: August 22, 2022

An IT Project Manager, or Information Technology Project Manager, plans, organizes and implements a company or client’s technical projects. Their main duties include coordinating production releases and roll-outs, delegating tasks to the necessary employees and presenting on projects’ progress and results.


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IT Project Manager duties and responsibilities

IT Project Managers are responsible for overseeing all aspects of any project in a company’s IT department, which includes managing a team of employees to ensure projects are completed on time and within their specified budgets. Some of an IT Project Manager’s day-to-day duties include:

  • Setting project goals and coming up with plans to meet those goals
  • Maintaining project timeframes, budgeting estimates and status reports
  • Managing resources for projects, such as computer equipment and employees
  • Coordinating project team members and developing schedules and individual responsibilities
  • Implementing IT strategies that deliver projects on schedule and within budget
  • Using project management tools to track project performance and schedule adherence
  • Conducting risk assessments for projects
  • Organizing meetings to discuss project goals and progress


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IT Project Manager Job Description Examples

What does an IT Project Manager do?

IT Project Managers work in the technology department of an organization, conducting, planning and implementing various technical projects either for the company or its clients to roll out. They’ll collaborate closely with the technical team to design various developments and to implement life-cycle methodologies for various software systems. 

IT Project Managers work closely with clients to determine their company goals and strategize a plan for a new product release according to their needs and preferences. They then meet with employees to build a schedule and deadlines for the upcoming project. As the projects are being built by employees, the IT Project Manager continuously inspects it to ensure the progress remains on track with the client’s needs. Once it’s launched, they attend a post-project debriefing session with the clients.


IT Project Manager skills and qualifications

An IT Project Manager needs to have a strong set of skills in order to do their job effectively, including:

  • Advanced computer skills and in-depth knowledge of different operating systems, network administration and service desk administration
  • Project management and leadership skills for managing projects and the teams involved with them
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills to coordinate with team members and management and explain technical issues
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills to handle any issues that occur during project completion
  • Organization and time management skills to keep projects on track and within budget
  • Excellent resource planning and task scheduling skills


IT Project Manager salary expectations

The average salary for an IT Project Manager in the United States is $96,632 per year. This salary may vary depending on a candidate’s experience, education and geographical location.


IT Project Manager education and training requirements

Most IT Project Managers should have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or information technology, though some companies accept associate degrees with several years of experience. Though technical degrees are common for IT Project Managers, many employers also choose to hire candidates who have degrees like engineering or business management and experience in a similar industry. Some organizations may also prefer applicants who have graduate degrees or certifications in their field, such as the Project Management Professional (PMP) or CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP+) certifications.


IT Project Manager experience requirements

Most employers look for IT Project Manager candidates who have experience in roles related to computer science, such as those who were business analysts, programmers or project coordinators. Companies also seek out candidates who have IT management experience, though some will accept applicants who have leadership experience in other industries. In general, candidates should have experience in computer development work with a project-based focus and experience working with IT teams.


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Frequently asked questions about IT Project Managers


Who reports to an IT Project Manager?

Individuals who serve on the IT team within a company will typically report to the IT Project Manager who will provide them with instructions for the upcoming project. If the Developers and other technical employees have any questions about a project, the IT Project Manager will typically message the client and will then relay any of this information to the employees. 

IT Project Managers are usually in charge of the entire project management process from start to finish, so they’ll typically assign various project tasks to team members working on these technical projects. Department Managers will also report to or work alongside IT Project Managers to establish deadlines and provide updates throughout the process.


What settings do IT Project Managers typically work in?

IT Project Managers usually work in an office setting. Some may work for a technology or software company, regularly launching new products for the organization. Others can work for information technology agencies, where they’re in charge of several clients and accounts. They’ll regularly launch new products and updates for each of their clients and will regularly collaborate with employees to ensure a smooth launch.


What's the difference between an IT Manager and an IT Project Manager?

Though they both oversee teams and delegate various tasks to employees, there are some key differences between an IT Manager and an IT Project Manager. An IT Manager oversees the information technology department within an organization. They usually ensure the company’s computer systems are operating efficiently and will regularly apply fixes and enhancements to them. 

An IT Project Manager’s role centers more on build technical projects for the company or their clients. They don’t usually handle the upkeep and daily technical processes of company computers like IT Managers do. IT Project Managers also work more closely on developing IT Projects and work with many different departments in the company, while IT Managers work solely with their own department.


What makes a good IT Project Manager?

A strong IT Project Manager must have effective leadership skills to successfully coordinate a project and motivate employees to deliver their tasks on time. They must also have impressive written and verbal communication abilities, since they’re responsible for staying constant contact with employees and clients via email, phone calls and video conferencing tools. Ideal candidates should also have great technical skills to better understand the different computer system projects their implementing for clients.

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