Job Coach Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Job Coach, or Job Advisor, is responsible for helping employees develop professional plans for growth within their current job position. Their duties include meeting with professionals to discuss their goals, concerns and long-term aspirations, developing individual improvement plans for each professional and composing reports to highlight a professional’s improvements or setbacks.

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Job Coach duties and responsibilities

As a Job Coach, regular interaction with employees is to be expected. It will be important to build relationships to learn where there are professional gaps and where employees have skills to offer employers. Motivating employees is another important part of the job, as is helping employees learn to navigate the social aspects of the workplace. An experienced, qualified Job Coach is able to:

  • Plan and implement a job coaching strategy with multiple employees
  • Assess the professional strengths and weaknesses of employees
  • Discover what motivates employees and assist them in utilizing that motivation in the workplace
  • Present skills to aid people in job searches
  • Assist employees with disabilities in learning and excelling in their job functions
  • Create and update records and reports on progress

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Job Coach Job Description Examples

What does a Job Coach do?

Job Coaches typically work for corporations or as self-employed individuals to provide professional support to employees in various job positions. They work closely with employees and Managers to identify areas for improvement or training needs. Their job is to develop professional relationships with employees and provide encouragement for them to enhance their job performance. They may also be responsible for coordinating group training sessions if multiple employees need to improve in similar areas.

Job Coach skills and qualifications

Many soft skills that are learned in other areas of life and in other professions translate well to the role of Job Coach. Communication and working well with other people are two of the most important skills a Job Coach can have because of the routine interaction with employees. Skills and qualifications of a Job Coach include:

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Strong problem-solving and time-management skills
  • Ability to stay organized when dealing with multiple employees simultaneously
  • Prior experience working with people with disabilities
  • Upbeat, motivational attitude

Job Coach salary expectations

The average salary for a Job Coach is $15.79 per hour or $32,989 per year. This estimate is based on 1,159 Career Coach salaries submitted anonymously by employees and users and gathered from past and present Indeed job postings over the past 36 months. The average tenure for a Job Coach is one to three years.

Job Coach education and training requirements

A Job Coach should have at least a high school diploma. A bachelor’s degree in one of the social sciences is a plus. There are some Job Coach certification courses that can provide additional training to help prepare you for a role as a Job Coach and help you hone your soft skills.

Job Coach experience requirements

Prior experience as a Job Coach is a plus for anyone looking to be hired as a Job Coach at a company. However, for someone looking to make a move into a Job Coach role, experience working on employee reports is desirable, as is delivering progress reports to company stakeholders. Because a Job Coach may work with employees with disabilities, previous experience is also a plus. Any previous roles in which mentoring other employees was a major part of the job functions is helpful as well because that type of skill translates well to the role of Job Coach.

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Frequently asked questions about Job Coaches


What is the difference between a Job Coach and a Career Counselor?

The difference between a Job Coach and a Career Counselor is that Job Coaches focus on current improvements. In contrast, Career Counselors emphasis on long-term career goals throughout a person’s professional life. For example, Job Coaches speak with professionals to determine their progress in their current job position. In contrast, Career Counselors meet with professionals to help them identify a plan for career development including potential job positions, education and skill sets they’ll need to succeed in their desired industry. 


What are the daily duties of a Job Coach?

On a typical day, a Job Coach starts by reviewing their schedule for appointments with company employees. Before each meeting, they review the employee’s performance file and contact their Manager or Supervisor to determine their progress or setbacks since the last meeting. They create notes and come up with questions to ask based on their findings. Throughout the day, they meet with employees to ask how they feel about their job, identify new goals to reach provide them with constructive criticism and praise from their Manager. 

They may also use this time to help them apply for training programs or certification courses to help them reach their professional goals within their job position. After each meeting, they write a report outlining what they discussed, how they feel, and what goals they created for them to reach before the next meeting. They email the completed document to the employee and their Manager for them to review.


What qualities make a good Job Coach?

A good Job Coach has a personable nature allowing them to make meaningful professional connections with each employee they help. Job Coaches also need excellent interpersonal communication to communicate effectively between Managers and employees from different departments, professional backgrounds or personalities. They demonstrate a love of learning, which enables them to research various job positions to provide the best support to employees. Further, a good Job Coach also has experience working with people who have physical or mental disabilities. This is important to help those with specialized needs to achieve their job goals.


Who does a Job Coach report to?

A Job Coach typically reports to the HR Manager and may perform their role as a member of the HR department. In larger corporations, Job Coaches may report to the Employee Development Manager as a part of the development team to improve employee training and career development initiatives.

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