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Leasing Consultant Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

Last updated: August 22, 2022

A Leasing Consultant, or Leasing Agent, works with tenants to find potential properties to rent. Their main duties include taking tenants to view different properties, communicating prices and terms to clients and negotiating sales and renewals.

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Leasing Consultant duties and responsibilities 

A job description for a Leasing Consultant may contain the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Responding to potential tenant interest for rental properties in-person and via digital platforms
  • Showing properties, answering questions and finalizing terms of leases
  • Establishing tenant expectations for security deposits, procedures for rent and amenities that will be part of the lease 
  • Preparing potential tenant background checks, including reference letters, rental history, income verification and lease application
  • Properly executing all terms of a lease and taking needed steps in the case of a defaulting tenant 

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Leasing Consultant Job Description Examples

What does a Leasing Consultant do?

Leasing Consultants are typically employed by property management companies or landlords to show and sell various apartments or buildings to individuals. They’re responsible for recording and managing any leases they collect from new and existing customers. Leasing Consultants typically market and promote various rental listings through showings and open houses. 

When a client is interested in their listing, the Leasing Consultant brings them to viewings of the property. They then continue to follow up with the client to answer any questions they may have about the housing unit. Once the client is ready to lease the property, the Leasing Consultant works with the landlord or property management company to negotiate a fair and reasonable price.

Leasing Consultant skills and qualifications

The Leasing Consultant position requires a unique set of skills and qualifications, including: 

  • Interpersonal skills for developing personal connections with prospective renters, keeping current renters happy and reducing turnover
  • Communication, including verbal and written skills, are essential to the lease development functions of a Leasing Consultant, including answering tenant questions and expediting the lease application process
  • Ability to translate financial and legal real estate terminology into common language
  • Attention to detail for managing all aspects of lease terms, including conflict resolution, move-in procedures and financial transactions

Leasing Consultant salary expectations   

A leasing consultant makes an average of $14.14 per hour. Pay rate may depend on level of experience, education and the geographical location.

Leasing Consultant education and training requirements 

Many employers require a bachelor’s degree in business, real estate or a related field for the position of Leasing Consultant. These degrees typically take four years to finish for individuals enrolling full-time, with many universities and colleges offering online or evening options that accommodate individuals with special scheduling needs or working professionals. 

Leasing Consultant experience requirements 

Important steps for becoming a Leasing Consultant include researching the current job market, gaining relevant credentials and experience, establishing a strong resume and submitting applications. Participating in real estate coursework including real estate financing, how to develop a lease, housing laws or pursuing a real estate license in addition to a bachelor’s degree also enhances applicants’ qualifications and competitiveness.  

Several private companies offer training programs that cover similar topics as real estate degrees or specialized real estate courses. This type of program often appeals to people looking for a less expensive or shorter option than a bachelor’s degree or more structured course options. 

Training on-the-job is another common way that Leasing Consultants can fine-tune their skills. This can be formalized training while working in a property or leasing management office, practicum experience and undergraduate internships. Training can happen before being hired for the Leasing Consultant role or in the first couple of years of employment. Leasing Consultants new to the field are often assigned a consultant mentor or supervisor who demonstrates tasks that are expected, training and gradually increases responsibility. 


Job description samples for similar positions 

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Frequently asked questions about Leasing Consultants


Who does a Leasing Consultant report to?

The person the Leasing Consultant reports to typically depends on the company they work for. If they work for a specific landlord, they’ll report directly to that person to ask any questions they have about the contract or to relay any important information, questions or concerns the client may have. 

Those who work for property management companies may report directly to a Leasing or Property Manager, who will assign them to certain tasks and clients. Leasing Consultants may report to this person for feedback regarding their work performance, both from the manager or their clients. 


What settings do Leasing Consultants typically work in?

Leasing Consultants can work for a wide variety of companies. If they’re employed by property management businesses, they’ll usually work for an apartment complex. Some property management firms own several different apartments or buildings, so the Leasing Consultant must keep track of the various buildings and units available to show clients to help them find the best one according to their needs and preferences. 

If Leasing Consultants work for landlords, they may often work independently, choosing to find tenants for several different landlords. They may also work for one landlord who owns one or more buildings with a large number of units available to lease to clients. 


What's the difference between a Leasing Consultant and a Property Manager?

Though some of their job responsibilities tend to overlap, there are some key differences between a Leasing Consultant and a Property Manager. Property Managers work specifically for a property management company. Similar to a Leasing Consultant, a Property Manager will market new properties and locate new tenants, but they also continue to keep the relationship with the client even after closing the deal. They collect rent and handle any lease or contract violations. 

Leasing Consultants are typically only responsible for marketing a property and finding new tenants. They don’t typically maintain a relationship with the tenant after they sign the lease. Leasing Consultants usually earn a commission when they sign a new client as well. 


What makes a good Leasing Consultant?

A great Leasing Consultant should have a professional attitude and appearance as they’re typically representing a landlord or property management company. They must also hold strong organizational skills to effectively keep track of the various properties available for clients to look at. 

An impressive candidate should also have interpersonal and communication abilities to listen to a client and find properties according to their needs and preferences. It’s important for Leasing Consultants to have great negotiation skills to come to a fair price when leasing properties.

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