Maintenance Technician Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Maintenance Technician, or Maintenance Mechanic, is in charge of performing ongoing facility maintenance and completing repairs on equipment. Their duties include fixing machinery, plumbing, heating and wiring, inspecting buildings to confirm safety standards and scheduling major repairs with the building’s inhabitants.

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Maintenance Technician duties and responsibilities

A Maintenance Technician is responsible for keeping a facility operating and repairing any problems when they are discovered before they have a chance to worsen. A Maintenance Technician will usually be required to perform a wide range of repair tasks around a facility. Some other tasks a Maintenance Technician may be called upon to do include:

  • Performing routine maintenance around the building such as fixing structural damage, for example, window, door or wall repair
  • Repairing broken or leaking plumbing to avoid water damage and restore full use of water fixtures
  • Working on damaged electrical wiring when a shortage or severed wire occurs
  • Maintaining the building HVAC equipment in order to keep climate control in the facility functioning properly
  • Applying preventative measures to the building to reduce the risk of future problems, such as using a sealant on a flat roof
  • Fixing potential safety hazards to avoid injuries
  • Painting the building when old paint has become faded or chipped

Maintenance Technician Job Description Examples:


Maintenance Technician

If you are looking for an opportunity in an entrepreneurial and fast-growing environment with the chance to grow a career in the beverage manufacturing industry than Western Group Packaging might be the right place for you. Apply Today!

Western Group Packaging’s North Las Vegas facility is revolutionizing bottle beverage manufacturing industry. With the use of almost a fully automated assembly line process we are in full production 7 days a week 24 hours a day manufacturing bottled beverages for top name brands. Our beverage manufacturing facilities are one of the most state of the art facilities on the west coast ensuring the highest controls in quality and production reliability in the beverage industry.


P/M engines, motors, pneumatics, conveyor systems, packaging systems, blow mold, boilers, refrigeration, chiller, pasteurizer, lift trucks, etc.

Complete production line change overs based on packaging requirements

Troubleshoot problems by observing mechanical devices in operation; listening for problems; using precision measuring and testing instruments.

Fabricate repair parts using machine shop instrumentation and equipment; drill press, welder, etc

Maintain equipment, parts, and supplies inventories by checking stock to determine inventory level; anticipating needed equipment, parts, and supplies; placing and expediting orders; verifying receipt.

Remove defective parts by dismantling devices; using hoists, cranes, hand and power tools; examining form and texture of parts.

Determines changes in dimensional requirements of parts by inspecting used parts; using rules, calipers, micrometers, and other measuring instruments.

Adjusts functional parts of devices and control instruments by using hand tools, levels, plumb bobs, and straightedges.

Prepares mechanical maintenance reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing information and trends.

Maintains continuity among work teams by documenting and communicating actions, irregularities, and continuing needs.

Maintains safe and clean working environment by performing general housekeeping, complying to GMP, SQF, Loto and safety standards.


Prior experience working with automated packaging equipment, bottling experience, laser date encoders, shrink film packagers, and multi-reel labeling

Must take initiative to quickly troubleshoot and repair mechanical, pneumatic, air compression, hydraulics, liquid compression, electrical system, and automation system issues as they arise

Experience reading and understanding electrical blueprints, schematics, mechanical drawings

Experience troubleshooting mechanical breakdowns, diagnostics, electrical systems, refrigeration systems, hydraulic systems, air distribution systems

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $20.00 to $40.00 /hour


  • Hydraulics: 2 years (Required)

  • Automated Production Line Maintenance: 2 years (Required)

  • Compressors/Refrigeration: 2 years (Required)

  • Fabrication or Welding: 1 year (Required)

  • Maintenance Technician: 6 years (Required)

  • Troubleshooting Electrical Systems: 4 years (Required)

    Work authorization:

  • United States (Required)


  • Overnight (Required)

  • Morning (Required)

  • Evening (Required)

    Work Location:

  • One location


  • Health insurance

  • Dental insurance

  • Vision insurance

  • Retirement plan

  • Paid time off

    Pay Frequency:

  • Bi weekly or Twice monthly

    This Company Describes Its Culture as:

  • Innovative -- innovative and risk-taking

  • Aggressive -- competitive and growth-oriented

  • Outcome-oriented -- results-focused with strong performance culture

  • Team-oriented -- cooperative and collaborative


  • Weekends required

  • Holidays required

  • Day shift

  • Night shift

  • Overtime

  • 8 hour shift

  • Overnight shift

    Company's website:

  • [website]

    Benefit Conditions:

  • Waiting period may apply

  • Only full-time employees No
  • ×

    Maintenance Technician

    Candidates must have a focus on safety and urgency while supporting our manufacturing operations in Victorville. 2nd shift opportunity is currently available. General duties include but are not limited to:

  • Perform scheduled preventative maintenance on all production and facility equipment as directed.

  • Always work in a safe manner following all established safety rules and regulations.

  • Follow all established Maintenance practices in regards to SAP, Preventative Maintenance Paperwork, Parts Usage and Ordering.

  • Troubleshoot and Repair High Speed Filling and Packaging Equipment.

  • Support all Production needs as necessary including operating equipment, relieving breaks and lunches, and leading and assisting on line changeovers.

  • Repair and maintain mechanical equipment such as fillers, case packers, conveyor systems, palletizers, water purification/filtration systems and other production equipment.

  • Continuous improvement in speed and accuracy of product changeovers and preventative maintenance plans.

  • Installation and troubleshooting of production equipment.

    We offer an excellent benefits package that includes Health, Vison and Dental Insurance, Company Provided Life and Disability Insurances, 401(k) with company matching and more!

    Job Type: Full-time

    Salary: $25.00 to $28.00 /hour

    Pay may depend on skills and/or qualifications


  • Industrial Maintenance: 4 years (Preferred)


  • High school or equivalent (Required)

    Additional Compensation:

  • Bonuses

    Work Location:

  • One location


  • Health insurance

  • Dental insurance

  • Vision insurance

  • Retirement plan

  • Paid time off

    This Company Describes Its Culture as:

  • Stable -- traditional, stable, strong processes

  • People-oriented -- supportive and fairness-focused

  • Team-oriented -- cooperative and collaborative


  • Monday to Night 8 hour shift
  • ×

    Maintenance Technician

    Your Fort Pierce, FL Walmart Distribution Center is hiring

    Maintenance Technicians!

    Starting between $21-$23/hr.

    As an Associate with Walmart, you will receive competitive wages on a progressive pay scale (plus shift differentials and incentives), 3-4 days off per week, and eligibility for a variety of benefits that enhance your career, compensation, home and life.

    What You’ll Do:

    As a member of the Maintenance team, you will be responsible for repairs and preventative maintenance on Distribution Center equipment and the building. This role will Utilize Computerized Maintenance Management System (Cmms) to perform work [website] record work history, identify parts usage, identify warranties) in a timely and effective manner.

    Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Maintains, repairs, and conducts preventative maintenance on DC equipment and building in safe and correct ways.

  • Repairs items in a timely manner and utilizes established repair policies and procedures.

  • Tells management about dirty and harmful working conditions and unsafe practices.

  • Tells management when tools and supplies required for performing repairs on DC equipment are unavailable or broken.

  • Utilizes Computerized Maintenance Management System (Cmms) to perform work [website] record work history, identify parts usage, identify warranties) in a timely and effective manner.

    Minimum Qualifications:

    Coursework or certification in electronic technology and 2 years industrial maintenance experience specializing in electronic technology [website] troubleshooting and repairing automated equipment) OR 3 years industrial maintenance experience specializing in electronic technology [website] troubleshooting and repairing automated equipment).

    Walmart Distribution Center #7038

    4001 S. Jenkins Rd

    Fort Pierce, FL 34981

    Walmart Store, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer – By Choice.

    Job Type: Full-time

    Salary: $21.00 to $23.00 Health Dental Vision Retirement plan

  • Paid time off
  • What does a Maintenance Technician do?

    Maintenance Technicians are hired by facility owners to oversee the general upkeep of the building and its infrastructure. Their role is to maintain building operations and ensure that the facilities are safe and functional at all times. Maintenance Technicians can manage technical repairs like inspecting and fixing HVAC systems alongside aesthetic maintenance like applying new coats of paint and trimming the bushes and grass on facility grounds. They manage routine maintenance and emergency repairs to prevent and resolve safety or comfort issues. Maintenance technicians install new equipment and oversee building upgrades according to owner requests and to preserve the facility.

    Maintenance Technician skills and qualifications

    A Maintenance Technician requires a diverse mix of both hard and soft skills, particularly manual labor skills, including:

    • Plumbing knowledge to address leaks, clogs or other drainage problems
    • Electrical wiring capabilities to manage problems with the building’s electricity
    • Carpentry ability to handle basic repairs around the building
    • Groundskeeping if the facility contains lawns or other outdoor areas in need of maintenance
    • Interpersonal skills to interact with employees or residents of the building in a pleasant manner
    • Attention to detail to ensure that all jobs are completed in an exemplary manner and any potential hazards or warning signs of problems are not overlooked
    • Physical stamina to handle a full shift of being active and working on the building

    Maintenance Technician salary expectations

    Most Maintenance Technician jobs are hourly positions, with an average income of $17.79 per hourMaintenance Technician rates range from minimum wage to $34.55 per hour, and it is common for Maintenance Technicians to earn significant overtime pay during the year.

    Maintenance Technician education and training requirements

    Most Maintenance Technician positions require at least a high school diploma or an equivalent degree such as a GED. Certifications are not required, although they can be useful as a means of demonstrating a potential candidate’s ability to handle the rigors of the job effectively. Plumbing, carpentry or electrical certifications demonstrate an applicant’s versatility as a maintenance professional and indicate an applicant who may provide added value compared to other applicants without comparable certifications.

    Training programs are available which allow those interested in a Maintenance Technician job to learn the skills they will need. When beginning an entry-level position, a Maintenance Technician will likely also receive training at work when first starting out.

    Maintenance Technician experience requirements

    For Maintenance Technician jobs as a lower-level member of a team or working for a smaller facility, prior experience may not be required. Postings for positions in a supervisory role or covering a large facility may opt to set a minimum experience threshold. Fields that can be effectively used as quality experience when applying for a job as a Maintenance Technician include working as an electrician, a plumber, a builder or a general handyman.

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    Frequently asked questions about Maintenance Technicians


    What are the daily duties of a Maintenance Technician?

    Maintenance Technicians may oversee multiple grounds or spend their time dedicated to a single facility. They work flexible hours responding to emergencies when necessary and completing scheduled maintenance when convenient for the building owner. They keep a schedule of routine repairs, inspection sheets and supply needs. They may shop for materials and track receipts for reimbursement to make timely repairs. Maintenance Technicians inspect wiring, repair pipes, troubleshoot equipment, replace light bulbs and install new equipment. They document temperature information on boilers and other temperature control systems to ensure safety and identify discrepancies that could indicate a machinery problem.


    What is the difference between a Maintenance Technician and an Industrial Mechanic?

    Maintenance Technicians are in charge of maintaining all equipment and building infrastructure at a facility. Industrial Mechanics also work with a range of machinery, but they focus on large industrial machinery used in factories, while Maintenance Technicians manage the machinery at smaller buildings like offices, shops and apartments. Industrial Mechanics are experts in assembling and taking apart large conveyor systems and manufacturing equipment in a factory environment, often as part of a team. Maintenance Technicians have a holistic knowledge of all the maintenance needs in a building, from temperature control systems to smaller pieces of equipment like refrigerators.


    What are the qualities of a good Maintenance Technician?

    Good Maintenance Technicians have a wide skill set that encompasses multiple trades, combining the roles of an Electrician, Carpenter, Plumber, Landscaper and Inventory Manager into one job. They have versatile interests and can quickly learn how to troubleshoot new equipment and respond to urgent maintenance needs of any kind. Maintenance Technicians are great at time management, allowing them to coordinate complex maintenance tasks in the most efficient manner possible. They are also strong communicators that can interact with building owners and inhabitants to learn their concerns and arrange the best time for major services.


    What should you look for on a Maintenance Technician's resume?

    When hiring a Maintenance Technician, look for resumes that indicate versatility and reliability. The experience section on a Maintenance Technician’s resume should indicate familiarity with a variety of maintenance tasks. The candidate should use their resume to describe the different tools they have worked with and the volume of repairs that are prepared to handle. Look for candidates who have a robust skills section with an emphasis on both manual labor and basic engineering or troubleshooting.

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