Management Assistant Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

Last updated: August 22, 2022

A Management Assistant, or Assistant Manager, hires, trains and oversees employees. Their main duties include leading and directing employees, ensuring employees follow company policies and overseeing inventory levels.


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Management Assistant duties and responsibilities

Management Assistants complete various administrative support and organizational tasks to maintain the ongoing requirements of the office. They assist management in all tasks and may have the following responsibilities:

  • Coordinate schedules among executive team members and plan the logistics of each meeting
  • Recruit, interview, hire and train office support staff
  • Prepare important documents for reports, meetings and memos
  • Assist with research and writing reports, or independently writing reports on behalf of upper-level management
  • Organize and plan all company outings and events
  • Manage all administrative staff members, including onboarding and training new team members


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Management Assistant Job Description Examples

What does a Management Assistant do?

Management Assistants lead and train employees in a variety of industries. They’re typically in charge of the lower-level employees, ensuring they’re following company guidelines and providing valuable customer service experiences. Management Assistants often locate and hire new employees and provide them with training and a brief overview of the company and their work responsibilities.

Management Assistants are responsible for keeping track of product and employee inventory levels to make sure that the company has enough items available to stay efficient and productive. They also collaborate closely with the Manager to provide updates on the staff’s performance. Their job is to uphold and enforce a strong customer service experience for all clients or customers.


Management Assistant skills and qualifications

Management Assistants use a variety of soft skills to provide comprehensive support to management teams. Those skills and qualifications include:

  • Strong project management and organizational skills
  • Exceptional time management abilities, including managing multiple calendars 
  • Good administrative skills, including filing and document organization
  • Excellent communication, including writing, email and memo creation, interpersonal communication and customer service
  • Great active listening skills
  • Basic computer literacy and troubleshooting abilities
  • Fast problem-solving abilities
  • Teamwork and collaboration


Management Assistant salary expectations

A Management Assistant makes an average of $49,802 per year. Salary may depend on a candidate’s level of education, experience and geographical location.


Management Assistant education and training requirements

Many Management Assistant candidates likely have at least a bachelor’s degree in business administration, marketing or another relevant field. Depending on the requirements of the position, some Management Assistants may even have a master’s degree in business administration or an industry-specific discipline. Entry-level candidates may require on-the-job training upon behind hired while those with previous experience may need little-to-no training and can transition into their role quickly.


Management Assistant experience requirements

Some entry-level Management Assistant candidates may have previous experience in an administrative or assistant position while others may have other customer service or support experience in other settings. The level of experience needed to succeed in a Management Assistant role depend on the individual requirements of the position. Larger organizations may prefer a candidate with more experience to manage the hiring and training of all support staff. A smaller organization may prefer to hire a Management Assistant with specific skills that relate to the position or an entry-level candidate that they can train.


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Frequently asked questions about Management Assistants


Who does a Management Assistant report to?

Management Assistants typically report to the Store Manager for their daily tasks and responsibilities. The Manager oversees the business’s operations and provides feedback and goals for the Management Assistant to follow to improve the company’s performance. The Management Assistant takes this input and builds strategies and policies for their employees to follow in order to effectively enhance the store’s efficiencies.

If the employees have any complaints or concerns about the Management Assistant, they can report these to the Manager, and if the Management Assistant has any comments about employees, the Manager will work to resolve these issues as well.


Who reports to a Management Assistant?

Management Assistants usually work in settings that have several lower-level staff members who assist customers regularly. They build employees’ schedules and shifts each day, and they assign daily tasks to employees according to their skills and interests.

Management Assistants also analyze and evaluate the performance of their employees. They conduct regular one-on-one meetings with employees to provide feedback, guidance and input based on their performance. If needed, the Management Assistant can administer disciplinary actions to employees who aren’t following policies or are providing unsatisfactory customer service experiences.


Do Management Assistants have different responsibilities in different industries?

Management Assistants may work in the retail environment, selling clothing or other items to various customers. In this industry, they’ll keep stock of merchandise and inventory levels and review employees’ performances to ensure they’re making sales. Management Assistants can also work in the food service industry, overseeing Cooks or Servers to ensure they’re providing a great customer service experience.


What makes a good Management Assistant?

A great Management Assistant should have strong leadership skills to guide and advise their team accordingly. They should also have effective communication abilities, as they regularly interact with the leadership team, customers and employees. Additionally, Management Assistants should have extensive experience working in customer service in order to provide valuable input and feedback to their employees.

Ideal Management Assistant candidates must also possess motivational skills to effectively encourage their team to complete quality work and improve themselves. They should have great time-management skills so that they can handle their own daily assignments as well. Strong team-building abilities are also important to help shape and mold their employees to perform as a capable and well-functioning team.

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