Marketing Assistant Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

Last updated: June 22, 2022

A Marketing Assistant, or Junior Marketer, is responsible for providing support to senior marketing staff as the executive marketing campaigns and analyst their impact. Their duties include handling interdepartmental communications, preparing data reports in a clear format and creating surveys, questionnaires and other tools to measure marketing impact.

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Marketing Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

Marketing Assistants often have the following responsibilities:

  • Gathering data on campaign success, often through collecting audience feedback
  • Creating detailed and visually appealing graphs and present them to business decision-makers
  • Assisting with the setup, facilitation and completion of marketing events
  • Overseeing the design and graphics of marketing materials
  • Conducting market research to better understand the marketing needs of the organization and its target audience
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Marketing Assistant Job Description Examples

What does a Marketing Assistant do?

Marketing Assistants work as part of a larger marketing team to offer administrative support and fill in on essential tasks. They perform general clerical tasks for the office like answering phones, organizing files, printing reports and sending outgoing mail. In addition to administrative assistance, Marketing Assistants share ideas with Marketing Managers and create presentations to help them pitch new marketing campaigns. Some of the materials Marketing Assistants prepare include case studies, buyer personas, white papers and analytics reports. Marketing Assistants use digital marketing software to pull various metrics related to marketing campaigns so their team can make decisions.

Marketing Assistant Skills and Qualifications

Marketing Assistants will typically have certain prerequisite skills or certifications, which include:

  • Communication: Strong written and verbal communication skills are important in the Marketing Assistant role. They regularly need to collaborate with team members, vendors and other company employees to understand the needs of the marketing department.
  • Creativity: Creativity allows the Marketing Assistant to create visually appealing images and marketing materials, making it a very useful to the marketing department.
  • Analytical: Marketing Assistants are often involved in the research and reporting of marketing campaign results. Analytical skills enable the Marketing Assistant when compiling data and presenting it in an easy-to-understand method.
  • Project management: Marketing Assistants are often involved with multiple projects at one time. The ability to organize details and complete projects in a timely manner is crucial in this position.

Marketing assistant salary expectations

A Marketing Assistant makes an average of $15.03 per hour. Pay rate may depend on level of experience, education and the geographical location. 

Marketing Assistant education and training requirements

A minimum of a high school diploma is usually required to work as a Marketing Assistant, but many hiring managers may prefer an associate or bachelor’s degree. Some hiring managers may also accept previous marketing experience or training instead of requiring formal education. Marketing Assistants often receive training during their educational program, or they may learn the expectations of the position in an entry-level role.

Marketing Assistant experience requirements

Prior experience is not always a requirement to work as a Marketing Assistant, but some hiring managers may prefer to hire candidates with previous experience. Marketing Assistants can earn experience through an internship or by volunteering with a company. Additionally, some hiring managers may prefer to hire an assistant and then train them within. The needs of the company and the role of the Marketing Assistant will dictate whether or not previous experience is required.

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What is the difference between a Marketing Assistant and a Marketing Associate?

Marketing Assistants and Marketing Associates are both entry-level roles within a marketing department with some overlap in their duties, but they are two distinct roles. Marketing Assistants mostly perform clerical work related to marketing, handling delegated tasks to make workflows easier for the rest of their team and ensure that everyone has the materials and information they need. Marketing Associates have strategic decision-making power for their marketing assignments. They may be in charge of their own basic projects, giving them more responsibility over a certain marketing campaign such as an email campaign or managing a social media page.


What are the daily duties of a Marketing Assistant?

Marketing Assistants work standard office hours and may begin the day by checking voicemails, emails and social media inquiries for company accounts, forwarding messages to the appropriate member of the team. They stock general office supplies for their team, put paper in the copier and send outgoing mail, recording related costs. Marketing Assistants attend meetings with their team and take minutes, ask questions and make suggestions about marketing strategy based on their interactions with the sales staff. They collect feedback and data from the marketing team and enter it into a marketing database to facilitate marketing data analysis projects.


What are the characteristics of a good Marketing Assistant?

Good Marketing Assistants are helpful and observant, able to pay attention to their colleagues’ workflow and anticipate the supplies and tools they need. They are ambitious and look for opportunities to provide support and learn more about different aspects of their team’s marketing procedures. Successful Marketing Assistants are also interested in digital trends, and spend time learning about the techniques different companies employ to engage their audience. They are fast learners and can quickly adjust to the interface of new software tools or website updates, enabling them to keep up with the fast-paced environment of digital advertising.


Who does a Marketing Assistant report to?

Marketing Assistants usually report directly to the Marketing Manager, but they also provide support to others on their team. Marketing Managers help set the Marketing Assistant’s general duties, identifying which staff members they should provide with additional help. These roles can include Data Analyst, Social Media Manager, Promotions Coordinators and Marketing Consultants. Some Marketing Assistants work specifically with a single Marketing Executive to provide high-level support on important projects.

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