Marketing Consultant Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Marketing Consultant, or Digital Marketing Consultant, advises a company on how to create and implement marketing strategies to promote their business. Their main duties include identifying the organization’s marketing goals, creating various marketing materials and monitoring campaign results.

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Marketing Consultant duties and responsibilities

Marketing Consultants produce necessary marketing materials to assist in ongoing marketing campaigns while developing and implementing brand management strategies internally. In addition, they also:

  • Identify and craft primary media messages
  • Develop goals and strategies
  • Execute strategic tasks and monitor outcomes
  • Prepare reports and deliver marketing presentations

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Marketing Consultant Job Description Examples

What does a Marketing Consultant do?

Marketing Consultants are marketing professionals who work either independently or for a marketing firm to identify a client’s goals and implement strategies and campaigns to support these milestones. Many companies will seek the support and advice of a Marketing Consultant if they need help to improve their brand image or audience reach. 

Marketing Consultants regularly meet with business professionals to build campaigns. They then create the campaign materials and typically gain their client’s approval before implementing their plan. After the campaign is published, the Marketing Consultant analyzes and presents the results to the client. The Marketing Consultant then adds updates to their campaigns according to the campaign data and analytics.

Marketing Consultant skills and qualifications

A Marketing Consultant needs to be able to think both creatively and analytically. While creativity is essential, it’s also important for Marketing Consultants to be capable of achieving results from that creativity. In addition, they should have the following skills and qualifications:

  • Communication skills to effectively communicate with a large number of individuals, including staff members and other managers during the marketing, advertising and promotions process
  • Decision-making skills for choosing between competing marketing and advertising strategies suggested by staff
  • Interpersonal skills for dealing with a wide range of people in various roles both within and outside of the organization
  • Organizational skills for managing time and budgets efficiently while motivating and directing others

Marketing Consultant salary expectations

The annual salary range for a Marketing Consultant ranges from $14,000 to $137,000 per year, with the average annual salary at $56,445 a year. This information is based on 501 anonymously submitted salaries to Indeed from Marketing Consultant employees and users as well as information collected from past and present Indeed job postings from the past 36 months.

Marketing Consultant education and training requirements

Most Marketing Consultants either have either a marketing degree or a business degree with an emphasis in marketing, and many have gone on to earn a master’s degree in business administration (MBA) with a marketing concentration. Certification is another way to enhance opportunities for Marketing Consultants with many pursuing the designation of Professional Certified Marketer (PCM) available through the American Marketing Association (AMA).

For this certification, candidates are required to pass a 210-question exam geared towards Marketing Consultants with two to four years of industry experience and who hold a bachelor’s degree or MBA. Concepts covered in the exam include planning and assessing the strategic marketing process; professional, legal and ethical marketing issues; marketing process evaluation; management of resources, relationships and information; and use of the marketing mix. Once certified, Marketing Consultants must complete 36 hours of continuing education for recertification every three years.

Marketing Consultant experience requirements

Marketing Consultants can specialize in a variety of industries, including financial services, real estate or dining and food service. They may also specialize in various media such as direct marketing or internet marketing. Some Marketing Consultants work exclusively with large businesses, while others prefer focusing on small businesses, start-up businesses, businesses in trouble, non-profit organizations or self-employed professionals.

Marketing Consultants can also find employment with large consulting firms or marketing firms offering consulting as a service to clients. Most of these firms look for individuals with a bachelor’s degree or higher, along with extensive on-the-job training and related experience. Many offer excellent advancement and educational opportunities.

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Frequently asked questions about Marketing Consultants


What settings do Marketing Consultants typically work in?

Marketing Consultants usually work either independently or in an agency setting. Some of them work for marketing agencies, where they’re assigned several projects and clients based on their skills and expertise. 

Others work independently as a freelancer or contractor. They’ll typically collaborate closely with the client to complete certain campaigns and other marketing projects. Once they’ve successfully finished the project, the client will pay them for their work. 


Do Marketing Consultants have different responsibilities in different industries?

Most Marketing Consultants hold similar responsibilities of implementing marketing campaigns for their client. Some of them may work in a more general role, conducting many basic marketing tasks for companies in different industries. Others may specialize in certain industries, meaning they have advanced knowledge in the industry they’re marketing to so they have a better understanding of what messaging and materials the clients’ audience will respond the best to. 

Others may also specialize in certain types of marketing. For instance, some may have advanced experience in content strategy to effectively plan and create content that is sure to entertain, inform and engage potential and current customers.  


Who do Marketing Consultants report to?

The person Marketing Consultants report to typically depends on the role and environment they work in. If they’re on a team of Marketing Consultants at a firm, they’ll typically report to a Marketing Manager or Senior Consultant. This person will provide guidance and advice when building campaigns for certain clients and will handle any complex projects the Marketing Consultants may need assistance with. 

Independent Marketing Consultants typically work for themselves in a contract or freelance role. They’re usually in charge of finding their own clients and will report directly to the client for any important company or project updates or information. Those who work independently usually have extensive years of experience in marketing that helps them create valuable campaigns for clients. 


What makes a good Marketing Consultant?

A great Marketing Consultant must have extensive creative skills to build unique content and marketing materials for their clients. They should also be highly analytical to help them read and understand their campaign’s analytics and use this information to improve their campaigns.

A strong Marketing Consultant must also have at least basic experience in different marketing roles, like a copywriter, graphic designer or marketing coordinator position to gain a well-rounded marketing skill set for their customers. Impressive Marketing Consultant candidates will also hold strong communication and interpersonal skills to regularly interact with clients and listen to their organizational goals and needs.

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