Marketing Coordinator Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

Last updated: June 22, 2022

A Marketing Coordinator, or Marketing Research Coordinator, is responsible for supporting the efforts of the marketing team to carry out marketing campaigns. Their duties include researching market trends and compiling reports about consumer needs, creating marketing campaign content like graphics, blog posts or social media posts and assisting in executing marketing events for a corporation.

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Marketing Coordinator duties and responsibilities 

Marketing Coordinators complete tasks that support an organization’s overall marketing initiatives. They often have the following responsibilities: 

  • Conducting research to analyze competitive landscape, market trends and customer behavior and preparing reports by collecting, summarizing and analyzing data
  • Supporting the Marketing Director in establishing and evaluating a marketing strategy and plan by analyzing and assembling sales forecasts, updating calendars and organizing and planning promotional presentations
  • Communicating campaign deliverables, objectives and timelines to their team while providing instructions for promotion or use
  • Planning and managing trade shows, conferences, events and meetings by identifying, coordinating and assembling requirements, developing assignments and schedules, coordinating mailing lists and establishing contacts
  • Maintaining an inventory and directory of sales support materials making sure all resources are accurate and current while coordinating new material creation as needed
  • Continually seeking and researching new sources of prospective customers while providing recommendations to marketing and sales leadership
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Marketing Coordinator Job Description Examples

What does a Marketing Coordinator do? 

Marketing Coordinators typically work for corporations across industries as members of the marketing department. They work closely with other marketing professionals to develop campaign strategies to promote their employer’s brand or products and services. Their job is to brainstorm marketing initiatives with a focus on driving sales for a corporation. They may also be responsible for managing one or more of their employer’s social media accounts to engage with customers and answer questions.

Marketing Coordinator skills and qualifications

Marketing Coordinators use a variety of soft skills and industry knowledge to manage their tasks effectively and provide the most comprehensive support to the marketing department, which can include: 

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills to articulate clearly with various departments including graphic design, public relations and advertising, as well as vendors, contractors and freelancers.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills for representing organizations in public, during media events and product launches, product demonstrations and while participating at trade shows.
  • Project management experience and time-management skills for juggling numerous time-sensitive projects simultaneously. Being familiar with project management software is also an asset.
  • Good computer skills for generating reports, viewing marketing metrics, extracting data and sharing this information with other team members in project updates. Working knowledge of basic computer applications, programs and features is a must with experience in web page development or graphic design being very helpful. 
  • Having the ability to provide information on previous campaigns, projects and timelines overseen and implemented in order to demonstrate overall capabilities.

Marketing Coordinator salary expectations   

A Marketing Coordinator makes an average of $44,584 per year. Salary may vary depending on a candidate’s education, experience level and geographical location.

Marketing Coordinator education and training requirements 

Educational requirements for a Marketing Coordinator can vary on the size and type of organization they work for. Those working for smaller teams should have a minimum of an associate degree and relevant work experience. Most employers seek to hire individuals with a bachelor’s degree and previous experience. Larger teams or firms may require a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) with a marketing specialization. 

Marketing Coordinator experience requirements

Marketing Coordinators should have at least 2+ years of experience in graphic design, marketing or advertising Individuals should also have solid experience in managing and leading SEO/SEM, display advertising, social media, email and marketing database campaigns and working knowledge of JavaScript, HTML and CSS development and constraints. 

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Frequently asked questions about Marketing Coordinators


What is the difference between a Marketing Coordinator and a Marketing Specialist?

Marketing Coordinators and Marketing Specialists work closely together to accomplish department initiatives like marketing campaigns. Their differences lie in seniority and scope of job responsibilities. For example, both Marketing Coordinators and Marketing Specialists hold bachelor’s degrees in marketing, digital marketing or marketing communications. Still, because Marketing Specialists have one or more years of experience as marketing professionals, they hold more seniority than Marketing Coordinators. 

In contrast, Marketing Coordinator positions are typically entry-level jobs that give professionals the chance to grow their skills. A Marketing Coordinator’s job responsibilities tend to encompass various tasks like market research or content creation. Marketing Specialists, however, focus on one area of marketing on a more in-depth level, like managing social media accounts.


What are the daily duties of a Marketing Coordinator?

On a typical day, a Marketing Coordinator starts by checking their email and voicemail to see if they missed time-sensitive messages. Throughout the day, they participate in meetings with the marketing and sales department teams to discuss previous, current and future marketing campaigns. During these meetings, Marketing Coordinators present market research and provide suggestions for campaign or content ideas. Once back at their desk, Marketing Coordinators review analytics for social media platforms, draft blog posts or create graphics to contribute to ongoing marketing initiatives.


What qualities make a good Marketing Coordinator?

A good Marketing Coordinator is an enthusiastic individual with a strong desire to learn and expand their marketing expertise. This motivates them to ask questions, seek additional projects and produce quality campaign strategies. They have excellent written communication, allowing them to contribute to the content creation process by writing blogs, articles or social media posts. 

Further, a good Marketing Coordinator takes the time to understand their employer’s brand, products and services. This enables them to develop tailored campaign content and other ideas that accurately market their company’s offerings. A good Marketing Coordinator is also well-organized, as they need to manage campaign calendars and marketing event details.


Who does a Marketing Coordinator report to?

A Marketing Coordinator typically reports directly to the Marketing Department Manager. This professional guides the daily operations of the marketing department and acts as a point of communication for Marketing Coordinators when they need guidance about campaign strategies. Because the role of a Marketing Coordinator is considered entry-level, they may also report directly to a Marketing Specialist or Marketing Supervisor in the Manager’s absence.

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