Marketing Intern Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Marketing Intern, or Corporate Marketing Intern, assists the marketing department in their advertising and promotional efforts. Their main duties include completing clerical and administrative duties, building social media campaigns and preparing promotional materials and presentations.

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Marketing Intern duties and responsibilities

Marketing Interns are responsible for helping the Marketing Manager complete tasks such as preparing marketing proposals, surveying customers and researching consumer trends. Examples of Marketing Intern duties and responsibilities include:

  • Developing tools and methods for collecting data such as surveys, opinion polls or questionnaires
  • Collecting and analyzing data to identify consumer trends
  • Researching consumer opinions and marketing strategies and proposing adjustments to current strategies accordingly
  • Creating graphic representations of data and translating complex research into easily readable content for stakeholders and other departments
  • Preparing marketing proposals and presentations based on company needs
  • Measuring consumer satisfaction with products or services
  • Monitoring and managing the company’s social media platforms, adjusting outreach tactics as needed

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Marketing Intern Job Description Examples

What does a Marketing Intern do?

Marketing Interns are temporary marketing professionals just starting out in their career. Many of them will work at a company for a limited time learning what it’s like to work as a marketing professional before pursuing it full-time after graduation. They often complete more basic administrative tasks to give the other marketing professionals more time to complete high-level responsibilities. 

Marketing Interns often handle an organization’s social media accounts. They’ll typically build social media campaigns and present their new campaign ideas to the other marketing team members. They’ll often conduct research on their target audience and market trends to assist the marketing team in planning new campaigns.

Marketing Intern skills and qualifications

A successful Marketing Intern needs various skills and qualifications to perform the required duties of their role. Essential skills for this position include the following:

  • Knowledge of marketing strategies, including continuing education of new marketing tactics and tools
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills 
  • Ability to translate complex research into common language
  • Proficiency with word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software
  • Aptitude with various social media platforms as well as the data tracking tools associated with them
  • Familiarity with consumer psychology and buying habits
  • Ability to quickly learn and process information
  • Organization and time management skills

Marketing Intern salary expectations

A Marketing Intern makes an average of $12.99 per hour. Pay rate may depend on level of experience, education and the geographical location.

Marketing Intern education and training requirements

Good Marketing Intern candidates should at least be enrolled in and on track to graduate from a four-year college or university with a degree in marketing, consumer psychology or a related discipline. Candidates enrolled in graduate programs for marketing or a related discipline demonstrate a commitment to the field and represent a quality candidate as a Marketing Intern.

Marketing Intern experience requirements

Because this is an entry-level position, Marketing Intern candidates gain most of their experience while earning their degree or completing other internships. They should have experience in researching market conditions for applicable regions of anticipated sales on a local, regional or national scale. Smaller businesses may hire Marketing Interns directly out of school, while larger companies may require around a year of experience in a related role, along with the completion of their degree.

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Frequently asked questions about Marketing Interns


Who does a Marketing Intern report to?

The person the Marketing Intern reports to often depends on the company they work for. Some Marketing Interns will report to all the marketing employees in the department to complete different tasks each of them may assign. Others have a designated employee they’ll report to, like the Marketing Coordinator or Marketing Manager. They’ll assign the Marketing Intern ongoing tasks and will oversee their progress to explain to them what they’ve completed correctly and what to improve on. 


Do Marketing Interns have different responsibilities in different industries?

Marketing Interns can work in a wide variety of industries, completing basic marketing and promotional tasks for companies. Many Marketing Interns choose to work in an industry that they want to better understand to eventually pursue a career in that industry when they graduate. 

Many of them work to gain a better understanding of how to market to certain people in specific target audiences within various industrious industries. Marketing Interns may work in a corporate office, government entity or in the financial environment. 


What's the difference between a Marketing Intern and a Marketing Assistant?

Though they both complete more basic and lower-level marketing tasks, Marketing Assistants and Marketing Interns hold different responsibilities. A Marketing Assistant is usually an entry level marketing role that they’ll pursue after college graduation. They’ll complete basic tasks like coordinating and implementing campaigns, reviewing campaign analytics and preparing various marketing documents. 

A Marketing Intern usually hasn’t graduated college yet and is balancing the role with their courses. They usually complete more basic and lower-level tasks than a Marketing Assistant does and aren’t considered official full-time employees who receive the benefits and perks that a Marketing Assistant would typically get. 


What makes a good Marketing Intern?

A great Marketing Intern must be driven and motivated to learn more about a career in marketing. They should have effective organizational abilities, as they’re regularly assigned tasks that involve filing and sorting through documents. Marketing Interns must also be great at multitasking to handle the many administrative items they’re expected to complete on the job each day. 

They must also have a basic understanding of technology and common social media platforms. This helps them better understand how to create and publish different marketing campaigns. Great verbal and written abilities are preferred as well, since many Marketing Interns are responsible for creating basic social media content pieces. 

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