Media Planner Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Media Planner, or Brand Strategist, is responsible for developing strategic plans for carrying out marketing campaigns using various media channels. Their duties include analyzing digital marketing metrics, collaborating with clients to refine marketing objectives and distributing advertising content to the most impactful media platforms.

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Media Planner duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a Media Planner involve managing relationships and choosing a suitable advertising mix for their company or clients. Here are some of the main duties a Media Planner performs in their daily work:

  • Ensuring that advertising messages align with client or company objectives
  • Monitoring the performance of online and offline advertising campaigns and reporting the results to relevant stakeholders
  • Researching the current media landscape and keeping up to date with the latest media trends
  • Determining the most suitable media mix given the nature of each client’s business, budget and preferred advertising media
  • Building and maintaining relationships with clients, advertising platforms and media influencers

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Media Planner Job Description Examples

What does a Media Planner do?

Media Planners can work for marketing agencies or as part of an in-house marketing department to implement a company’s brand strategy. They assess marketing objectives and do research to determine the most advantageous methods for using media platforms to promote those objectives. Media Planners run tests to determine which advertising methods are most effective and share analytic and creative feedback to refine advertising content. They align advertisement information with their target audience’s media habits. They collect data measuring key performance indicators for the success of advertising methods and adjust their media strategies to promote a more effective brand message.

Media Planner skills and qualifications

A Media Planner needs several important skills and qualifications to succeed in their job. A company that employs a Media Planner, whether it is an advertising agency or a company looking for its own internal employee, expects to see a good mix of soft and hard skills in candidates. The main Media Planner skills to look for are:

  • Strong knowledge of a range of online media platforms and offline media such as print, TV and radio
  • Ability to use a variety of advertising analytics tools, databases and spreadsheet programs to track and manage advertising campaigns
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, including the ability to network
  • Good analytical and organizational skills
  • Effective at working under pressure and meeting tight deadlines

Media Planner salary expectations

The average yearly salary of a Media Planner is $53,904. Individual salaries may vary depending on the Media Planner’s experience, the size and clientele of their employer, and the geographical area. Based on data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, a Media Planner earns more than the national average for a US employee.

Media Planner education and training requirements

Media Planners typically need a bachelor’s degree in a relevant area of study, such as business, market research, communication studies or marketing. Some senior positions require that Media Planners have a master’s degree in media studies.

Media Planner experience requirements

Most employers seek a Media Planner with experience working in a role involving interpersonal skills. Previous paid or unpaid work in retail, customer service or sales may suffice for entry-level Media Planner jobs. Some employers favor candidates who have interned at a company specializing in marketing, advertising or media.


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Frequently asked questions about

What is the difference between a Media Planner and a Media Buyer?

Media Planners work on the strategic selection and planning of media campaigns, while Media Buyers carry out the practical steps of implementing the campaign. Media Buyers build relationships with media outlets and web vendors who sell ad space to make sure that campaigns get in front of the right audience. Media Planners and Media Buyers work together to decide how to accomplish marketing goals within the company’s budget, discussing market rates for the essential web tools that will host the company’s branding messages. Media Buyers negotiate deals with vendors about costs and ad placements according to the Media Planner’s schedule.

What are the qualities of a good Media Planner?

Good Media Planners enjoy staying up-to-date on new trends and learning about the media landscape. They are familiar with digital tools themselves, allowing them to give relevant advice when planning a new advertising project and come up with the best ways to interact with consumers on their chosen media platforms. They are good at interpreting numbers and statistical patterns so they can take a data-driven approach to allocating resources to different media channels. Good Media Planners enjoy working in a group environment and brainstorming creative ideas based on user demographics, market research and ideas about the company’s brand identity.

What are the daily duties of a Media Planner?

Media Planners spend their time planning research, meeting with team members and creating campaign proposals. They communicate with team leaders to identify they main objectives they want to focus on, identifying the brand’s target audience so they can learn more about how they consume media and what channels produce the best return on their investment. When preparing a campaign proposal, Media Planners perform independent research and create cost projections and schedules for collecting feedback from consumers. They work with other members of the marketing team to align messaging and create a consistent brand image across all relevant platforms.

What should you look for on a Media Planner's resume?

When reviewing a Media Planner’s resume, pay attention to their past experience with other media channels. Experience with TV, social media and web ads can be a strong asset on a candidate’s resume, showing that they have an understanding of how media channels evolve and leverage advertisements. Strong candidates should list their analytical skills prominently on their resume through experience with using analytics tools to evaluate large sets of data. Candidates who used spreadsheets and database software at previouspositions can apply their information management skills to planning media projects.

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