Medical Office Assistant Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Medical Office Assistant, or Medical Secretary, is responsible for managing the administrative and clerical tasks at a medical clinic or other private healthcare practice. Their duties include responding to messages from patients, scheduling appointments according to staff availability and processing insurance claims.

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Medical Office Assistant duties and responsibilities

A Medical Office Assistant’s responsibilities vary depending on the size and capacity of the medical facility they work for as well as the services it offers, but their main goal is to manage the front desk and handle any necessary clerical duties. Their typical day-to-day responsibilities include:

  • Greeting patients visiting the facility, answering any questions they may have and helping them fill out the required forms
  • Answering phone calls, creating appointments, directing the calls as required and handling all queries
  • Informing the Doctor, Nurse or other healthcare facilitators about impending appointments
  • Maintaining a filing system for all patient documents and reports submitted
  • Answering emails and other electronic messages as required
  • Creating invoices and bills, processing insurance forms and managing vendors and contractors
  • Managing inventory and placing orders as required
  • Transcribing all notes and documents related to treatments

Medical Office Assistant Job Description Examples:


Medical Office Assistant

Busy dermatology practice in Rock Hill, SC currently seeking candidates for Medical Front Office Assistant. The primary function of this position will be to greet patients, acquire and enter demographic and insurance information into the computer, schedule appointments, check out duties including collection of copay and balances as well as balancing cash drawer at the end of the day as well as miscellaneous duties related to the handling of confidential medical records. This position requires an individual with excellent communication skills, a warm caring attitude and the ability to work well as a team. The work environment is very fast paced and can sometimes be noisy with multiple interruptions so the individual must be able to multi-task while displaying a calm professional attitude.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $13.00 to $16.00 /hour


  • Medical Assisting: 1 year (Preferred)

    Work Location:

  • One location

    This Company Describes Its Culture as:

  • Detail-oriented -- quality and precision-focused

  • Stable -- traditional, stable, strong processes

  • Team-oriented -- cooperative and collaborative


  • Monday to No Day shift
  • ×

    Medical Office Assistant

    Job Summary

    Front office medical receptionist serves as initial interface for patients. Employee responsible to ensure patient makes a smooth transition into clinical or cosmetic visit. Responsible to ensure patient information and demographics are entered quickly and correctly. Providing accurate and professional telephone support for incoming calls from patients, medical offices, and vendors. Responsibilities will include various office administrative tasks such as document scanning, spreadsheet entry, making reminder calls, answering busy multi-line phone system and managing clinic scheduling.

    You'll be joining a successful and fast growing practice in Hoover on Valleydale near I-65. Our office is centrally located within the Birmingham metro area. Comprehensive benefits include competitive compensation, medical, dental, vision, profit sharing, disability, life, vacation leave, sick leave and paid holidays. At Cahaba Dermatology we believe in the medical and cosmetic services we offer and give employees the opportunity to feel and look their best.

    Responsibilities and Duties

  • Serve as the first point of contact for the entire medical practice and greet patients and visitors as they arrive for treatment

  • Answer a busy multi-line phone system with a friendly and professional tone and direct callers to the appropriate department

  • Manage multiple front office tasks. Be flexible and proactive as clinic demands shift on a regular basis.

  • Support office product sales by learning about products and how to effectively communicate attributes and benefits in an honest and outgoing manner

  • Assist management with clerical duties and support functions

  • Understand all services and appointment types. Effectively make and adjust patient appointments for an optimal schedule.

  • Learn office PM and EMR system and perform system entry with minimal error

  • Maintain reception workstation in a neat and organized manner; confidential documents must be safe guarded and out of public view

  • Act as a liaison for the patients and Cahaba Dermatology

  • Understanding of when to escalate calls to physicians/business manager/nurse supervisor.

    Qualifications and Skills

  • Ability to handle confidential and sensitive information.

  • Ability to communicate effectively on the telephone.

  • Ability to relate to persons with diverse educational, socioeconomic, and ethnic backgrounds.

  • Ability to work quickly and multi-task.

  • Ability to exercise good judgment

  • Ability to demonstrate quality customer service.

  • Knowledge of modern office equipment and procedures. Previous EMR experience preferred

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills

  • Attentiveness to detail

    Minimum: Associate's Degree or related healthcare experience preferred. Three years of experience in customer service and/or related clinical environment; working knowledge of medical terminology.

    Job Types: Full-time, Part-time

    Salary: $12.00 to $16.00 /hour


  • medical reception: 1 year (Preferred)

    Work Location:

  • Multiple locations


  • Health insurance

  • Dental insurance

  • Vision insurance

  • Retirement plan

  • Paid time off

  • Parental leave

    This Company Describes Its Culture as:

  • Detail-oriented -- quality and precision-focused

  • Outcome-oriented -- results-focused with strong performance culture

  • People-oriented -- supportive and Team-oriented -- cooperative and Monday to Friday
  • ×

    Medical Office Assistant

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    The Medical Assistant/Front Office Clerk contributes to AHF's mission by presenting a friendly, helpful face to patients, people seeking testing or pharmacy patrons. As the first person seen by those visiting the Health care Center, the Medical Assistant/Front Office Clerk is instrumental in making patients feel comforted and supported. This joint role allows the Medical Assistant / Front Office Clerk to provide support in a variety of ways both administratively and clinically. Within their duties of scheduling appointments and screening patients for correct billing / financial information, as well as collecting new patient medical history, determining what tests/screenings are due during medical visits, taking patient vitals, and documenting all patient health-related complaints, this position has the opportunity to give standout service that enhances the reputation of AHF, encourage clients to continue to seek medical treatment from an AHF Healthcare Center and recommend our services to others.

    Attention to detail when pulling up patient charts and medical records, communicating with patients between provider visits for condition updates, and follow through on test/procedures ordered by providers will ensure a smooth flow of patients, and allow our physicians to provide treatment efficiently. The contributions made by the Medical Assistant/Front Office Clerk can help ensure the patient is receiving the highest quality of care.

    The Medical Assistant/Front Office Clerk can enhance the experience of other members of the Healthcare Center staff, by lending a helpful hand when needed, being flexible, adaptable and thinking of their role as collaborative, rather than exclusive. In addition, providing feedback to about how service could be improved will allow the team members to enhance their contribution.

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    Job Type: Full-time


  • Phlebotomy: 4 years (Preferred)

  • office assistant: 2 years (Preferred)


  • Medical Assistant (Required)


  • Health insurance

  • Dental insurance

  • Vision insurance

  • Retirement plan

  • Paid time Monday to Weekends required
  • What does a Medical Office Assistant do?

    Medical Office Assistants work in the front desk or office area of a healthcare provider to manage communications with patients, insurers and medical staff. Their role is to keep track of patient information and organize office records to ensure that all patients get prompt care and provide the correct payment information for their accounts. Medical Office Assistants interact with patients by helping them fill out intake forms, calling to remind them about appointment times, working out payment schedules and explaining next steps to process a referral or fill a prescription. They file medical paperwork and record interactions related to each file.

    Medical Office Assistant skills and qualifications

    Medical Office Assistants should be self-motivated with a desire to help others, and they need a strong set of skills and qualifications to successfully handle their job duties. Some of their most essential skills include:

    • Customer service skills and telephone etiquette
    • Familiarity with medical terms and technology
    • Understanding of law and ethics pertaining to medical practices
    • Basic accounting and math skills
    • Strong computer, data entry and office management skills
    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
    • Empathy and compassion to give support to patients
    • Attention to detail and problem-solving skills

    Medical Office Assistant salary expectations

    A Medical Office Assistant makes an average of $14.69 per hour in the United States. This amount may vary depending on a candidate’s level of education and experience.

    Medical Office Assistant education and training requirements

    Individuals need a minimum of a high school diploma or GED to become Medical Office Assistants. However, employers may prefer to hire candidates who have earned an associate degree or completed a medical assisting program. Organizations also look for applicants who have obtained the Certified Medical Administrative Assistant certification offered by the National Health Career Association. Some Medical Office Assistants need less education and can learn their duties on the job, but most employers prefer candidates to have a working knowledge of topics like medical terms and codes, laws and ethics and practice and malpractice specialties.

    Medical Office Assistant experience requirements

    The amount of experience candidates need to become Medical Office Assistants varies based on the size of the medical facility and the duties they would be required to do. A smaller clinic may hire applicants with minimal experience in customer service or office management, while larger organizations may require candidates to have experience in a similar position. Externship experience with any medical office while pursuing certification is acceptable as well.

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    Frequently asked questions about Medical Office Assistants


    What is the difference between a Medical Office Assistant and a Medical Biller?

    Medical Office Assistants perform general administrative assistance in a healthcare setting while Medical Billers specifically work with interpreting medical codes, submitting them to insurance and managing invoices. Medical Billers understand complex coding systems for different types of treatments, allowing them to determine if a patient’s insurance covers certain procedures and medications or if they need to provide additional payment themselves. Medical Office Assistants can help with billing but are expected to primarily help with customers, scheduling and keeping the office stocked. Unlike Medical Billers, they have a more front-facing role that involves interacting with doctors and patients.


    What are the daily duties of a Medical Office Assistant?

    Medical Office Assistants tend to begin their shift early in the morning to prepare the medical office before it opens to patients. They check voicemail and email messages to identify any last-minute changes in the schedule or cancellations and coordinate with Doctors and Nurses to set their schedule for taking on new patients. They stock each of the examination rooms with essential supplies and print out the forms and paperwork that they will need for the day to facilitate the intake process and make sure that clinic staff can easily record new information about their patients.


    What are the characteristics of a good Medical Office Assistant?

    Good Medical Office Assistants are friendly and welcoming with excellent customer service skills that they use when interacting with both patients and Doctors. They are patient and calm when explaining the intake process, taking time to help people fill out forms when necessary. A good Medical Office Assistant is great at sticking to a schedule and managing their time to make sure that every patient can get the treatment they need. They pay attention to details, such as noticing when stock is low or when a file is out of place, so they can prevent errors and inefficiencies.


    Who does a Medical Office Assistant report to?

    Medical Office Assistants usually report to an Office Manager who oversees all of the administrative staff at the clinic. Many medical offices will have multiple Medical Office Assistants to cover the morning and afternoon shift, maintaining continuity with office communications. The Office Manager schedules the Medical Office Assistants and helps them uphold office procedures at all time. Medical Office Assistants also report to Doctors, Nurses and Lab Technicians about patients and their schedules.

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