Merchandiser Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Merchandiser, or Retail Merchandiser, handles a store’s inventory levels and product displays. Their main duties include submitting warehouse inventory reports, clearing any unwanted products from displays and monitoring the sales performances of products.

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Merchandiser duties and responsibilities

Merchandisers perform a number of analysis and management tasks to provide the most accurate and relevant information to retailers, manufacturers and others in the supply chain. Their duties and responsibilities often include:

  • Monitoring sales and identifying any losses or stock wastage
  • Working with suppliers and distributors to negotiate prices and order large volumes
  • Collaborate with executives, marketers and salespeople to set prices that are good for the market and profit
  • Getting to know the customer base and understanding their motivation and sales drivers
  • Reviewing customer feedback to predict sales trends and seasonal stock demand
  • Briefing staff on stock display and rotation to ensure every space is optimized
  • Researching and monitoring industry trends and consumer behavior to anticipate demand and changes in buying patterns
  • Making predictions based on sales data, customer feedback and market trends
  • Assessing the effectiveness of different product displays and store layouts on sales figures
  • Reviewing competitors, including pricing, profit, marketing and other progress

Merchandiser Job Description Examples:



Join a team full of potential!The pay for this position will be hourly Plus mileage reimbursement, and a monthly stipend of $20 for any additional expenses. Schedule includes a mandatory shifts on Saturday and Sunday, shifts from 6am-2pm OR 7am to 3pm. Role also involves driving personal vehicle!

The primary role of the Part Time Merchandiser (PTM) is to effectively service all customers in a safe, productive and professional manner by ensuring proper level of stock is maintained, displayed and rotated correctly at all large & small formatted “off premise” stores. Assist in some sales support by growing rapport with customers and upselling into an account when possible. PTMs embody the Rbdc Values (Professionalism, Focus, Passion, & Responsibility).

Experience should include:

  • Strong mathematical skills

  • Strong technical skills with smartphone technology

  • Strong observatory and analytical skills in assessing product inventory

  • Strong organizational skills as demonstrated by an ability to set and handle multiple priorities

  • Exceptional time management skills and punctuality

  • Must have a valid Drivers’ License with clean record

  • Must be 18+ years old

  • Reliable vehicle to be used for work purposes with at least the minimum insurance coverage necessary

  • Prior merchandising experience preferred

    Job Type: Part-time


  • Merchandising: 1 year (Preferred)


  • High school or equivalent (Required)


  • Driver's License (Required)

    Work authorization:

  • United States (Required)

    Working Days:

  • Sunday (Required)

  • Saturday (Required)

    Application The legal minimum age requirement for this opportunity is 18+. Do you meet this

  • ×


    Drives a company pickup or van to assigned stores; provides excellent customer service; rotates product; stocks shelves/coolers/vendors; builds displays; and maintains orderly area in stock rooms.

    Must be at least 21 years old; possess excellent customer service skills, a valid LA driver's license and good driving record; able to read/count and walk/stand/stretch/squat/bend/climb and lift/carry/stack product weighing up to 60 lbs. on a repetitive basis throughout work shift. Must have at least one year of stable work history which can be verified.

    Job Type: Full-time

    Salary: $100.00 to $103.00 /day


  • work: 1 year (Required)


  • Louisiana driver's (Required)

    Application Question:

  • Are you able to report for work at 5 [website]?

    Work Location:

  • Multiple locations


  • Health insurance

  • Dental insurance

  • Retirement plan

  • Paid time off

  • Other

    Pay frequency:

  • Every other week

    Work includes:

  • Weekends

  • Holidays

    Paid Training:

  • Yes

    Shifts announced:

  • Weekly

    Advancement Opportunities:

  • Employees may apply for other posted job openings within the company after they have been employed in their present job for at least 6 months and have maintained a positive work record.

    Typical start time:

  • 5AM

    Typical end time:

  • 2PM


  • Monday to Friday

  • Weekends required

  • Holidays required

  • Day shift

    Benefit Conditions:

  • Waiting period may No
  • ×


    Full Time Publix Travel Reset Team – Orlando

    We are currently filling a full-time position for current and future projects in the city of


    The Publix Reset Merchandiser is responsible for representing Retail Detail Merchandising, our clients, and our customers by effectively working in teams to perform reset and remodel work including, but not limited to, reading and implementation of plan-o-grams, new item placement, void corrections, and special merchandising activity.

  • The position entails approximately 40 hours a week.

  • Must have flexible schedule with availability to work early morning and nights

  • Travel between various Publix locations in the Central Florida area, Alabama, and South Carolina

  • Must be willing to travel and spend nights away from home up to a week at a time


  • Read and follow a plan-o-gram to effectively complete reset and remodel work.

  • Perform duties such as moving and cleaning shelves, installing new racks and shelves, displaying merchandise properly.

  • Accurate reporting and processing sales orders.


  • Willing to travel, sometimes over night

  • Ability to read and follow planograms

  • Ability to perform physical aspects (lift up to 50 lbs.).

  • Background check required.

  • Valid Driver's License required.

  • At least 1 year of Customer Service experience preferred. Prior sales agent, retail and reset responsibility experience preferred.

    Benefits & Compensation:

  • Salary is $15 per hour

  • Auto Allowance

  • Health Insurance, Short Term Disability, Long Term Disability and 401(k)

  • Reimbursement of all travel Paid Vacations and Personal Days

    Job Type: $15.00 /hour

  • What does a Merchandiser do?

    Merchandisers work in a retail setting, cultivating new and engaging ways to display and sell more products. They’ll analyze the store’s layout to find the best spots to place products that will make them look more appealing to customers. If an item breaks, expires or loses popularity with customers, the Merchandiser is responsible for clearing and replacing it with a more appealing product. 

    They’ll regularly track the sales and revenue of each product piece to determine which are best-sellers and which to replace. These numbers also help the Merchandiser suggest potential special offers to help the store increase its profits. To gain more insight on which products consumers are more likely to purchase, Merchandisers will regularly conduct interviews, surveys and focus groups with potential and current customers.

    Merchandiser skills and qualifications

    Merchandisers apply a variety of soft skills, technical skills and industry knowledge when assessing stores, products, trends and financial predictions. These skills and qualifications include:

    • Excellent communication skills, including speaking, writing and listening
    • Strong time management abilities, including planning and prioritizing workloads
    • Effective strategic planning, both for the short-term and long-term
    • Thorough understanding of merchandising trends and industry best practices
    • In-depth knowledge of industry-specific trends and issues
    • Exceptional ability to analyze data and draw relevant conclusions
    • Creative and innovative thinking
    • Experience in preparing and delivering presentations to managers, staff and suppliers
    • A proven track record of achieving excellent results with merchandising strategies and promotional activity

    Merchandiser salary expectations

    A Merchandiser makes an average of $13.10 per hour. Pay rate may depend on level of education, experience and geographical location.

    Merchandiser education and training requirements

    Many Merchandiser candidates have at least an associate degree or vocational certificate in business, retail management, marketing or another relevant discipline. Some candidates have a bachelor’s degree in business administration, supply chain management, marketing or a related field. These education programs provide candidates with practical coursework and industry knowledge necessary to be a professional Merchandiser.

    Merchandisers can start at entry-level where they can complete industry- and store-specific training, often through shadowing more senior team members and learning about the trends in the specific store or sector in which they work.

    Merchandiser experience requirements

    Entry-level Merchandiser candidates with an associate degree or vocational certificate are likely to also have a few years of experience working in retail, either as a Store Associate or low-level manager. Candidates with a bachelor’s degree may have earned experience through an internship or cooperative education experience during their studies. Some may also have professional experience in retail or supply chain management at the assistant level. Merchandiser roles with leadership responsibilities may require candidates with either level of education and at least 5 years of experience in merchandising.

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    Frequently asked questions about Merchandisers


    Who does a Merchandiser report to?

    The individuals that Merchandisers report to typically depend on the type and size of company they work for. If they serve on a larger team, they may report to the Store Manager with updates on the store’s products and suggestions for sales. They may also report to or work alongside the Marketing Manager to determine which offers to promote. 

    If the Merchandiser works in a smaller store, they may report directly to the owner, who will provide them with updates on their performance and suggestions for improvement. Some Merchandisers may even report to and build relationships with stakeholders as they provide regular updates on product and sales performances.


    What settings do Merchandisers typically work in?

    There are a few different kinds of settings Merchandisers may work in. Most of them work in retail stores, managing various product displays throughout the store. They’ll also work in larger department stores, handling a wide array of different products and finding ways to promote, sell and display various types of products. 

    When they work in these larger department stores, Merchandisers typically spend a majority of their time traveling to various store locations to unload and display new products. This also means they’ll be in the warehouse regularly, taking inventory and locating new items to stock in each store. 


    What's the difference between a Merchandiser and a Buyer?

    While both of these roles primarily handle a retail store’s products, there are some key differences between the responsibilities of Merchandisers and Buyers. Buyers will research and purchase merchandise to display in their store. They’ll typically travel to meet with different suppliers to negotiate deals on potential products to sell in the store. 

    Buyers usually focus on finding new products, while Merchandisers work solely with items already displayed in the store. When the Buyer finds products, the Merchandiser usually takes over the selling and displaying of the products, while the Buyer returns to finding new products. 


    What makes a good Merchandiser?

    A great Merchandiser should be highly creative to constantly find new, innovative and engaging ways to showcase products on the sales floor. They must also have impressive organizational skills to create logical systems for sorting products that makes items easy to quickly locate when needed. Merchandisers are also constantly on their feet throughout different store locations or they’ll spend their time in the warehouse moving products, so the ideal candidate should have good physical stamina to handle this.

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