Night Auditor Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

Last updated: August 22, 2022

A Night Auditor, or Hotel Night Auditor, is responsible for overseeing front desk duties at a hotel or another hospitality establishment during the night shift. Their duties include helping guests check-in or check out, reviewing guest payments and other details from the day shift to ensure guests provided payment for their stay or any additional requests and acting as a point of communication for customer needs.

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Night Auditor duties and responsibilities

The Night Auditor works at the front desk of a hotel during the night, and they must ensure that the quality and integrity of the establishment are maintained just as diligently as they are during the day. Some of their typical duties include:

  • Balancing the accounts from day shift
  • Managing front desk activity and handling guest check-ins and check-outs
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction by scheduling wake-up-calls and other concierge activities according to guest preference
  • Handling customer requests and complaints and directing other employees or departments accordingly
  • Creating invoices, bills and checks for vendors, employees and contractors
  • Managing and updating all official documentation pertaining to the role
  • Ensuring that all end-of-day activities have been successfully executed by employees in all departments
  • Answering calls and queries related to potential booking
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Night Auditor Job Description Examples

What does a Night Auditor do?

Night Auditors typically work for hotels, inns and other establishments to provide beneficial customer service to hotel guests while managing guest records and other important documents. They work closely with other hotel staff to coordinate room service requests or cleaning service needs from guests. Their job is to perform a combination of tasks to uphold customer service and certain administrative tasks for their employer. They may also be responsible for determining inventory needs and writing checks to go out to suppliers.

Night Auditor skills and qualifications

Night Auditors must be able to work independently with minimal supervision, and they should be able to coordinate and manage all types of people. Other skills and qualifications include:

  • Strong customer service skills
  • Knowledge of safety and security procedures
  • Advanced math and bookkeeping skills
  • Ability to perform computer-based tasks such as data entry, accounting, word processing, invoicing and billing
  • Attention to detail and organizational skills
  • Time management and multitasking skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to solve problems and diffuse tense situations

Night Auditor salary expectations

Night Auditors make an average of $12.09 per hour in the United States. This pay rate may vary depending on the organization’s location and the candidate’s experience and education.

Night Auditor education and training requirements 

A high school diploma is the minimum requirement to become a Night Auditor. However, establishments with higher ratings and capacities may prefer to hire candidates who are either experienced or have pursued higher education in the field. For example, some applicants pursue an associate degree in business, hospitality or administration. Some employers also look for candidates who have been trained and gained certification in areas like data entry, word processing, accounting and bookkeeping, office management and customer service.

Night Auditor experience requirements

The amount of experience a Night Auditor needs depends on the specific establishment and the duties they are required to do. Employers typically look for candidates who have experience in related jobs, such as hospitality, customer service or retail positions. This gives them experience handling cash and credit cards, balancing registers, printing reports and updating invoices. Some organizations may also prefer applicants who have specifically worked in an entry-level front desk position. Certification in emergency procedures, such as first aid, fire, hazardous material threats and natural disasters, is also a plus.

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Frequently asked questions about Night Auditor


What is the difference between a Night Auditor and an Internal Auditor?

The difference between a Night Auditor and an Internal Auditor refers to their education and qualifications and the industries they work in and job focus areas. For example, Night Auditors typically have a bachelor’s degree in hospitality, accounting or business. Depending on the requirements of their employer, they may have more job responsibilities relating to customer service than managing guest transactions and supplier invoices. In contrast, an Internal Auditor typically holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance. 

They have the opportunity to work in a variety of different industries to analyze their employer’s internal accounting procedures to detect fraud and ensure compliance with financial laws and regulations.


What are the daily duties of a Night Auditor?

On a typical night, Night Auditors arrive at their workplace shortly before the start of their shift. They speak with daytime front desk staff to determine what tasks they need to complete, potential guest interactions and late check-ins. Throughout the night, Night Auditors divide their time between serving hotel guests and balancing the day’s transactions. They prepare checks to send to vendors the next day, note any payments guests need to make and check invoices to ensure they received the correct number of supplies from a vendor.


What qualities make a good Night Auditor?

A good Night Auditor is someone who has the ability to remain calm under pressure. This is especially important when they have multiple requests from customers in addition to their financial workload. They have a proficient understanding of financial practices and continuously look for ways to improve their ability to balance checkbooks, manage invoices and use financial software. 

Further, a good Night Auditor has excellent interpersonal communication, allowing them to speak with hotel guests, other hotel staff and vendors or suppliers in an effective way. A good Night Auditor also has superb attention to detail to identify mistakes in financial transactions.


Who does a Night Auditor report to?

A Night Auditor usually reports to the Night Manager within a hospitality establishment. The Night Manager oversees all staff and operations during the night shift. They provide Night Auditors with tasks to complete, like verifying guest payments or writing checks for suppliers. Night Managers also act as a point of communication for Night Auditors and other staff when they need help handling complex guest needs or complaints.

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