Office Coordinator Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

Last updated: June 22, 2022

An Office Coordinator, or Administrative Coordinator, is responsible for managing office communications and facilitating key tasks and procedures. Their duties include maintaining a master schedule of all meetings and commitments, placing orders for office supplies when needed and directing both incoming and outgoing calls, emails, faxes and letters.

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Office Coordinator duties and responsibilities

Office Coordinators perform a number of administrative support and customer service tasks to ensure efficient operation of their office environment. Specific duties and responsibilities may include:

  • Answering phone calls, transferring callers as appropriate
  • Greeting customers and visitors to the office, ensuring guests are comfortable and are connected with the right office personnel
  • Managing schedules for conference and community spaces
  • Monitoring and ordering inventory for office and break room supplies
  • Managing incoming and outgoing correspondence, including emails, faxes, mail and packages
  • Filing and organizing records, invoices and other important documentation
  • Submitting work orders and scheduling repairs for general office space and equipment
  • Ordering repairs for office equipment and maintenance, connecting with and escorting vendors
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Office Coordinator Job Description Examples

What does an Office Coordinator do?

Office Coordinators usually work at the front desk of an office where they can oversee general activities. They interact with guests and visitors, providing them with the information they need to connecting them to the employee they’re looking for. Office Coordinators manage meeting rooms for their colleagues, booking the space and arranging for any AV equipment that someone needs to run a meeting. They develop and implement organization procedures for everyone to receive mail and packages, check out office equipment, request additional supplies and submit tickets for maintenance and repairs.

Office Coordinator skills and qualifications

Office Coordinators use a variety of soft skills to manage the offices they support, including:

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills
  • Great customer service and interpersonal skills
  • Friendly, service-oriented personality
  • Keen attention to detail
  • Problem-solving and basic troubleshooting skills
  • Proficiency with common word processing and spreadsheet software
  • Comfortable in a fast-paced environment

Office Coordinator salary expectations

An Office Coordinator makes an average of $15.77 per hour. Pay rate may depend on level of education, experience and geographical location.

Office Coordinator education and training requirements

Office Coordinator positions require at least a high school diploma or GED. Some candidates may also have a vocational diploma from a business- or office-management training program. Other candidates may be in pursuit of or have completed an associate or bachelor’s degree. Some relevant degree programs include business administration and communication, which provide candidates skills in organization and professional communication. Education in other degree programs also provides key soft skills.

Office Coordinator experience requirements

Entry-level candidates may have little-to-no experience and can be trained on the job under a more senior administrative professional. Prior experience for an Office Coordinator candidate may include other office administrative roles and/or customer service experience. Additionally, prior experience with purchasing or inventory management demonstrates an ability to successfully order and maintain office supplies. For roles within certain industries or departments, like finance and accounting or healthcare, previous experience as an administrative support professional in those settings may indicate that a candidate can transition into a role with little-to-no additional training.

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Frequently asked questions about Office Coordinators


What is the difference between an Office Coordinator and a Receptionist?

Office Coordinators and Receptionists have many similar duties and some offices use the title interchangeably, while others have distinct roles. Generally, Receptionists work more closely with the public and focus on interacting with customers, while Office Coordinators emphasize internal communication and staff needs. At larger companies, Receptionists manage multiple external phone lines, direct calls and process visitors, leaving Office Coordinators to help arrange activities within the office and provide administrative assistance to employees in their building. Office Coordinators also work with vendors and suppliers to track and refill inventory or purchase equipment for general use.


What are the daily duties of an Office Coordinator?

Office Coordinators can perform a variety of duties on any given day depending on the needs of the office. They regularly prepare a schedule of itemized tasks each morning with a plan on when and where they need to accomplish each objective. Office Coordinators use scheduling software to process requests and communicate with different departments to gather necessary resources and confirm meeting attendees. During down time, Office Coordinators organize files, make copies and sort paperwork to prepare for busy periods where they have to run errands and handle high volumes of calls.


What are the characteristics of a good Office Coordinator?

Good Office Coordinators have an in-depth understanding of all office activities. They take the time to understand each department, role and chain of command so they can provide the most efficient and useful support possible. The best Office Coordinators have outgoing personalities that allow them to get to know the schedule and regular needs of every one of their colleagues, suppliers and clients. They are tactful when communicating with others and delegating tasks. Successful Office Coordinators follow through on every one of their tasks, and they are able to multi-task and keep track of multiple responsibilities at once.


Who does an Office Coordinator report to?

Office Coordinators report directly to the Office Manager or Business Manager who makes high-level decisions about office workflows and infrastructure. They may also report to various department heads and team leaders to update them about the availability of different facilities and communicate new office rules or updates. Office Coordinators take direction from other administrative staff with more seniority to develop best practices for managing the office environment. Some Office Administrators report to Human Resources Managers due to their role in developing company policies, managing employee files and disseminating information.

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