Operations Manager Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

An Operations Manager, or Operations Supervisor, oversees a company’s organizational processes and adds improvements to it. Their main duties include assisting the human resources team in the recruiting and hiring process, implementing policies and strategies to improve productivity and efficiency levels and building an enjoyable company culture.

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Operations Manager Duties and Responsibilities

An Operations Manager is responsible for keeping track of the big picture and identifying potential areas of improvement. The average Operations Manager’s responsibilities include:

  • Long-term planning to create initiatives that further the company’s overall goals
  • Coordinating different teams to foster exchange of ideas and provide cross-team learning opportunities 
  • Assessing and analyzing departmental budgets to find ways to minimize expenses and optimize profits
  • Inspiring and motivating employees to perform at their best through positive encouragement and incentive initiatives
  • Communicating with the board or other senior officials about shifting company priorities and projects
  • Identifying potential problems and points of friction and working to find solutions in order to maximize efficiency and revenue
  • Identifying opportunities to expand or shift course in order to take advantage of changes in the market

Operations Manager Job Description Examples:


Operations Manager

Agilis Consulting Group is one of the fastest growing human factors firms serving the pharmaceutical and medical device industry.

We help clients develop safe and user-friendly medical products and devices that clear regulatory agencies fast while helping to improve the quality of life for users. We are seeking a full-time Operations Manager

  • who can support our growing business.

    Primary Responsibilities

    This is a permanent remote, full-time position with overall responsibilities of daily business operations. The Operations Manager reports to the company President and coordinates a fully distributed workforce.

    1. Coordinate daily business operations, ensuring organizational excellence

    2. Help management implement organizational objectives, strategies, policies and tactics

    3. Provide development, coordination and oversight of:

  • Superior customer service protocols, maintaining professional relationships with team members and clients, with a commitment to quality service

  • All Human Resources responsibilities, including hiring, training, disciplining, terminating, payroll and compliance

  • Financial management, producing client invoices, and coordinating with company bookkeeper to ensure accurate Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and expense management

  • All property and liability insurance programs

  • Developing and documenting standard operating procedures

  • Ongoing technology maintenance, training and database management

  • Office system transitions and outsourced services, including but not limited to: accounting, technology, industry-specific software, and general maintenance

  • Filing, record-keeping and operational aspects as they impact business operations

  • Maintaining compliance with local, state and federal authorities


  • Self-directed professional with at least 5 years of small business operations experience

  • Proven experience managing a remote workforce and operating efficiently in a virtual environment

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in a field related to business administration

  • Demonstrated ability to oversee and collaborate with staff

  • Knowledge of office management systems and procedures

  • Experience with accounting and Quickbooks

  • Strong organizational abilities, including planning, delegating and business processes

  • Excellent time management skills and ability to prioritize work to meet all deadlines

  • Attention to detail and problem-solving skills

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Proficiency in MS Office

    Job Type: Full-time

    Salary: $0.00 /year


  • small business operations: 5 years (Required)

  • accounting: 5 years (Required)

  • QuickBooks: 5 years (Required)


  • Bachelor's (Required)

    Work authorization:

  • United States (Required)

    Application Question:

  • Why are you a great candidate for this position?

    Work Location:

  • Fully Remote


  • Health insurance

  • Retirement plan

  • Paid time off

  • Work from home

    Company's website:

  • Yes
  • ×

    Operations Manager

    Why All My Sons Moving & Storage

    At All My Sons Moving & Storage we believe in the person not just the resume!

    All My Sons has over 60 locations across the nation and we are growing. We offer extensive growth opportunities as we continue to grow and take the moving industry by storm! Our focus is providing each customer with The Best Moving Experience - Period!

    Operations Manager (Leader)

    We invest in you. When hired you will be trained on all the below items. We are looking for someone competitive to join our winning culture. Please read below to get an understanding of the position.

    Position Description

    Leading the Operations of the branch includes …

  • Planning, scheduling, dispatching and monitoring quality assurance throughout the move process.

  • Hiring the right crew members and training them effectively

  • Safety, Compliance, & DOT

  • Selling and Leading your sales team

  • Maintaining a high rating on Google & Facebook

  • Meeting Monthly Revenue & Profit Projection

  • Being Thoughtful, Fun-Loving, & Heroic to Our Customers.


  • 3+ years of experience leading others

  • Ability to become DOT certified

  • Willing to participate in our pre-employment background and drug screening process

  • Logistics background and experience a plus

  • Must be comfortable working in a fast-paced busy environment

  • Control expenses

  • Able to commit to company paid training in Dallas, TX for 8 weeks

    Compensation Structure

  • Base Salary of $65,000.00 - $70,000.00 per year (With your bonus you have potential full comp earning of $110,000.00+).

  • Once you complete training, you will be eligible for a monthly bonus which is based on the Monthly % of branch profit. You manage the P&L (Full Transparency).

  • Medical Benefits

  • 1 week of paid vacation

  • Paid Training Program that gives you the confidence to succeed right from the start.

    Job Type: Full-time

    Salary: $65,000.00 to $70,000.00 /year

    Additional Compensation:

  • Bonuses

    Work Location:

  • One location


  • Health insurance

  • Dental insurance

  • Retirement plan

  • Paid time off


  • Monday to Friday

  • Weekends Day 12 hour shift
  • ×

    Operations Manager

    Onward is looking for driven and talented individuals to join our vibrant team. If you are considering your future and are looking for somewhere to make a real difference please keep reading.

    Why Onward? Helping Those Who Need Assistance

    Everyone has something they love to do in their lives and often, as they age, they become unable to drive and participate in the things that make them who they are. We are fixing exactly this. Onward's mission is to enable adults to age with independence, dignity, and as high a quality of life as possible.

    Maximum Flexibility

    With Onward, you can work for home in shifts that work with your schedule. Most of our customers need support from 10-4pm during the day, so that is when you'll be needed most. This role is fully-remote, so there is no need to commute to an office.

    Fast and Dynamic Company

    We're a small team (under 10) people but growing quickly. You'll have plenty of opportunity to work with all parts of the business, from the engineering team to the marketing experts.


    We offer a concierge-like service for those who need extra assistance. They can call us and request a service while specifying a number of different preferences. Treating these callers with respect, patience and professionalism is crucial.

    This role will be fielding these request, matching riders and drivers, and ensuring the Onward Operation runs smoothly.

    We are also a technology-driven company. You need to be capable of using differnet tools and communicating through text. Experience with Slack, a CRM, and a ticketing system such as Zendesk is a plus.

    Other preferences:

  • Ability to work during the day (10-4pm) part-time with the potential to go full-time

  • Experience dealing with seniors is a plus

  • Experience conducting business over the phone

  • Experience working remote and using digital tools associated with remote work such as Zoom, Slack, Google Docs and others.

  • Ability to express yourself effectively through written word

    Job Type: Part-time

    Salary: $15.00 /hour


  • working with a technology company: 1 year (Preferred)

    Work Location:

  • Fully Remote


  • Work from home

  • Flexible schedule

    Hours per week:

  • 10-19

  • 20-29

    Typical start time:

  • 9AM

    Typical end time:

  • 5PM

    This Job Is:

  • Open to applicants who do not have a high school diploma/GED

  • A “Fair Chance” job (you or the employer follow Fair Chance hiring practices when performing background checks - learn more at [website]

  • A good fit for applicants with gaps in their resume, or who have been out of the workforce for the past 6 months or more

  • A good job for someone just entering the workforce or returning to the workforce with limited experience and education

  • A job for which all ages, including older job seekers, are encouraged to apply

  • Open to applicants who do not have a college diploma

  • A job for which people with disabilities are encouraged to apply


  • Monday to Friday

    Company's website:

  • OnwardRides.com

    Benefit Conditions:

  • Only full-time employees Yes
  • What Does an Operations Manager Do?

    Operations Managers serve on a company’s leadership team to oversee the performance, efficiencies and satisfaction of employees. They work to analyze the company’s organizational process and will find ways to enhance employees’ work quality and productivity. Operations Managers will typically build operational policies and strategies that keep the organization functioning smoothly. 

    Many of them will collaborate closely with Human Resources Managers to establish recruiting, training and hiring strategies that help them locate and bring on quality candidates. They’ll also oversee various company financial processes, like auditing, reporting and budgeting to ensure the company stays in great financial standing.

    Operations Manager Skills and Qualifications

    Operations Manager is a leadership position with many responsibilities. It is therefore important to have a diverse skill set, including:

    • “Big picture” thinking, which is key to addressing top-level concerns and finding the best path forward from all of the available data
    • Interpersonal skills – an Operations Manager must communicate with both executives and staff employees in order to create and administer policy
    • A thorough understanding of financial and budgeting processes and principles, which allows the Operations Manager to assess the company’s earnings and spending to find areas for improvement
    • Strong personal and professional judgment, which are invaluable skills for a role that makes hiring decisions as well as in finding the best solution to organizational dilemmas
    • Adaptability, enabling the Operations Manager to respond quickly to a shifting reality and adjust initiatives and priorities accordingly
    • Organizational skills and the flexibility to jump from priority to priority, which are essential to a role that juggles a variety of functions and projects

    Operations Manager Salary Expectations

    An Operations Manager position is traditionally a full-time salaried position with an average salary of $61,826 per year. Operations Managers also often receive significant additional compensation in the form of cash bonuses and profit-sharing incentives.

    Operations Manager Education and Training Requirements

    An Operations Manager must hold a bachelor’s degree or higher, ideally in operations management, business or a related field. Certifications can also be helpful as they demonstrate formal education and knowledge in the areas certified as well as investment in professional development.

    A company may require management-level employees to participate in management training programs, either created by the organization itself or in a general managerial program. This training teaches supplementary tools for managing staff and optimizing the workplace.

    Operations Manager Experience Requirements

    The Operations Manager serves in a senior position and, as such, they are expected to have significant prior experience when applying for the position. While a small company may be seeking a minimum of 3 – 5 years of experience, larger companies may require a decade or more. Directly applicable experience is encouraged but it is not a requirement, and many Operations Managers will switch fields in pursuit of career advancement if needed.

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    Frequently asked questions about Operations Managers


    Who reports to an Operations Manager?

    The people who report to an Operations Manager typically vary across organizations depending on their sizes and industries. Larger companies will usually hire several Operations employees to keep the organizations running smoothly and efficiently. This includes positions like Operations Coordinators, Operations Assistants and Operations Analysts. These team members will analyze the organization and locate any areas that need improvement. They’ll report this to the Operations Manager, who will provide instructions for policies or programs to implement accordingly. 

    Department heads also typically report to the Operations Manager for company updates from the leadership team. Operations Managers may also provide department heads with feedback on their job performances. 


    Who does an Operations Manager report to?

    Operations Managers usually report to the leadership and executive teams. If they work in a larger company, they’ll often report to the Chief Operating Officer. Some smaller companies don’t have Chief Operating Officers, so the Operations Managers may complete their own work tasks as well as the job duties that Chief Operating Officers usually finish. 

    They’ll also report to the senior stakeholders and board of directors and will present on reports of the company’s organizational progress. From there, the stakeholder and board of directors will provide their feedback, which the Operations Manager will use to build goals and strategies to strengthen the company’s performance.


    What's the difference between an Operations Manager and a General Manager?

    Though General Managers and Operations Managers typically share many similarities, there are still some key differences between the two roles when it comes to their duties and responsibilities. General Managers are usually in charge of one specific area of an organization. They may oversee one department or several of them. They oversee the daily operations of these departments and will provide improvements when necessary.

    Operations Managers typically work in a more senior-level role, as they oversee the operations of the entire organization, rather than certain departments. They usually work more closely with other executives and shareholders, while the General Manager usually works hands-on with other mid-level Managers.


    What makes a good Operations Manager?

    A strong Operations Manager should have great leadership skills to inspire, motivate and guide their employees to submit valuable work and stay productive. They should also have extensive knowledge and experience working in business to understand how it functions in order to provide accurate and effective operations policies. 

    Operations Managers must also have advanced experience in handling finances and building budgets. Strong communication and interpersonal abilities are also needed in an ideal candidate, as they must be able to collaborate with and listen to the needs of employees and department heads to develop strategies that benefit each team.

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