Outreach Coordinator Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

An Outreach Coordinator, or Community Outreach Coordinator, is responsible for connecting an organization with the surrounding community. Their duties include brainstorming potential partnerships or methods for engagement with the local community, maintaining a calendar for outreach events and working closely with community partners to plan and execute various outreach events.

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Outreach Coordinator Duties and Responsibilities

The essential job duties of an Outreach Coordinator are varied and often complex. Some Outreach Coordinator duties and responsibilities might include: 

  • Public relations: An Outreach Coordinator often will be in charge of fundraising and creating strategic relationships with donors. Public relations is a way that an Outreach Coordinator will communicate with donors and the media to represent the organization. Press releases, brochures, social media, email campaigns and attending community events are ways an Outreach Coordinator uses public relations.
  • Research: An Outreach Coordinator collects data and information to focus on the donors, events and venues that may be useful to the organization. 
  • Administrative duties: Project management and event coordination are some administrative duties an Outreach Coordinator may do in addition to supervising staff and office work that benefits the organization.
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Outreach Coordinator Job Description Examples

What Does an Outreach Coordinator Do?

Outreach Coordinators typically work for various establishments, including hospitals, non-profits, educational institutions or corporations, to perform community outreach responsibilities on behalf of their company. They work closely with upper management and marketing professionals to strategize different ways to spread awareness about their company while also helping their community. Their job is to maintain relationships with local business owners and local officials to coordinate fundraisers or community programs. They may also be responsible for maintaining a budget and overseeing the creation of marketing materials.

Outreach Coordinator Skills and Qualifications

Since Outreach Coordinators are the public face of an organization, they should have many skills relating to communication and management. Some skills an Outreach Coordinator should have are:

  • Communication skills: Both verbal and in writing to inform and persuade donors, the media and people in the community of the organization’s purpose. An Outreach Coordinator’s communication skills are necessary to communicate goals to coworkers.
  • Project management skills: It is essential for an Outreach Coordinator to have skills in time management, scheduling other people and coordinating locations for events as well as vendors for events.
  • Administrative skills: Office skills are essential for an Outreach Coordinator because there are many issues and paperwork in coordinating events, budgets and people.
  • Ability to multitask with several project details at once: This ability is critical because events, people and members of the media need to be contacted and managed for effective publicity for the organization. 

Outreach Coordinator Salary Expectations

The average salary for an Outreach Coordinator is $43,851 per year. This compensation may vary according to seniority, size and financial stability of the hiring organization, as well as provided benefits.

Outreach Coordinator Education and Training Requirements

An Outreach Coordinator must have at least a bachelor’s degree focusing on social services or similar courses. However, some organizations may only require candidates with a GED or a high school diploma paired with experience in an outreach organization. It is useful for an Outreach Coordinator to have a master’s degree in social service if the job candidate pursues a senior role in an organization. Candidates for an Outreach Coordinator position must have training in communication and knowing how to manage a team or organizational department.

Outreach Coordinator Experience Requirements

Candidates for an Outreach Coordinator position must have several years of progressively senior experience to work effectively in a higher paid and more visible role in an organization. Along with years of experience as a public relations coordinator and an events manager for an organization, an Outreach Coordinator should have supervisory experience over the administration, budget and personnel. 

Job Description Samples for Similar Positions

The Outreach Coordinator’s position is a broad job description for someone who organizes outreach and does publicity. Some of the positions similar to the title, experience and duties of an Outreach Coordinator position are:

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Frequently asked questions about Outreach Coordinators


What should you look for on an Outreach Coordinator resume?

When reviewing resumes for your next Outreach Coordinator, be sure to place emphasis on candidates who have skills or qualifications that align with criteria from the original job posting. For example, if you require a candidate to have previous event planning experience, be sure to select resumes of those candidates who have previous work experience as an Event Planner, Event Coordinator, or Event Assistant. 

Regardless of your specific criteria, an Outreach Coordinator’s resume should highlight their written and verbal communication abilities and should include the types of events or initiatives they oversaw, as well as the number of people they catered for in each community program or event.


What are the daily duties of an Outreach Coordinator?

On a typical day, an Outreach Coordinator checks their email and voicemail to see if they’ve received replies from local businesses or Business Partners. They look over the community outreach calendar to determine upcoming events and objectives to complete before each event. Throughout the day, they meet with members of the local community to discuss event or program details and sort out funding issues. They also meet with internal company employees in charge of marketing or finance to determine how to budget and market a community project.


What qualities make a good Outreach Coordinator?

A good Outreach Coordinator has a natural desire to connect people. This quality inspires them to reach out to members of the local community and foster meaningful relationships between them and their employers. They have excellent written and verbal communication, enabling them to give speeches at events or write proposals for community initiatives. Further, a good Outreach Coordinator has great interpersonal communication that allows them to interact with various people on a daily basis. 

A good Outreach Coordinator also completes proactive research to find new business partners or advocate for community programs that involve their business.


Who does an Outreach Coordinator report to?

An Outreach Coordinator reports to different roles depending on their place of employment. For example, Outreach Coordinators working for non-profit organizations typically report to the Director of Community Engagement, or Community Engagement Director. This professional oversees all community engagement activities and provides Outreach Coordinators with goals or budgeting limits. In contrast, Outreach Coordinators working for educational institutions report to the Program Manager or Director and Outreach Coordinators working for corporations may report to the Marketing Manager.

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