Pastor Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Pastor, or Minister, is responsible for being a spiritual leader of the Christian faith. Their duties include preaching sermons to their congregation, organizing charitable activities and church events and meeting with members of their congregation to help them strengthen their faith or overcome significant life changes.

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Pastor Duties and Responsibilities

Pastors have many responsibilities in their spiritual calling. Some Pastor duties and responsibilities are:

  • Preparing sermons by researching and writing about how to present Bible lessons to the congregation to meet their spiritual needs
  • Officiating at special occasions in the lives of the congregation, such as confirmations, weddings, baptisms and funerals
  • Helping the church ministry by attending to administrative duties 

Pastor Job Description Examples:



This is a campus-specific role to provide ministry leadership for Community Groups, Men’s, and Marriage Ministries. The title, whether Pastor or Director, will depend on qualification and experience. This role will involve identifying, training, and guiding group leaders to become effective pastors / shepherds of people in their groups. This pastor or director will work with the Tomball Lead Campus Pastor and the Cypress and Spring Branch Community Group Pastors to ensure continuity and shared vision, while exercising the initiative and creativity to lead this significant ministry to the church body at the Tomball campus. The effectiveness of the leader in this role will be measured by the extent to which Bayou City Fellowship members and regular attendees are actively engaged in Community Groups. A healthy group is one in which the members grow in their love for God, His Word, and His people and that motivates lives of humility, obedience, and sacrificial service. This pastor or director will report to the Lead Campus Pastor. Ministry Pastoral leadership of adult groups at the Tomball campus (Community Groups, Men’s, Marriage) Identify, train, and develop group leaders for effective pastoral/shepherding ministry Develop training programs to increase the effectiveness of group leaders to function as pastors Work with the Community Group Pastors at the other campuses to develop the curricula and materials for Community Groups Presence among the body through attendance at Community Groups Mentor group leaders through individual / smaller-group sessions Develop group coaches (or their equivalents) for pastoral care of group leaders Assist group leaders in biblical counseling where necessary Explore ways to increase the engagement of church attendees in Community Groups Other duties as assigned by the Tomball Lead Campus Pastor OTHER Pastoral If the candidate selected for this position has the qualifications of Pastor, other duties may include: Preaching and teaching Weddings and funerals Biblical counseling Qualifications Displays a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior through a life of devotion, prayer, and obedience Love for God, His Word, and His people Passion to see God’s people grow strong and deep in their love for Him and in obedient lives Demonstrated proficiency in the essential elements of pastoral work through training and / or experience: knowledge of the Bible, a reasonable understanding of God and His ways, a good understanding of basic doctrines for effective shepherding, understanding of the gospel and its impact on life, ability to think theologically and biblically, knowledge of the dynamics of spiritual formation and life transformation, ability to serve / minister / teach God’s Word in life situations with a goal of transformation, understanding of effective discipleship, and an ability to disciple Proven shepherding experience Teaching and training experience and giftedness Leadership skills and traits that are exercised in love and humility Preferred Skills Excellent communication and interpersonal skills Problem solving and resourcefulness Computer skills (web, documents, spreadsheets, and presentations)


Responsible to: Executive Pastor Working Relationships: Department Heads and Ministry Leaders Scope of Position: The Online Community Pastor is responsible for creating an online expression of Kentwood Community Church that engages people around the world to know Jesus and make Him known. The Online Community Pastor will offer pastoral leadership by live hosting the online weekend services, shepherding the online church family during the week, and discipling people to go and make disciples. Time Commitment: Part-Time 29 hours/week, with the opportunity to grow into a full time position Classification: Hourly, non-exempt Typical Duties: Develop and expand the reach of the church through an online church expression that speaks directly to people who might never step foot in our physical church building Create an intuitive funnel that takes the online congregation from consuming church content, to connecting with the church, to committing to a discipled life Partner with the weekend service planning team to create effective worship experiences for the online church family Drive the creation of online discipleship groups Pastor the online church family during the live broadcasts of the weekend services and shepherd those attending online throughout the week Connect people with people by providing opportunities for in-person meetings within home-churches Raise up leaders who will be disciple-makers and host home-church gatherings Continuously connect the mission and vision of the physical campus to the online community so that the two individual expressions maintain clear, church-wide messaging Stay up-to-date with new technologies and head initiatives to continuously improve the online Build an online volunteer team that participates in serving opportunities remotely Position Requirements: Exhibits a personal and growing relationship with God, a teachable spirit, and a healthy family life Bachelors Degree in Biblical Studies or related field – preferable 2+ years of pastoral experience Exceptional online and in-person communication experience, writing, public speaking, and creative communication A self-motivated leader, capable of managing self and others, and effective in developing and implementing church systems Gifted in pastoring, teaching and/or worship leading Ability to lead, encourage, shepherd, and make disciples who make disciples Knowledge of broadcasting, social media, web, modern digital communication Ability to interface with production and digital departments Become a member of KCC by completing First Steps and Next Steps


Vox Church is seeking a Full-Time Campus Pastor to add to our Pastoral Team. The role of a Campus Pastor is generally broken into the following 8 categories: Responsibilities: Sunday Morning Experience The Campus Pastor is responsible for the overall Sunday morning experience at his campus. This includes all aspects of Sunday morning [Kids Ministry, Production, Worship, Servant Teams and the worship service]. Discipleship The Campus Pastor will lead the campus discipleship efforts to move the church community through the discipleship pipeline. Lead the Campus Directional Team Each campus has a team comprised of the leaders of the following 6 teams: Kids, Community Groups, Servant Team, Production, Outreach and Worship. The Campus Pastor recruits, trains and leads this team weekly. Pastoral Care The Campus Pastor is responsible for meeting the pastoral care needs of the congregation. This includes things like hospital visits, weddings, funerals, etc. Leadership Development This role is tasked with finding, developing, and training leaders who can be given significant roles and City Strategy Developing a relationship with the city is a crucial part of the Campus Pastor’s role. This includes relationships with government officials, other churches, and local outreach partners. The Campus Pastor is responsible for creating a cohesive outreach strategy that meets the needs of the city. Preaching & Teaching Campus Pastors preach on Sunday mornings an average of 2-4 times per year. Additionally, there are teaching needs within the church for things like training sessions, retreats, etc. Strategic Campus Advancement The Campus Pastor is responsible for generating and implementing strategy regarding hiring, locations and budget allocations. Competencies and Qualifications: A vibrant, growing relationship with Jesus Understand & embody the Vox Church Distinctives (see below) Skilled at recruiting and networking Able to lead and manage staff Coachable, teachable and flexible spirit Strong work-ethic Leads family well & a healthy home life 5+ years of pastoral ministry experience Theological Education (preferred) Please attach a cover letter, resume, and link to a video of yourself serving in a ministry capacity. VOX Distinctives WE ARE Married TO THE Message: we don’t teach things that we don’t embody. This means that leaders serve, that transparency is king, and that our private lives reflect the devotion we proclaim. Success is not size, revenue, or influence. Rather, success is closing the gap between the life I’m living and the unlived life within me. WE ARE Contenders: we believe that God made his Church the agents of his grace on the earth. We pray for salvation, healing, and deliverance and expect a big God to respond to big prayers. The secret things belong to God, but the revealed things are for us to pray for His kingdom upon this earth. WE ARE Pioneers: innovation, change and risk are the language of faith. A pioneer takes territory previously considered uninhabitable and realizes its full potential. We are a church that carries a pioneering spirit. WE ARE Students OF Culture: the trends of fashion, the movement of art, the innovation around us, and the sounds produced all speak the language of our unique era. It is our passion to leverage everything to glorify God and reach people with the good news of Christ. OUR Relationships BUILD Muscle: rather than squirming away from confrontation and difficult conversations we humbly embrace the moment, knowing that honesty, relational investment, and process result in deep trust and sustainable health. We deal with conflict quickly and kill gossip before it breeds. WE Thrive IN Cultural Centers: we go where people gather. We focus on cities because they bring us face to face with more people and more activity. As the world moves into the city, we strategically focus where the impact can be greatest. WE ENJOY THE RIDE: we won’t take for granted what God is doing in our church. Our leaders are committed to creating life rhythms that sustain us for a lifetime embracing Sabbath, celebration, and rest. We believe in a God of abundance and we develop life patterns built on grace.

What Does a Pastor Do?

Pastors typically work for churches in different sects of the Christian faith to help provide guidance and leadership to congregants. They communicate with leaders of the church administration to implement new policies and worship themes at their location. Their job is to contemplate Bible passages and connect them to current events to provide valuable insights into their sermons. They also oversee administrative tasks with other church employees. They may also be responsible for officiating weddings and leading funeral services for congregants.

Pastor Skills and Qualifications

A pastoral role requires many skills. Some of these skills are:

  • Communication skills both verbally and in writing to inform, persuade and comfort congregation members; a pastor’s communication skills are also important to communicate with church staff and the media if necessary
  • The ability to keep information private when working with congregation members to better counsel and comfort church members in times of crisis; a Pastor’s should respect a congregation member’s privacy during and after pastoral counseling 
  • Knowledge of church software to manage church administrative duties
  • Project management skills to work with the church administration in a timely manner
  • Strong moral character to give a good religious example to the congregation

Pastor Salary Expectations

The average salary for a Pastor is $39,605 per year. Salary estimates are based on salaries submitted to Indeed by Pastor employees and users as well as being collected from past and present job advertisements on Indeed. This compensation may vary according to seniority, size and financial stability of the hiring church, compensation and benefits for a Pastor with several years of work experience in the church ministry.

Pastor Education and Training Requirements

At a minimum, a Pastor should have a Bachelor of Arts, with a focus or accreditation in ministry. A master of divinity from an accredited theological school or a seminary is recommended, and some Pastor candidates may want to get a doctorate from a seminary or theological school. Some denominations have boards of ministry for testing a Pastor candidate in theology and ministry. A Pastor must learn pastoral ethics, the Old and New Testament, Biblical interpretation of the testaments, financial planning education for the office of Pastor, church finances and other administrative duties related to the work of a Pastor. With the primary job of a Pastor being to inform, lead and comfort a congregation, a Pastor must be emotionally educated and trained as much as the role requires being administratively trained and university-educated to lead a congregation.

Pastor Experience Requirements

Pastors begin their careers as associate pastors, working under the supervision of senior pastors. With experience and good moral conduct, Associate Pastors work into senior pastoral roles. Pastors must learn and show proficiency with the basics of social work in working with congregation members who are in crisis and who need counseling. A Pastor will learn how to counsel and help various congregation members whether they are mourning the loss of a loved one or celebrating the birth of a new child.

Job Description Samples for Similar Positions

The Pastor’s position is a broad job description for a spiritual leader of a congregation. The positions associated with Pastor often have many of the same education, skills, duties, responsibilities and experience requirements as the role of a Pastor. Some of the positions similar to the title, experience and duties of a Pastor position are:

Frequently asked questions about Pastors


Is the difference between a Pastor and a Priest?

In some situations, people use the title “Pastor” and “Priest” interchangeably. For example, One Catholic congregation may use the title “Priest” while another uses the title “Pastor.” In the Catholic Church and other orthodox sects, there aren’t distinctions between these two titles as they both mean the same thing. In contrast, other Christian denominations like Protestantism or non-denominational congregations typically use the title “Pastor” to describe a congregation leader. 

Further, Priests or Pastors in the Catholic Church and orthodox sects need to be ordained. In contrast, Pastors for other Christian sects may not need to be ordained depending on a congregation’s requirements. It is also important to note that while Pastors typically work for Christian churches, Priests can work for Christian congregations or other religions depending on the faith they practice.


What are the daily duties of a Pastor?

On a typical day, a Pastor starts by checking their email and voicemail to answer messages from congregants and church employees. They take time to pray and review Bible passages to inspire their sermons. Throughout the day, Pastors hold meetings with congregants to help them through life changes and provide them with guidance about how to view the situation. 

Pastors also conduct house visits to elderly, sick or injured congregants and their families to pray with them and provide support. Once back in their church office, they draft sermons, review budgets and hold meetings with church employees to discuss upcoming events.


What qualities make a good Pastor?

A good Pastor is someone who has a strong faith and a desire to help others. They have excellent written and verbal communication, enabling them to create well-composed sermons to read aloud to a room full of congregants. Pastors should also make an effort to be there for their congregants during emergencies to pray with them and provide guidance. Further, a good Pastor always seeks out opportunities to help their local community. They do this by organizing food bank drives, hosting fundraisers and leading community projects.


Who does a Pastor report to?

A Pastor typically reports to a Bishop or a leader of the church administration at the state or local level. If they work for a large congregation with multiple Pastors, they may report to the Senior Pastor to receive their preaching schedule and other congregation events to lead.

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