Physician Assistant Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Physician Assistant, or PA, is a medical professional in charge of examining, diagnosing and treating patients with the guidance of a Medical Doctor. Their duties include prescribing medications to cure illness, recording patient vital signs and running diagnostic tests to determine the source of the patient’s symptoms.

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Physician Assistant duties and responsibilities

Physician Assistants perform a variety of duties that require close interaction with patients and their families. Here are some common duties and responsibilities:

  • Greet patients and gather medical information
  • Give physical exams to make correct diagnoses
  • Work with Physicians and Nurses to prescribe and administer treatments
  • Monitor patient progress and make adjustments to treatment
  • Instruct patients and their families about best practices at home
  • Document and update patient records
  • Refer patients to specialists as needed

Physician Assistant Job Description Examples:


Physician Assistant

We are recruiting for a temporary contractual assignment for Advanced Practitioners

  • to join the Johns Hopkins Covid team to staff the Alternate Care Site at the Baltimore Convention Center (ACS BCC).

    We have an urgent need to staff this center in order to address this healthcare emergency. This will be a 24 hour operation, with 12 hour day, night and weekend shifts.

    Required Qualifications:

  • Crnp or PA active, current and unrestricted license in any US state.

  • At least 1 year experience as a Crnp or PA

  • Within past 2 years, must have experience working with adults (as Crnp/PA).

  • Basic Life Support (BLS)

  • Must be able to multi-task, be detail-oriented, be organized and have excellent verbal and communication skills.

  • Must be able to perform duties in a stressful and high paced environment without physical limitations.

  • Ability to adapt to sudden changes and flexibility in work requirements to include potential shift changes based on operational needs and/or command priorities.

    Preferred Qualification:

  • Acls/BLS preferred.

    Physical Requirements:

  • Work involves sitting and standing for prolonged periods of time.

  • May require bending, stooping and lifting as required for patient care and transport.

    Job Type: Temporary/Contractual

    If you are interested, please submit your CV, credentials, specialties, email and phone number.

    Job Types: Temporary, No

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    Physician Assistant

    Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Ensure high quality patient care and customer service.

  • Maintains a professional atmosphere and appearance of doctor's office and pretest room.

  • Understands ocular terminology and diseases and knows ocular abbreviations.

  • Explains to the patient the types of preliminary examinations.

  • Completes necessary paperwork and performs testing on patients prior to doctor examination.

  • Promotes visual field & retinal imaging screenings to eligible patients.

  • Performs exam pre-screening.

  • Greets and welcomes customers in a friendly manner as soon as they arrive at the store.

  • Ensures a smooth flow of customers through the store.

  • Answers, screens, and forwards incoming phone calls in accordance with NVI Protocol.

  • Processes and understands managed care plans.

  • Provides customers basic and accurate information.


  • Previous retail/optical experience preferred, but not required.

  • Strong customer service skills.

  • Ability to learn optical knowledge

  • Effective interpersonal skills.

  • Excellent organizational skills.

  • Detail oriented.

  • Multitasking and time-management skills.

  • Professional attitude and Type: High school or equivalent (Preferred)
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    Physician Assistant

    About the Company:

    AEG Vision (or “AEG”) is building a market-leading group of full-scope optometry practices through the acquisition of regional eyecare groups and independent optometry practices. Founded in 2017, AEG currently owns and operates

  • 170 optical locations across 12 states, with a vision to exceed 300 locations within the next couple of years. AEG is supported by Riata Capital Group, a private equity firm with a track record of success in the optical industry.

    We are building AEG by acquiring a collection of full-scope optometry practices and integrating them onto Acuity’s platform, supported by its corporate headquarters (the “Dallas Service Center”). AEG maintains the local brand, practice staff, store associates, and patients of its acquisitions – while investing in medical equipment, technology, infrastructure, and the team in order to elevate the patient experience. AEG’s core purpose is to “improve the health of our community by helping our neighbors see better and look their best, one patient at a time”.

    We are assembling a team of experienced industry professionals to help build AEG into the best place to work and have an outstanding patient experience.

    About the Position:

    Reports to: Store Manager

    Exempt Status: Non-Exempt

    Technician Responsibilities:

  • Patient histories

  • Tonometry

  • Blood pressure

  • Cover tests

  • Contact lens instruction

  • Contact lens ordering

  • Patient education

  • Screenings

  • Patient work-up

  • Visual acuity

  • Pressures from EOM's pupils (muscular movement)

  • Ocular history

  • Confrontational visual field testing

  • A-Scans

  • CEP- Corneal Coherence Photography

  • OCT- Optical Coherence Tomagraphy

  • Biometry

  • Visual field

  • Assist with minor surgeries

  • Scribe

  • Testing

  • Refraction

  • Keratometry

  • Fundus photography

  • Patient education on all products in practice which are too numerous to name

  • Maintain, clean and stock patient exam lanes

    Minimum Requirements/Qualifications:

  • Bilingual Spanish Strongly Preferred

  • High School Diploma

  • Minimum of one year experience working as an Technician strongly preferred

  • Experience with Hipaa requirements preferred

  • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail

  • Strong communication skills (verbal and written)

  • Excellent customer service skills and pleasant demeanor, experience with sales preferred

  • Manual dexterity and hand-eye coordination

  • Dependability and punctuality

  • Ability to lift up to 30 lbs, bend, kneel and stand for prolonged periods of time

    Job Type: Full-time

    Work Location:

  • One Health Dental Vision insurance
  • What does a Physician Assistant do? 

    Physician Assistants can work in any medical specialty to provide basic care to patients. Their duties vary depending on what kind of Physician they report to. Many Physician Assistants work under Primary Care Practitioners to provide basic medical care, handling common issues on their own and seeking guidance from the Physician on complex problems. They meet with patients, perform physicals, discuss symptoms and educate them on their condition. Physician Assistants can also work with specialists and perform duties within their scope of care, for example providing support to Surgeons during surgical procedures and performing skin biopsies when working with Dermatologists.

    Physician Assistant skills and qualifications

    Physician Assistants need a variety of skills, including:

    • Strong verbal and written communication
    • Excellent attention to detail
    • Knowledge of diagnostic equipment and procedures
    • Good interpersonal skills
    • Critical-thinking and problem-solving skills
    • Ability to move and manipulate patients
    • PA state license
    • Ability to multitask in a fast-paced environment
    • Computer literacy

    Physician Assistant salary expectations

     A Physician Assistant makes an average of $106,497 per year. Salary may depend on level of experience, education and the geographical location.

    Physician Assistant education and training requirements

    Physician Assistants need to have a master’s degree in Physician Assistant studies. Programs usually last two years, and students need a bachelor’s degree to enter the program. During the program, students receive a mix of classroom instruction and clinical experience. Upon graduating, they need to pass the Physician Assistant National Certifying Examination to earn a state license to practice. PAs need to complete continuing education in order to maintain licensure. When a Physician Assistant wants to specialize, they usually need to complete a residency and get a certification. 

    Physician Assistant experience requirements

    Entry-level PAs need no work experience since they get clinical training in school. Physician Assistants who pursue a specialty typically need to undergo a residency program lasting between one and two years. Those who manage or lead other PAs should have at least five years of experience. Employers who need Physician Assistants to complete a wide range of highly complicated duties could also require at least five years of experience. 

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    Frequently asked questions about Physician Assistants


    What is the difference between a Physician Assistant and a Nurse Practitioner?

    Physican Assistants and Nurse Practitioners have many similar duties, but they require different qualifications and implement different methods to address a patient’s health. Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners both have the ability to work independently but often operate alongside a Doctor. 

    Nurse Practitioners usually work in nursing specialties like primary care, emergency care and geriatric care. They emphasize the nursing model in their work, which involves maintaining the holistic health and lifestyle of a patient to improve their wellness. Physician Assistants work from the medical model, which focuses on treating problems as they arise, curing symptoms and eliminating disease with medication and medical procedures.


    What are the daily duties of a Physician Assistant?

    Physician Assistants can complete a range of tasks during a typical day in a clinical setting. The exact scope of their work depends on the agreement they make with their attending Physician, who decides what types of treatments and procedures the Physician Assistant is authorized to complete. Some of the procedures they perform include suturing cuts, giving injections, setting broken bones and stabilizing fractures. They talk to patients about their symptoms, take their vital signs, order x-rays and blood tests, interpret lab results and determine the appropriate course of treatment. 

    Physician Assistants update patient records and handle some administrative tasks in the medical office. They communicate with their supervising Physician about their patient outcomes and request consultations on cases they need assistance with.


    What are the characteristics of a good Physician Assistant?

    Good Physician Assistants have the essential qualities to provide excellent medical care to their patients, including patience, compassion, attention to detail and problem-solving skills. They are professional and considerate when talking to patients about their medical issues, communicating clearly about complex medical concepts. Excellent Physician Assistants are independent and take initiative with patients while still implementing guidance from their attending Physician.


    Who does a Physician Assistant report to?

    In most states, Physician Assistants must report directly to a Physician about their patient’s care. Physician Assistants who operate independently still have a supervising Physician that they can reach out to about getting authority for certain prescriptions or procedures. 

    Each state has their own laws about the level of supervision the Physician Assistant needs in order to practice and what kinds of medication they can provide to their patients. Some states have the Physicians themselves set these standards, while others delegate the responsibility to the state medical board. Depending on these standards, Physician Assistants may check in regularly with their supervisor or only meet with them on complex cases.

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