Program Director Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Program Director, or Project Director, is responsible for overseeing all aspects of an organizational initiative, including hiring staff, managing the budget and advertising the program to potential participants. Their duties include setting the scope of the program, setting deadlines and delegating tasks to team members.

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Program Director duties and responsibilities

A Program Director is responsible for researching, planning, developing and implementing an organization’s programs. Their responsibilities typically include the following: 

  • Hire, train and be a motivating mentor to staff. 
  • Lead large group discussions to answer questions and remedy complaints.
  • Create and nurture effective communication within the organization. 
  • Build a strong team through open communication and by collaborating on decision-making responsibilities. 
  • Initiate and set goals for programs based on the organization’s strategic objectives.
  • Plan programs from start to finish, including identifying processes, deadlines and milestones.
  • Develop and approve operations and budgets.

Program Director Job Description Examples:


Program Director

The Bridge, an innovative and well respected mental health agency serving adults with serious mental illness, substance abuse, co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders, and co-morbid medical conditions is seeking Assistant Program Director for it's Residential Services Department.

Scope of Position:

  • Ensure the delivery and documentation of client services including, but not limited to, weekly service-linked progress notes, collateral contact notes, monthly summary notes, service or support plans, assessments and consents.

  • Ensures case records are current and accurate.

  • Provide assistance with Medicaid Billing review and submission.

  • Assist Program Director with personnel activities including but not limited to recruiting/hiring, shift scheduling, staff meetings, staff training, performance evaluations, time and attendance (utilizing Paycom system), disciplinary actions and labor/management issues.

  • Ensure that all staff receive required training included but not limited to first aid/CPR, CPI, incident reporting, and cultural competency.

  • Assist with program’s fiscal responsibilities including, but not limited to, inventory of office supplies, petty cash, distribution of clients’ funds, program fee payment plans and money management documentation.

  • Supervise and ensure completion of apartment inspections and fire drills.

  • Ensure the safety and maintenance of all apartments through ongoing assessment of maintenance requirements and communication with Facilities Department regarding repair needs of all apartments.

  • Assist Program Director in ensuring compliance with contractual obligations, including facilitating appropriate admissions and discharges, maintaining census, incident reporting and completion of required documentation.

  • Attend internal agency meetings and trainings.

  • In the absence of the Program Director assume all managerial responsibilities under the direct supervision of the Area Director.

  • Perform other duties consistent with the goals and objectives of the program as assigned by the Program Director, AVP, VP, SVP, and/or Bridge Senior Management.

  • Ability to work with consumers/residents/tenants, families, and staff in a caring and respectful manner, and with due understanding of and consideration for cultural differences.

  • Conduct apartment/building inspections on multiple floors, utilizing stairs.

  • Provide escorts to clients throughout the community utilizing public transportation & attend meetings/training off site.

  • Immediately reports serious incidents, serious incident allegations, incidents, or sensitive situations to supervisors.

  • Any other duties as may be assigned.


  • Associates Degree or Equivalent with a minimum 2 years’ experience working in a supportive residential program and/or with individuals with serious mental illness and background of homelessness.

  • Computer literate with knowledge of Microsoft Office; specifically excel spreadsheets. Knowledge of Awards preferred.

  • Excellent oral and written communications skills.

  • Excellent organizational and planning skills.

  • Ability to effectively interact and communicate with all

  • levels of employees, clients and community contacts.

    Job Type: Full-time

    Work authorization:

  • United States (Required)


  • Health insurance

  • Dental insurance

  • Retirement plan

  • Paid time off

  • Parental Tuition
  • ×

    Program Director

    Our company has an opening for a Program Director to join our team! The Program Director will have a clinical background, be a strong communicator and a strategic thinker. This individual will offer a collaborative approach to team work and have demonstrated experience or interest in working on developing medical programs.

    Program Director Responsibilities

    Agenda Planning

  • Invites faculty once agenda is in good shape and Chairs have given list of suggested names

  • Keeps Chairs/Team updated on invite status; makes sure to log honorarium amounts

    Faculty Interaction and Presentation Content

  • Invites faculty

  • On all major planning calls

  • Keeps track of implementation timeline and prioritizes with the team

  • Content Tracking

  • CME tracking

  • Online Enduring programs

    CME upfront information

    Certificate templates

    Evaluation template writing

    Ensuring we have an appropriate # of posttest questions/working with content writers

    Submitting content for CME review

    Submitting content for posting; if working with a vendor then responsible for reviewing any drafts and launching with the vendor

    Working with website developers to QC the programmed drafts, approve finals, and get launched


  • Works directly with website developers for updating the following areas of the site:

    o Agendas

    o CME symposia listings

    o Faculty info page

    o Accreditation info

    o Educational support info

    o Online activities

    Meeting materials

  • Works directly with Marketing to review and approve program materials including:

    o Program booklets

    o Conference guides

    o Signage

    o Any eblasts/banners etc.

    Onsite Meeting

  • Reviews room set up with Event Planner

  • Reviews expectations/writes out reminders for AV re: meeting schedule, recordings, any ARS needed

  • Writes up onsite schedules and holds final staff planning meeting to discuss roles/responsibilities

  • Finalizes housekeeping notes for Chairs

  • Onsite management of all sessions, ensure all rooms are adequately covered by staff; interfaces with Faculty and Chairs to help prep/get them to their next sessions

  • Writes up post-meeting reports

  • Works with programming team to pull evaluation information and write personal thank yous to faculty

  • Ensures lead retrieval info is collected from CME symposia

  • Helps problem solve any last minute changes/emergencies

  • Deals with any post-meeting inquiries sent to the website related to claiming credit

    Registration Interaction

  • Works with registration compnay for online evaluation programming

  • Retrieves final evaluation data for reporting purposes and our records; submits data to accreditor for their records

    Mobile App

  • Main contact with mobile app vendors

  • Work with programming team on the mobile app development (come up with structure and how content appears) and circulate to team to gather comments/make changes

  • Delegated/trained team to use the app/manage on the back end as there is a CMS with Tristar.


  • Ensures that content writers produce pre/posttest questions for activities

  • Ensures that 30-day outcomes are sent out

  • Reviews drafted reports and writes out summaries for review

  • Tracking of reports and getting them done

    Job Type: Full-time

    Work Location:

  • One location

  • Fully Health Dental Vision insurance
  • ×

    Program Director

    Indigenous Peoples Task Force

    JOB Description: HIV Program Director

    Reports to: Executive Director

    Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30am – 4:30pm

    This position exists to manage the HIV program services provided by Iptf. The HIV Program Manager supervises and coordinates outreach services, syringe services, HIV/HCV testing and counseling, client navigation, case management, and related training, education, and social marketing initiatives.


  • Maintain a strong vision for the direction of the program,

  • Establish and maintain community-based advisory boards and community partnerships

  • Pro-actively partner with governmental public health and funders, including MDH, DHS, Hennepin County, and CDC

  • Coordinate services between testers, navigators and case management including services for high risk negatives and positives

  • Develop social network outreach and testing strategies

  • Lead design and delivery of HIV community awareness and training initiatives

  • Provide leadership to HIV program staff to assure goals and objectives are met, and oversee quality assurance in testing, navigation, and case management services

  • Manage budgets, approve expenditures and reconcile employee expense and travel

  • With the Evaluator, prepare and submit accurate, timely, and complete reports to donors and stakeholders


  • Degree in public health, social work or other health related discipline

  • Demonstrated program management and supervisory experience

  • Demonstrated understanding of HIV modes of transmission, course of the disease, risk factors, prevention and risk reduction, and impact on the Native American community

  • Demonstrated experience working with the Native American community and knowledge of related resources

  • Strong understanding of client confidentiality

  • Must possess a valid Minnesota Driver’s License

    Salary commensurate with qualifications

    Job Type: Full-time

    Salary: $55,000.00 to $70,000.00 /year


  • Bachelor's (Preferred)

    Work Location:

  • One location


  • Health insurance

  • Dental insurance

  • Retirement plan

  • Paid time Monday to Day shift
  • What does a Program Director do? 

    Program Directors may be responsible for a single program or oversee the development and implementation of multiple programs within their organization. The role of a Program Director is to identify company objectives and create programs that further those goals, determining the type of content they want to produce through the program and setting benchmarks for success. 

    The Program Director determines the operations structure for each project and makes choices about funding, staffing, reporting and marketing. They appoint employees to key program roles and delegate tasks based on their skills and experience. Program Directors communicate with senior management about the progress of their programs.

    Program Director skills and qualifications

    A successful Program Director has a variety of skills and qualifications that allow them to manage their responsibilities effectively, which can include: 

    • Demonstrated leadership skills
    • Strategic mindset
    • Ability to multitask 
    • Problem-solving skills
    • Written and verbal communication skills
    • Interpersonal skills

    Program Director salary expectations 

    A Program Director makes an average of $62,903 per year. Salary may depend on a candidate’s education, experience level and geographical location. 

    Program Director education and training requirements

    Most employers require Program Directors to have at least a bachelor’s degree in a field such as human resources, accounting, business management, business administration or communications. Some entry-level jobs will provide cross-training opportunities to advance into the Program Director position. Other companies may require a master’s degree and specialized degrees in their specific industry. Some relevant certifications applicants can earn to increase their chances of being hired include the Activity Director Certified (ADC) and the Certified Project Director (CPD) designations.

    Program Director experience requirements 

    Experience level for Program Directors can vary depending on the size and type of company. Many Program Directors start their careers in entry-level positions like Program Organizer or Administrative Assistant and gain on-the-job training that can help them advance them a senior role. Larger companies often require Program Directors to have 5 or more years of previous experience. Some businesses and organizations give experience credit for graduate work, especially for industry-specific degrees and MBAs. All Program Director applicants should have experience implementing and monitoring the success of new programs as well as organizing program activities using teamwork and goal-setting.

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    Frequently asked questions about Program Directors


    What is the difference between a Program Director and a Project Manager?

    Program Directors and Project Managers may collaborate to accomplish company goals, but their work has a different scope. Program Directors oversee all aspects of a certain program, while Project Managers are in charge of accomplishing a specific goal to meet company objectives. Program Directors handle the strategic aspects of a company program, delegating tasks to the Project Managers who provide hands-on supervision of daily tasks. A Program Director might appoint multiple Project Managers to complete all of the important parts of implementing a program. 

    For example, a Program Director at a library might be in charge of managing all programs, classes and events aimed at babies and toddlers. They might have a Project Manager on their team supervise the remodeling, decoration and furnishing of the kid’s area of the library. While the Program Director would still provide guidance for the budget and goal of the remodel, they would also focus on library programming, marketing and other strategic needs.


    What are the qualities of a good Program Director?

    Program Directors focus on the overall goals of a company initiative, making it important for them to have a clear vision based on strategy. Excellent Program Directors are able to anticipate program outcomes based on data, so they often have strong analytical skills and are good at performing research. Good Program Directors are also great communicators who can provide guidance to their team and help them solve problems as they arise. They are organized enough to keep track of business communications, following up when necessary and making sure that all of their priorities get accomplished according to schedule.


    What are the daily duties of a Program Director?

    Program Directors can spend their time working in the office or attending programs and events on-site to make sure they go smoothly. They start their day by responding to emails and calls, reaching out to employees, vendors and business partners for status updates on various objectives. The Program Director analyzes their program budget, determining how to spend surplus or where to cut costs to balance income and expenses. They track the progress of their project and produce reports on each program’s success, which they then share with company leadership. Program Directors may also identify developing needs and pitch ideas for new programs.


    Who does a Program Director report to?

    Program Directors generally report to a Department Director, but may report directly to the CEO of the organization or other members of the executive team depending on the scope of their programs and size of the company. When reporting to department or company leadership, Program Directors gain authorization for budget changes and discuss the role of their programs in the company.

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