Public Relations Account Manager Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

Last updated: June 22, 2022

A Public Relations Account Manager is responsible for managing information between their clients and the general public in order to grow brands and drive sales for clients. Their duties typically involve creating news items, press releases and product placements to influence public opinion and behavior and promote products or clients to their audiences.

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Public Relations Account Manager duties and responsibilities

A Public Relations Account Manager’s main duties are to influence the public and promote products through press releases and news items without the use of paid advertising. They craft, polish and maintain the client’s public image and tend to how they portray themselves in public. Some of the most common responsibilities of a PR Account Manager include:

  • Coming up with positive news coverage about clients or products
  • Cooperating with clients and media on a daily basis to come up with news content
  • Researching, drafting and issuing press releases to the news media and blogs
  • Building strong relationships with clients, the media and other employees in the company
  • Constantly monitoring the news media, social media and blogs to find new opportunities for clients
  • Working with the accounts team to craft client proposals and help implement PR activities
  • Attending client meetings and preparing reports for clients
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Public Relations Account Manager Job Description Examples

What does a Public Relations Account Manager do? 

Public Relations Account Managers provide consultations and lead media campaigns at public relations firms or at large corporations that have a dedicated PR department. They assess public opinion of their clients and create an action plan for generating positive attention and aligning media buzz with their client’s goals. Informing the public about new initiatives, responding to criticisms and concerns, highlighting community outreach and building industry relationships are all key purposes of a Public Relations Account Manager. Public Relations Account Managers are essential to an organization because they help shape a brand’s identity, reputation and profile.

Public Relations Account Manager skills and qualifications

The position of a Public Relations Account Manager is crucial in building a good rapport with the general public, so candidates need to have a number of skills to excel in the job, including:

  • Excellent digital and traditional communication skills
  • Knowledge of public relations and client service
  • Relationship building and networking skills
  • Emotional and interpersonal intelligence
  • In-depth understanding of and experience with news media and social media
  • Creative, strategic and innovative
  • Excellent writing and editing skills
  • Analytical and business-oriented

Public Relations Account Manager salary expectations

No salary data could be found on Indeed Salaries for Public Relations Account Manager. However, Public Relations Account Executives earn $59,898 per year on average, and Public Relations Managers earn an average of $60,584 per year. The salary may vary based on the candidate’s experience, education and geographical location.

Public Relations Account Manager education and training requirements

In most cases, employers look for a minimum of a bachelor’s or associate degree from Public Relations Account Manager candidates. The top degrees to look out for include journalism, mass communication and public relations. Candidates who have high school diplomas and prior experience in public relations may also be considered. You might also look for candidates with certifications from professional organizations like the Public Relations Society of America or applicants who took extra courses to build skills in areas like marketing and social media.

Public Relations Account Manager experience requirements  

To become a Public Relations Account Manager, candidates should have prior experience in a PR agency, public relations office or any fast-paced media field. The amount of experience required varies depending on the size of your organization and a candidate’s education. For smaller companies, candidates may only need a few years of experience, but larger companies may prefer candidates who have around 10 years of experience working in a marketing or communications position, including some managerial experience.

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