Regional Sales Manager Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Regional Sales Manager, or Area Sales Manager, is responsible for developing and implementing sales, marketing, financial and structural strategies in stores across a group of territories. Their duties include visiting stores to meet with employees, communicating about sales goals and expectations and gathering research about their target market.

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Regional Sales Manager Duties and Responsibilities

While every company will vary, there are general duties and responsibilities that will be required of a Regional Sales Manager. You can use this list of duties and responsibilities of a Regional Sales Manager to help you get started. 

  • Recommend service and product enhancement to improve the sales potential and customer satisfaction
  • Ensure the delivery of targets through individual recognition, performance review, people management and reward
  • Meet with customers to discuss their evolving needs and to assess the quality of the company’s relationship with them
  • Determine the company’s gross-profit and annual unit plans by analyzing trends and results and implementing marketing strategies
  • Develop field sales action plans to facilitate the implementation of the regional sales programs
  • Maintain technical and professional knowledge by reviewing professional publications, participating in professional societies and establishing personal networks
  • Plan for the achievement of individual and divisional targets in alignment with the strategies and policies of the company
  • Establish sales objectives by projecting expected sales volume and forecasting and developing sales quotas for territories and the region
  • Keep current with economic indicators, changing trends, supply and demand and competitors to maintain sales volume and product mix.
  • Positively contribute to team effort by accomplishing related results
  • Provide the necessary support to sales associates to enable them to generate market leads and close new deals
  • Develop and implement new programs, sales initiatives and strategies to capture key demographics
  • Document customer interactions and maintain data related to activities, accounts and partners
  • Design cross-selling programs and campaigns
  • Ensure the effectiveness of cross-selling activities by guiding employees
  • Uplift the regional sales volume to its possible best
  • Organize training for new staff
  • Develop and review long- and short-term sales strategies
  • Develop and maintain channels between product developers and resellers
  • Participate in interviews and the processes of recruiting new employees

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Regional Sales Manager Job Description Examples

What Does a Regional Sales Manager Do?

Regional Sales Managers are middle management employees who handle high-level issues related to running stores and making sales. Their role is to act as a liaison between company executives and employees involved in completing sales processes. Regional Sales Managers help set budgets for stores in their area based on reports of their profitability, past expenses and expected sales. 

Their goal is to plan and supervise workflows that lead to the greatest return on their investment and contribute to a long-term vision for the business. They ensure that the company’s brand and quality is consistent across all stores in their regions, creating plans to address discrepancies between locations.

Regional Sales Manager Skills and Qualifications

A Regional Sales Manager will need to have numerous skills and qualifications to adequately complete their job. Using this list, you can select what skills and qualifications you will add to your job description. 

  • Ability to multitask
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Excellent analytical skills
  • Excellent customer service
  • Creative problem-solving skills
  • Sales planning
  • Coaching skills
  • Market knowledge
  • Staffing skills
  • Meeting sales goals
  • Selling to customer needs
  • Budget development
  • Process management 
  • Building relationships
  • Motivation
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Negotiation 
  • Presentation skills
  • Emphasizing excellence
  • Profitability management

Regional Sales Manager Salary Expectations 

On average, a Regional Sales Manager earns $100,657 a year. This salary estimate is based on 7,773 salaries that were submitted to Indeed anonymously by various Regional Sales Manager employees, as well as those collected from present and past job advertisements in Indeed over the past three years. Typically, a Regional Sales Manager should serve the company for 2-4 years. 

Regional Sales Manager Education and Training Requirements 

To be able to execute their duties effectively, any job seeker interested in the position of a Regional Sales Manager must possess qualifications such as a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Business or related field and proficiency in Microsoft Office programs. They must also be able to lead and motivate high-performance sales teams. 

Regional Sales Manager Experience Requirements

Having relevant experience in given areas is further proof that the new hire will deliver effectively. You may consider a minimum of 2 years of sales experience, proven work experience in a sales management or relevant senior sales role or experience in measuring and analyzing performance indicators such as KPI and ROIs. Other experience you might look for could be a good understanding of store operations and ability to work well with teams.

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Frequently asked questions about Regional Sales Managers


What is the difference between a Regional Sales Manager and a Sales Manager?

Regional Sales Managers and Sales Managers have similar responsibilities but with different scope. Regional Sales Managers oversee the sales strategy of an entire area, while Sales Managers focus on a single store or department. Regional Sales Managers have a more strategic role that involves handling aspects of the business that influence the operations and administration of all stores in their area. Sales Managers directly manage the Salespeople on their team to hit individual sales targets and implement the strategies set by the Regional Sales Manager. They are more hands-on with their leadership techniques.

Regional Sales Managers also have more authority to make decisions, often collaborating with company executives to develop new marketing techniques, products and policies. They perform high-level analysis on sales metrics, looking for patterns cross their region.


What are the daily duties of a Regional Sales Manager?

Regional Sales Managers split their time in the office handling administrative duties, visiting stores and attending business meetings. They collect information from each store and conduct their own market research projects to learn about potential opportunities for sales growth, including partnerships and promotions. When senior management invests in a new region, Regional Sales Managers research the cost of launching new sales outlets, expanding their sales team, educating the customer and investing in branding for their area. 

Regional Sales Managers also analyze financial information to prepare budgets, select vendors, adjust product prices and plan product shipments according to their estimated demand. They talk with Store Managers to address their concerns about staffing, productivity and sales strategies, reporting serious issues to company executives. Regional Sales Managers also facilitate communications between branches of their company in their territory.


What are the qualities of a good Regional Sales Manager?

Leadership is one of the most important characteristics of a Regional Sales Manager. They need to be able to motivate individuals and empower them to improve sales numbers or lead a team of Salespeople. Good Regional Sales Managers understand what factors motivate each person on their team and what challenges they face on the job. They’re proactive in finding solutions to improve workflows at their company.  

They’re innovative people who come up with efficient ways to collect sales data and produce reports for each store. Because they resolve high-level issues with operations, Regional Sales Managers are excellent at analyzing situations and coming up with a strategic plan that suits their resources and goals.


Who reports to a Regional Sales Manager?

Regional Sales Managers directly supervise Sales Managers and Store Managers at individual store locations. If they work for a company that doesn’t have a physical location, Sales Representatives can report directly to Regional Sales Managers about the sales they source from that area. Regional Sales Managers may also oversee Data Analysts, Sales Consultants and Market Researchers who consult on their strategic decisions.

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