Relationship Manager Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Relationship Manager, or Client Relationship Manager, is responsible for forming and maintaining connections with business clients to drive sales. Their duties include meeting with clients in-person to discuss new products or services, resolving client issues with their employer’s products or services to preserve relationships and communicating with other departments about maximizing client experiences.

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Relationship Manager Duties and Responsibilities

Relationship Managers build and maintain relationships with clients and partners. They give clients personalized advice, build rapport and provide quick responses to their inquiries. Relationship Managers analyze the company’s communication strategy, negotiations and contracts to identify trends that can improve organizational procedures. 

Here are examples of Relationship Manager duties:

  • Build and improve relationships with customers, key suppliers and partners.
  • Review company practices to ensure clients get maximum satisfaction from their purchases.
  • Identify potential opportunities and inform the sales team to follow up.
  • Educate and inform clients about the company’s products, services and special offers.
  • Attend to client complaints and resolve issues promptly.
  • Conduct customer satisfaction surveys and recommend ways of improving client satisfaction.
  • Work with internal departments to ensure company meets clients’ expectations.
  • Oversee customer relationship management system.

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Relationship Manager Job Description Examples

What Does a Relationship Manager Do?

Relationship Managers typically work for corporations across industries to make sure business clients feel valued. They work closely with the sales, marketing and customer service teams to develop new ways to attract clients and reduce client turnover. Their job is to understand their employer’s values and the types of products they offer to best represent their employer during client meetings. They may also be responsible for creating client satisfaction surveys and negotiating payment terms.

Relationship Manager Skills and Qualifications

A successful Relationship Manager candidate will have various prerequisite skills and qualifications needed for duties. Candidates require a bachelor’s degree in business administration or a related field to gain employment. The best applicants will have experience in customer relations service, sales or other customer-facing roles. Relationship Managers need excellent communication and presentation skills. 

Here are examples of Relationship Manager skills:

  • Bachelor in business administration, marketing or a related field
  • Three or more years’ experience in customer service, sales or a related position
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to lead and work within a team
  • Excellent conflict resolution and interpersonal skills and ability to build lasting relationships with clients
  • Exceptional organization skills and a strong work ethic

Relationship Manager Salary Expectations

A Relationship Manager earns an average salary of $72,019 per year. Earnings can depend on the size of the employer, the industry, geographical location, educational qualification and work experience. 

Relationship Manager Education and Training Requirements

Relationship Managers need at least a bachelor’s degree for employment. Some employers require years of work experience in their industry. Candidates with a background in sales or customer relations management may have a higher chance of getting hired. Employers provide on-the-job training to familiarize new Relationship Managers with their customer relationship management system (CRM) and offers. 

The ideal Relationship Manager candidate will be proficient in CRM tools. This will allow them to analyze client data, identify trends and recommend strategies to improve company practices. They need impeccable communication skills to interact with clients, partners and internal personnel. Relationship Managers will be fast learners because their work involves educating customers about their company’s offers. Presentation skills and proficiency in computer application programs are essential for the success of a Relationship Manager.

Relationship Manager Experience Requirements 

Relationship Managers need experience in customer relationships or business relations management. The candidates will be comfortable interacting with customers and helping them solve their problems. They will have knowledge of using customer satisfaction surveys to measure how users feel about their company’s products or services. 

Experienced Relationship Managers are adept at identifying promising leads. They assist the sales department to create new and repeat business opportunities through client support activities. Candidates will have excellent interpersonal skills and know how to diffuse tense situations. 

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Frequently asked questions about Relationship Managers


What is the difference between a Relationship Manager and a Sales Manager?

The difference between a Relationship Manager and a Sales Manager is their areas of job focus and the employees they oversee. For example, the Sales Manager oversees the daily operations within the sales department, including a team of Sales Representatives. Their main goal as the Sales Manager is to maintain or exceed sales goals to contribute to company revenue. 

In contrast, Relationship Managers oversee a team of Client Relations Representatives or Client Success Representatives. Their main goal is to develop strategies that allow them to build and maintain positive client relationships. Relationship Managers and Sales Managers can work closely together to develop repeat customer strategies.


What are the daily duties of a Relationship Manager?

On a typical day, a Relationship Manager starts by checking their email and voicemail to see if they missed any messages from clients or company employees. Throughout the day, Relationship Managers divide their time between cross-department meetings and in-person or phone meetings with company clients. They also use downtime in their office to update client accounts, prepare sales pitches for their company and answer client questions over the phone.


What qualities make a good Relationship Manager?

A good Relationship Manager has a personable nature and an ability to use persuasive language. In combination with one another, these qualities allow Relationship Managers to connect with clients and persuade them to try out new products or services the company has to offer. They value their employer’s mission, values and product offerings, which translates through their delivery to clients and inspires them to engage with their business. A good Relationship Manager also has an innovative mindset, inspiring them to develop unique ideas for enhancing customer relationships at their company.


Who does a Relationship Manager report to?

A Relationship Manager usually reports to the Director of Client Services or Director of Client Management. The Director of Client Services oversees a variety of business areas, including sales, marketing, relationship-building and customer service, to ensure that their business meets client needs. Relationship Managers working at Tech companies usually report to the Chief Information Officer (CIO) to determine whether new company software products align with a client’s expectations. In smaller corporations, Relationship Managers can report directly to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

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