Sales Support Specialist Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

Last updated: June 22, 2022

A Sales Support Specialist, or Sales Customer Support Specialist, assists the sales team in obtaining and keeping customers by performing administrative and clerical tasks. Their main duties include responding to customer complaints and questions, making sure orders are processed on time and scheduling sales meetings and appointments.


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Sales Support Specialist Duties and Responsibilities

A Sales Support Specialist assists clients through each step of the sales process, helping them resolve any concerns or questions they may have while processing, tracking and shipping orders efficiently. They also identify and create lists of potential clients while maintaining databases of sales. Additional responsibilities of a Sales Support Specialist may include:

  • Compiling daily lists of leads and delegating them to sales team associates
  • Maintaining an accessible and organized filing system for sales and administrative professionals
  • Handling all administrative duties for the sales department or team, including scheduling client conferences and meetings
  • Providing assistance to management team members and executives as needed
  • Performing data entry duties in regards to metrics, sales figures and other key data
  • Creating and processing sales in a timely manner
  • Reporting any unusual activity to supervisors
  • Expediting requests rush orders and altering sales orders and shipping information as required


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Sales Support Specialist Job Description Examples

What Does A Sales Support Specialist Do?

Sales Support Specialists provide assistance to the sales team to ensure customers are satisfied with the sales department’s performance. They’ll complete clerical and administrative duties for the sales team, like scheduling appointments, answering customers’ questions and informing customers of their order statuses. Sales Support Specialists are responsible for gathering lists of sales leads and distributing them equally to sales team members. 

They’ll create performance indicators for the sales team to follow, monitor their performances and create reports for the Sales Manager and Sales Director to review. Sales Support Specialists will also process various product or service orders and any requests for rush orders.


Sales Support Specialist Skills and Qualifications

A Sales Support Specialist needs to have excellent interpersonal skills in order to work efficiently within a team while having the ability to complete tasks and make decisions independently. Other essential skills a Sales Support Specialist should have include:

  • Computer literacy: In addition to data entry and typing, Sales Support Specialists need to have knowledge of basic spreadsheet and word processing creation software.
  • Time management and organization: These professionals use a variety of organization methods, including calendar management, to handle multiple projects at one time and completing tasks efficiently and quickly.
  • Customer service: Sales Support Specialists should have strong professional conversation etiquette, especially in person and over the phone when interacting with company representatives, clients and customers.
  • Communication: Clear communication and the ability to explain concepts in simple terms are used to help the customer work through problems and accurately describe products.
  • Problem-solving: These professionals should be able to use critical and creative thinking to identify and resolve issues with products and orders.


Sales Support Specialist Salary Expectations

The average salary in the United States for a Sales Support Specialist is $15.35 per hour. Salaries may vary depending on a candidate’s level of education and experience as well as any relevant training or certifications. Your organization’s industry, market and geographic location may also impact salaries.


Sales Support Specialist Education and Training Requirements 

A Sales Support Specialist needs to have a minimum of a high school diploma, though some employers prefer candidates with an associate or bachelor’s degree in areas including business, economics and marketing. For Sales Support Specialists selling technical, scientific or medical products, pharmaceutical, engineering and science degrees can be beneficial.


Sales Support Specialist Experience Requirements 

Depending on the needs of your organization, you may prefer entry-level candidates you can train in-house. You may also prefer candidates with a one to three years experience or more for senior positions. A Sales Support Specialist can demonstrate expertise in essential skills by earning various certifications, including:

  • Certified Professional Sales Person (CPSP) Certification: This certification is obtained by completing a six-week course that teaches individuals how to improve communication skills and connect with clients on a personal level. 
  • Customer Care Professional Certification: This certification teaches valuable communication and listening skills while helping individuals learn how to assist clients in a variety of settings.


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Frequently asked questions about Sales Support Specialists


Who does a Sales Support Specialist report to?

Sales Support Specialists typically report to the head of the sales department. In some organizations, this could be the Sales Director. They’ll regularly meet with the Sales Director to provide them updates on the sales team’s performance metrics and any reports they’ve created regarding the department’s recent sales metrics and quotas. The Sales Director may provide the Sales Support Specialist with important company information for them to relay to the sales department. 

Other companies have Sales Managers in charge, who will work directly with Sales Support Specialists to assign them their daily tasks. The Sales Support Specialist may also report to them for any feedback on their performance or to receive guidance on a complex sales task. 


What settings do Sales Support Specialists typically work in?

Sales Support Specialists typically work in an office environment. They may sit at the entrance area of the sales department, greeting guests and employees as they walk in, answering any initial questions visitors may have and directing individuals to certain meeting areas or offices. Sales Support Specialists may attend meetings with Sales Directors or Managers to take notes or to set up the equipment for their Supervisor’s presentations. 

Some of them may also have the opportunity to travel to other companies with the Sales Director or Manager to provide administrative support when they close sales deals with larger clients. 


What's the difference between a Sales Support Specialist and a Customer Support Specialist?

While they both address customers’ complaints, comments or questions, there are some key differences between the job responsibilities of Sales Support Specialists and Customer Support Specialists. Sales Support Specialists work primarily in the sales department, answering phones and customer questions while also providing administrative support to the sales team. 

Customer Support Specialists also answer customer questions about products or services, but will typically work in call centers or customer support departments. They don’t usually interact with the sales team and spend a majority of their shift responding to customer questions and comments through email, phone calls, social media channels, video chats and live chats.


What makes a good Sales Support Specialist?

A great Sales Support Specialist should have impressive verbal and written communication skills to respond to emails from both employees and customers, draft presentations and reports and collaborate closely with other sales employees. 

Effective organizational and time-management abilities are also important for Sales Support Specialists to prioritize and complete several tasks each day by their respective deadlines. Basic computer skills are needed, as they spend much of their time on the computer inputting sales data, responding to customer queries and scheduling meetings and appointments.

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