Security Guard Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Security Guard, or Security Officer, is responsible for safeguarding a person, building or valuable items. Their primary duties include checking and admitting visitors into a building, patrolling the premises at regular intervals and responding to any distress calls and alarms.

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Security Guard duties and responsibilities

Security Guards work in a range of settings. Some work for large companies and are sent out to various locations on a daily or weekly basis. Others work at the same business, office building or school everyday. To excel at their job, Security Guards will need to fulfill the following important duties and responsibilities:

  • Carrying out security checks on visitors, on arrival and exit using security scanners and other equipment
  • Performing luggage checks as required
  • Keeping a record of all visitors including the time of arrival and departure
  • Monitoring surveillance cameras
  • Responding to alarms within the premises
  • Patrolling the premises regularly to ensure nothing is out of place
  • Liaising with law enforcement in the case of suspected or reported criminal activity
  • Performing scheduled and random checks of designated areas throughout the facility to check for any security breaches 
  • Assisting the maintenance staff in securing an area during a maintenance emergency

Security Guard Job Description Examples:


Security Guard

Securitas has an immediate need for Security Guards for upcoming Events and Conventions.

Whether you're new to security or a seasoned officer, looking for part time or full time, our events can be a great fit with your schedule! Securitas Security Services

  • is looking for eager to learn and ready to work individuals. If you have a passion to help people and would like an opportunity to get your new career started, then Look no further! Securitas is the place for YOU!

    Security experience preferred, but not required

    All temp positions available

    Full-Time and Part-Time shifts

    Primary temp work located within the Las Vegas Metro area.

    Various shifts needed

    Pay rate at $14.00 per hour

    Weekly Paycheck!!!

    potential for permanent work available after temp coverage ends

    Minimum Hiring Standards:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age.

  • Must have a reliable means of communication [website] pager or phone).

  • Must have a reliable means of transportation (public or private).

  • Must have the legal right to work in the United States.

  • Must have the ability to speak, read, and write English.

  • Must have a High School Diploma or GED. If not, must be willing to complete the GED program within six months.

  • Must be willing to participate in the Company's pre-employment screening process, including drug screen and background investigation.

    JOB Description:

  • Data entry

  • Site patrols- walking and vehicle (all outside)

  • Access control- monitors entries/exits, gate control

  • Responds to emergencies

  • Prepares reports and manages logs

    JOB Requirements:

  • The ability to utilize a tablet, computer or smartphone.

  • With or without reasonable accommodation, the physical and mental requirements of this job may include the following: seeing, hearing, speaking, and writing clearly. Occasional reaching with hands and arms, stooping, kneeling, crouching and crawling. Frequent sitting, standing and walking, which may be required for long periods of time, and may involve climbing stairs and walking up inclines and on uneven terrain. Additional physical requirements may include, frequent lifting and/or moving up to 10 pounds and occasional lifting and/or moving up to 25 pounds.

  • Must be able to meet and continue to meet any applicable state, county and municipal licensing and permit requirements for Security Officers

  • Required to utilize rapid and effective judgment in responding to unusual or emergency situations using appropriate escalation of force level.

    Why Securitas? Because we offer an opportunity!


    Pilb License NO. 1100

    Job Type: Temporary

    Salary: $14.00 /hour


  • customer service: 1 year (Preferred)

  • Security: 1 year (Preferred)


  • Security Guard (Preferred)

    Work authorization:

  • United States (Required)

    Work Location:

  • Multiple locations


  • Weekends Day Night 8 hour 10 hour 12 hour Overnight shift
  • ×

    Security Guard

    We are looking for a professional security guard to protect our premises, assets and personnel. You will maintain a high visibility presence and prevent all illegal or inappropriate actions. The goal is to detect, deter, observe and report.


  • Protect company’s property and staff by maintaining a safe and secure environment

  • Observe for signs of crime or disorder and investigate disturbances

  • Act lawfully in direct defense of life or property

  • Take accurate notes of unusual occurrences

  • Report in detail any suspicious incidents

  • Patrol randomly or regularly building and perimeter

  • Watch alarm systems or video cameras and operate detecting/emergency equipment


  • Proven work experience as a security guard or a relevant position

  • Trained security officer with NYS Security License

  • Excellent knowledge of public safety and security procedures/protocols

  • Surveillance skills and detail orientation

  • Integrity and professionalism


  • NYS Security Guard License

  • Previous Experience as a Security Guard

  • Dependable & Professional individual

    Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Temporary

    Salary: $20.54 /hour


  • security guard: 2 years (Preferred)


  • NYS Security (Required)

    Work Location:

  • One location

    Employment Length:

  • 4 - 6 months

    This Job Is Ideal for Someone Who Is:

  • Dependable -- more reliable than spontaneous

  • Adaptable/flexible -- enjoys doing work that requires frequent shifts in direction

  • Detail-oriented -- would rather focus on the details of work than the bigger picture

  • High stress tolerance -- thrives in a high-pressure environment


  • Monday to Weekends On call
  • ×

    Security Guard

    Security Company looking for high quality, professional and experienced security officers for nightclub and restaurant in Downtown Chicago. Pay starts at $15 per hour. We pay weekly and Always pay on time.

    We also looking for security officers with supervisory experience.

    Job Description:

  • Observe and report suspicious activities and persons

  • Follow directions of supervisor and manager

  • Respond to alarms and security related incidents

  • Take action based on the situation, known facts, and position limitations.

  • Write reports on accidents, incidents, suspicious activities, safety and fire hazards and other security related situations to supervisor of correction or follow-up actions.

  • Provide needed assistance to customers, co-workers, and client management

  • Follow all Company Rules and Regulations

  • Must be available to work Friday and Saturday nights


  • 21 years of age or older

  • High School Diploma or GED Required

  • Perc Card with completed 20-hour security guard training

  • Bassett Certification

  • Be able to work in a professional manner

  • Must have excellent communication skills

  • Ability to stand on feet for extended time periods

  • 6 months experience in security or a security related field.

    If you are interested in a becoming part of the team, please call us at [phone number]. We look forward to hearing from you

    Job Types: Full-time, Part-time

    Salary: $15.00 to $20.00 /hour


  • customer service: 1 year (Preferred)

  • Security: 1 year (Preferred)


  • High school or equivalent (Preferred)

    Work Location:

  • Multiple locations

    Hours per week:

  • 10-19

  • 20-29

    Security Clearance:

  • Weekends Night shift
  • What does a Security Guard do?

    A Security Guard is responsible for ensuring the security of a building and the things and people in it. They use surveillance equipment, alarms and access control applications to keep the people and items under their watch secure. If there’s a problem related to the damaged property, criminal activity or other disturbances, the Security Guards will deal with the problem and contact authorities. 

    Security Guard skills and qualifications

    A successful Security Guard candidate will have certain prerequisite skills and qualifications in order to fulfill their duties effectively. These skills include:

    • Knowledge of standard security and safety protocols
    • Excellent verbal communication skills
    • Ability to work well in a team
    • Exceptional physical fitness and strength
    • Quick thinking and problem-solving skills
    • Strong attention to detail
    • Ability to work in high-pressure environments
    • Working knowledge of relevant computer applications

    Security Guard experience requirements

    Security Guards are usually required to complete on-the-job training. They must also have experience applying standard security protocol in a relevant setting (residential or commercial). Candidates with at least a year more experience in a security role are preferred along with candidates who have experience working with surveillance equipment, using scanning tools and carrying out safe pat-downs.

    For Senior Security Guard or Security Supervisor positions, candidates must have at least five years of experience working as a Security Guard. They must also have experience managing a team of Security Guards and performing administrative tasks related to the role.

    Security Guard education and training requirements

    Security Guards must have the minimum General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) in English and maths. A Bachelor’s Degree is typically not required, but may improve their employability. Security Guards are required to obtain a front line licence from the Security Industry Authority (SIA) before they can apply to work in the field. To obtain this licence, Security Guards must obtain either a Level 2 Award for Working as a Security Officer within the Private Security Industry, or Award for Working as a Security Officer within the Private Security Industry (Scotland) at SCQF level 6. Previous police or military training is a plus.

    Security Guard salary expectations

    According to Indeed Salaries, Security Guards earn an average salary of £9.29 per hour. This figure will vary depending on the number of years of experience, industry and geographical location. It will also depend on whether the Security Guard is employed directly or through a private security firm.

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    Security Guard job description FAQs

    Who does a Security Guard report to?

    A Security Guard reports to the Head of Security at an organisation. In a residential environment, the Security Guard may report to the Housekeeper or the head of the family.

    What are the different types of Security Guards?

    There are many different types of Security Guards. These include Static Guards, who work at the entrance or exit points of a building to control access and screen visitors; Patrol Guards, who move around the building’s premises, looking out for threats; and Undercover Guards, who handle security issues in a discreet manner.

    Do Security Guards have different responsibilities in different industries?

    Yes, Security Guards in different industries have slightly different responsibilities. Security Guards working in the banking sector will have a few additional responsibilities, compared to a residential Security Guard or one who works in a supermarket.

    What makes a good Security Guard job description?

    A good Security Guard job description will provide just enough detail about the role including necessary skills, responsibilities and education requirements to make potential candidates interested in applying. It will also need a concise overview of your company to let applicants know what kind of culture and workplace they would be welcome into if accepted.

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