Social Media Specialist Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Social Media Specialist, or Social Media Marketing Specialist, is responsible for overseeing one or more social media accounts for a business. Their duties include creating and updating social media posting schedules, replying to comments from subscribers or liking tagged photos and coordinating with other professionals to determine how to market a brand and its products or services using social media.

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Social Media Specialist duties and responsibilities 

A social media specialist follows conversations on the internet while interacting with the public at the same time, unable to predict what other users will say. The specialist is responsible for monitoring trending hashtags and topics while finding unique ways to integrate them into the brand. 

A social media specialist may also work with other staff members as a way to further promote a brand, such as bringing in marketing consultants to help publicize an event. The specialist is responsible for tracking whether or not social marketing efforts have been successful through goal setting with markers for identifying success through various online analytical tools. Other job duties include: 

  • Ability to develop and implement a corporate social media strategy
  • Ability to monitor online activity across departments and geographical areas to ensure anyone using the company’s online tools is following established guidelines and best-practice rules
  • Encourage greater social media participation
  • Identify opportunities to influence public perception through audience engagement and publicly speaking about the brand’s social media strategy

What does a Social Media Specialist do? 

Social Media Specialists typically work for corporations across industries to ensure proper representation of multiple social media platforms. They work closely with social media, marketing and content professionals to oversee the implementation of social media campaigns that align with upcoming product launches and other company initiatives. Their job is to connect with influencers, oversee giveaways, optimize social media accounts and administer follower polls or surveys. They may also be responsible for writing post captions, taking photos or creating other content for social media platforms in the absence of content creators.

Social Media Specialist skills and qualifications

A job description for a social media specialist should contain the following skills and qualifications requirements:

  • Experience as a social media specialist or similar position
  • Excellent critical thinking, interpersonal, communication, time-management and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to use social media for impressions and brand awareness
  • Excellent knowledge of social media platforms including GMB, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook 
  • Understanding of social media KPIs, web traffic metrics and SEO
  • Experience doing buyer persona and audience research
  • Familiarity with publishing and web design

Social Media Specialist salary expectations 

Salary expectations for a social media specialist can range from $7.25 to $34.15 per hour, with the average U.S. Salary being $13.71 per hour. This information is based on 5,090 anonymously submitted salaries to Indeed from employees and users along with past and present social media specialist job postings on Indeed within the last 36 months. 

Social Media Specialist education and training requirements 

A bachelor’s degree is typically required for a social media specialist position. Areas including journalism, business, public relations and communications are of particular importance. Some individuals also complete a master’s degree in internet marketing. 

In addition, a social media specialist needs to have an in-depth understanding of the many social media platforms and be comfortable navigating each of them. They also should have knowledge of and experience with tools and software that allows content to be shared across various platforms.

Social Media Specialist experience requirements 

Employers often look for applicants who have completed an internship or have other proven work experience. Applicants with a background or experience in social media or public relations are usually in the highest demand. While not mandatory, certifications are available and demonstrate a willingness toward continued learning and self-improvement. 

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Frequently asked questions about Social Media Specialists


What is the difference between a Social Media Specialist and a Social Media Strategist?

The difference between a Social Media Specialist and a Social Media Strategist is their areas of job focus. For example, Social Media Specialists have the responsibility to create social media posts, schedule posts across social media platforms and engage with followers in the comments section. In contrast, Social Media Strategists don’t manage a business’ social media platforms. Instead, they focus on analyzing social media trends and reviewing the company’s social media analytics. From their research, they develop strategies to improve the number of followers or brand recognition across social media platforms.

Social Media Specialists and Social Media Strategists work closely together to develop and implement social media campaigns and branding initiatives.


What are the daily duties of a Social Media Specialist?

On a typical day, a Social Media Specialist begins by checking each of their employer’s social media accounts. They like posts, respond to follower comments and record the reception of past social media posts. Throughout the day, they participate in meetings with the social media and marketing teams to determine new campaign ideas. Social Media Specialists may need to present social media analytics in meetings. During downtime at their desk, Social Media Specialists monitor activities across their employer’s social media accounts. They make sure posts go out at scheduled times and post or add to stories.


What qualities make a good Social Media Specialist?

A good Social Media Specialist is someone who has an innovative mindset. This quality enables them to come up with unique post ideas or strategies to increase social media engagement. They have experience posting on all major social media platforms and use their knowledge to adjust post content or timing for posting pictures, videos and other forms of content. Further, a good Social Media Specialist has excellent written communication that enables them to connect with followers and reply to content in an effective, error-free way.


Who does a Social Media Specialist report to?

A Social Media Specialist typically reports to the Social Media Manager within a large corporation. The Social Media Manager approves or disapproves posts or campaign ideas and provides Social Media Specialists with advice on maximizing social media efforts. In smaller corporations, the Social Media Specialist may report directly to the Marketing Manager. The Marketing Manager oversees marketing professionals like Content Creators and social media professionals.

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