Software Developer Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

Last updated: August 22, 2022

A Software Developer, or Computer Software Developer, is responsible for using their knowledge of programming languages to design software programs. Their duties include meeting with clients to determine their software needs, coding and testing software to ensure functionality and updating software programs to refine components like cybersecurity measures and data storage capacities.

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Software Developer duties and responsibilities 

A Software Developer’s duties and responsibilities depend on the employer. Their work revolves around the software development life cycle. Developers work with teams of coders to create software programs for computers, mobile devices and websites. They update end-user software and conduct quality control functions. Here are some examples of a Software Developer’s typical responsibilities:

  • Collaborating with management, departments and customers to identify end-user requirements and specifications
  • Designing algorithms and flowcharts to create new software programs and systems
  • Producing efficient and elegant code based on requirements
  • Testing and deploying programs and applications
  • Troubleshooting, debugging, maintaining and improving existing software 
  • Compiling and assessing user feedback to improve software performance
  • Observing user feedback to recommend improvements to existing software products
  • Developing technical documentation to guide future software development projects

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Software Developer Job Description Examples

What does a Software Developer do?

Software Developers typically work for corporations across industries, but they can also work for IT firms or as self-employed individuals. They work closely with other Software Developers and IT professionals to create, troubleshoot and revamp software systems. Their job is to create instructional documents and coding libraries so other software developers can make adjustments in the future. They may also be responsible for reviewing customer service data to discover potential defects and gauge the level of customer satisfaction with a new program.

Software Developer skills and qualifications 

A successful Software Developer candidate will have various prerequisite skills/qualifications needed for duties. In this section, you can include the educational qualifications, skills and work experience applicants must have before applying for your role. Here are some examples of Software Developer qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science or a related field
  • 3+ years of experience in mobile application and game development 
  • Proficiency in popular coding languages including Python, Java and C++ and frameworks or systems such as AngularJS and Git 
  • Excellent knowledge of the software development life cycle
  • Strong problem-solving and communication skills
  • Knowledge of Object-Relational Mapping frameworks
  • Experience with Agile and Scrum development methodologies
  • Ability to learn quickly and work independently or as part of a team

Software Developer salary expectations

A Software Developer makes an average of $93,340 per year. Salary may depend on level of experience, education and the geographical location. 

Software Developer education and training requirements

Software Developers need at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science, engineering or a related field to start in their careers. Some employers may require a master’s or doctorate degree in a specific field depending on the requirements of their role. The position also usually requires prior work experience, although employers provide on-the-job training to help new employees understand company operating procedures and guidelines. 

Successful Software Developers have exceptional collaborative skills because they need to work with different teams and departments to deliver their projects. The role requires candidates who are excellent communicators, are adaptable and have strong analytical skills. 

Software Developer experience requirements

The ideal candidate will be familiar with the software development life cycle including the planning, design, development and implementation, deployment and maintenance stages. They also require an in-depth knowledge of different programming languages, frameworks and tools. 

Software Developers will know how to write elegant code based on product specifications and requirements. They should be familiar with testing, debugging and improving their code and the work of their team members to deliver products on schedule. 

The ability to learn new programming languages, collect feedback and improve existing software is a desirable quality in applicants. They also require a good understanding of algorithms, flow charts and mathematical concepts that form the basis of computer programming. 

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Frequently asked questions about Software Developers


What is the difference between a Software Developer and a Web Developer?

The difference between a Software Developer and a Web Developer is their areas of job focus. For example, both Software Developers and Web Developers use programming languages, but they differ in the types of programs they create. Software Developers specialize in designing software systems or applications that consumers can download to their desktop or computer systems. In contrast, Web Developers specialize in designing websites, webpages and web applications for consumers to access through the internet.


What are the daily duties of a Software Developer?

On a typical day, a Software Developer starts by reviewing feedback for current projects and reminding themselves of upcoming deadlines. Throughout the day, they work on one or more coding projects, run tests and update older software programs. Software Developers also participate in meetings with business leaders and IT professionals to brainstorm new ideas about streamlining operations using software. During downtime at their desk, Software Developers continue working on coding projects and creating code libraries for other Developers to reference.


What qualities make a good Software Developer?

A good Software Developer has a keen attention to detail, helping them catch errors in code strings before the testing phase. This is important as it helps them maximize productivity and adhere to project deadlines. They value continued education and always look for ways to enhance their knowledge of coding languages and software development trends. Further, a good Software Developer values constructive criticism of their designs and uses this feedback to improve their work and identify skill areas to strengthen. A good Software Developer also enjoys working on collaborative projects with other Software Developers to maximize project quality.


Who does a Software Developer report to?

A Software Developer usually reports to different roles depending on their work environment. Software Developers working at IT firms or tech companies typically report directly to a Software Development Manager to receive tasks and assignment deadlines. If a Software Developer works for a corporation, they may work as a member of the IT department, and therefore report to the IT Department Manager. When working as self-employed individuals, Software Developers report to their clients to make sure they meet their software objectives.

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