Stocker Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

Last updated: August 22, 2022

A Stocker, or Stock Clerk, is responsible for making sure that consumers have access to the merchandise they are looking for by organizing product displays and storage. Their duties include counting inventory, adding price tags to items and putting products on shelves according to an organized system.

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Stocker duties and responsibilities

A competent Stocker should be able to handle a variety of tasks and responsibilities. However, most of the duties and responsibilities of a Stocker depend on the type of retail, warehouse or company. Generally, the following are the primary duties and responsibilities of a Stocker:

  • Manage and maintain the storage conditions of goods received in the warehouse.
  • Coordinate retail space activities, dispose of trash and manage the cleanliness of the storeroom.
  • Provide customer service since they work in a visible space on the floor while arranging merchandise.
  • Stock the shelves of the warehouse with goods and keep inventory.
  • Receive merchandise that comes into the warehouse and ensure that the merchandise is unloaded and stored according to established procedure.
  • Maintain the cleanliness of the store and enhance the appearance of the store by adopting the most appropriate display techniques.
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Stocker Job Description Examples

What does a Stocker do?

Stockers work in retail, wholesale and warehouse environments to pack, organize and track inventory. They arrange items by category and deliver them to different aisles, bins and shelves so that shoppers or other members of their team can easily access each product. Stockers make note of which products are running low and help determine when to place a new inventory order or move items from storage to display. They may operate machinery to transport heavy loads and use scanners to indicate when they put a product on the shelf. Stockers also clean up packaging after placing items on the shelves.

Stocker skills and qualifications

Among the crucial traits of a proficient Stocker is attention to detail. Since they receive and stock merchandise, a Stocker should follow verbal and written instructions. As part of customer service skills, a Stocker should be an excellent communicator, both written and spoken. On top of the general skills and qualifications, employers often prefer a Stocker with the following:

  • Basic math skills
  • Ability to stand for long hours and be able to lift heavy merchandise
  • Possession of a current forklift license
  • Flexibility and ability to work under pressure
  • Excellent computer skills

Stocker salary expectations

The national average salary for a Stocker is $12.86 per hour. However, the salary may vary depending on the company and the geographical location. Typically, the tenure of a stocker is usually less than a year. Most Stockers earn an average of $3,750 per year in overtime pay.

Stocker education and training requirements

A stocker should have a high school diploma or its equivalent. Stockers with prior computer knowledge and physical education have a better chance of finding employment. An associate degree in logistics or business is an added advantage for a Stocker seeking advancement in the sector.

In most cases, Stockers receive on the job training that lasts for a few weeks after initial hiring. Training revolves around familiarizing the Stocker with relevant policies, job duties and necessary employee software. Stockers who frequently change careers within the same industry usually receive a shorter training period.

Stocker experience requirements

Typically, Stockers work in department stores, warehouses and retailers of all sizes. However, small organizations can have a smaller team of Stockers, while large companies have as many Stockers as the requirements of the company. As most training is done on-the-job, experience may not be required prior to hiring. However, prior experience can expedite the training process and make a candidate more appealing. 

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Frequently asked questions about Stockers


What is the difference between a Stocker and a Store Clerk?

Stockers mostly work with sorting inventory while Store Clerks regularly interact with customers. While Stockers may be able to help customers find the item they are looking for, they mainly work to unload and organize items. Stockers communicate with Store Clerks about which items are out of stock or have low inventory to help them inform customers. Store Clerks help customers purchase their selected items once they have gathered everything they need from the shop. Store Clerks also work with cashing out customers while Stockers only deal with sales orders related to replacing or restocking goods.


What are the daily duties of a Stocker?

Stockers often work during off-hours at stores, meaning they replace goods when the store is closed to customers or has a lower volume of customers in the shop. They might begin a shift by checking an inventory order and unloading inventory from a truck or shipping container. Before putting items on shelves, they print barcodes and attach them to their corresponding SKU. They sort items onto lifts and carts, then place them in the appropriate location and straighten items already on the shelf. Stockers also remove expired or outdated products from the shelves and record them as waste.


What are the characteristics of a good Stocker?

Good Stockers can remain focused and motivated when performing repetitive actions. They have the physical strength and stamina to lift heavy boxes and repeatedly place items at varying heights by squatting or climbing ladders. Stockers are cautious when handling fragile or heavy goods and pay attention to possible hazards and safety risks. They also move quickly to accomplish tasks according to schedule and speed up the supply chain when accepting deliveries. Top Stockers have a good memory that allows them to keep track of where in the store or warehouse each item belongs, along with the appropriate price information.


What should you look for on a Stocker's resume?

When reviewing applications for a Stocker position, look for related logistics experience in shipping, packing, transportation or retail. Top applicants emphasize teamwork and accountability when discussing thier workplace strategies. Strong resumes will feature the volumes of products the candidate worked with in past inventory-related positions. Stockers should also emphasize their math skills to confirm their ability to work with inventory and complete basic calculations based on prices, product counts and incoming order volumes.

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