Store Clerk Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Store Clerk, or Store Associate, provides in-store assistance to customers browsing inventory or checking out items. Their duties include welcoming customers to the store, answering questions about products and using a cash register to process purchases.

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Store Clerk Duties and Responsibilities

A high-quality Store Clerk should be able to perform various duties and responsibilities. They should ensure that customers have a satisfactory shopping experience. Store Clerks should do this by attending to clients needs and answering any questions they might have regarding the store’s products. The following are more duties and responsibilities to look out for in a Store Clerk candidate:

  • Receive customers and assist them with the selection of merchandise
  • Greet, interact and monitor customers to assist the store in loss prevention
  • Display and organize products in a store for the customers to locate easily
  • Help customers in billing and payment processes at the stores counter
  • Communicate information about product availability, nutritional information and ingredients
  • Maintain the outlook of the store through dusting, cleaning and restocking merchandise on the shelves
  • Handle record keeping and re-ordering systems
  • Help with preparation for displays, trade shows and windows
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Store Clerk Job Description Examples

What Does a Store Clerk Do?

Store Clerks work in physical retail locations to facilitate sales and other customer interactions. Their role is to provide a hospitable shopping environment for customers to encourage people to make purchases. Store Clerks organize merchandise in attractive displays, keep the store clean and organize additional inventory for easy restocking. Handling money is one of the main responsibilities of Store Clerks, who must access different forms of payment, provide correct change and organize receipts. When completing sales, handling returns and exchanges or responding to complaints, Store Clerks adhere to company policies and communicate with Store Managers to resolve issues.

Store Clerk Skills and Qualifications

A successful Store Clerk will have certain skills and qualifications. Including this category in your job description will help you hire a candidate with a high capability of performing the job. The following are some skills and qualification to include in your Store Clerk job description:

  • Good verbal communication and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Exceptional work ethic and strict adherence to company policy and sales goals
  • Ability to work flexible hours and multitask in a fast-paced environment
  • Strong organizational skills and detail-oriented
  • Ability to work in a team and independently with minimum supervision
  • Time management and ability to prioritize tasks given
  • Willingness to learn about new items and procedures quickly

Store Clerk Salary Expectations

The average salary for a Store Clerk is $11.15 per hour in the United States. This rate is subject to variation due to differences in location and size of a store. When coming up with a fair compensation, ensure you review Store Clerks’ salaries within stores in your geographical area and those in your size of operation.

Store Clerk Education and Training Requirements

Education and training requirements are important in a Store Clerk job description because they indicate that the candidate has academic and training for the job. Therefore, a Store Clerk should have at least a high school diploma or equivalent. A college degree might be an added advantage, but not a priority. Instead, the candidate should have previous training in store operations. A Store Clerk should also have knowledge of computer applications and computerized inventory systems. It is important for the candidate to have extensive knowledge of preferred brands and products.

Store Clerk Experience Requirements

A Store Clerk’s experience requirements are necessary in a job description because they guarantee a candidate’s capability to fulfill the job’s responsibilities. In this regard, a Store Clerk candidate should have experience in inventory management, stockroom operations and store keeping. The candidate should also have experience in customer service. Experience in product promotion and description is necessary for sales. A Store Clerk should also have experience working in a busy environment and therefore be able to walk and stand for long periods.

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Frequently asked questions about Store Clerks


What is the difference between a Store Clerk and a Salesperson?

Salespeople and Store Clerks both help customers buy products and services, but they serve slightly different roles. Salespeople actively seek out leads for people who might be interested in making a purchase while Store Clerks provide more passive support to people on the shop floor. Salespeople tend to have more in-depth knowledge about specific products from their employer and work to upsell customers on additional products. Store Clerks perform more general store maintenance and direct consumers to the items they are looking for before entering the sale into the register.


What are the daily duties of a Store Clerk?

Store Clerks generally work an opening shift, a closing shift or a swing shift where they provide additional assistance to whoever set up the shop in the morning or locked up at night. They wipe down display cases, dust inventory on the shelves, move misplaced items and straighten untidy inventory. They welcome customers, pull merchandise from the shelves, scan items and place them in bags. Store Clerks count the money in the register and batch out credit card machines at the beginning and end of each shift, dropping earnings in the store safe.


What are the characteristics of a good Store Clerk?

Good Store Clerks are outgoing and friendly when greeting customers as they enter the store and browse the available inventory. They have an interest in the type of products they sell so they can more easily discuss their features and make recommendations to the consumer. They enjoy keeping things tidy and making creative, visually appealing store displays, thinking about what item placements could encourage more purchases. Successful Store Clerks have good mental math skills so they can quickly give the right amount of change with bills and coins of different values.


What should you look for on a Store Clerk's resume?

Store Clerk resumes should feature previous customer service experience, preferably in a retail environment where they handle the checkout process and customer inquiries. Strong candidates display a customer-oriented mindset by explaining how they improved customer relations and cultivated a hospitable environment in past positions. Look for resumes that reference experience handling money and using a cash register or similar POS system to indicate which candidates would be able to quickly learn how to use your register functions. Top Store Clerk resumes may also show advanced communication skills like speaking multiple languages.

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